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Minute Packages
  1. In The Heat Of The Knight
  2. Oil Rig #99
  3. Brothers Should Do It
  4. Big Men On Campus
  5. Red Ball Express
  6. Knockout
  7. The Diary
  8. Slaves for Sale: Part One
  9. Turbo Charge
  10. Make-A-Wish and Blow

For ONLY .05 a minute, watch these sizzling Videos that you might have missed!

  1. Stiff Little Fingers - Morning Ritual
  2. New In Town
  3. Between The Sheets And Alone
  4. Bare Bodies

Getting It


Video: Getting It

Jim Bentley (as Randy) and Shawn Michaels (in his screen debut, as Kurt) are college . . .

210 Ratings



Video: Screenplay

Winner of the 1984 award for Best Gay Film by the Gay Critics Association.

This . . .

160 Ratings

Spring Break


Video: Spring Break

Seven students, a coach, an uncle - the most controversial action video ever! Ahh, . . .

91 Ratings



Video: Powertool

What happens when Jeff Stryker goes to jail? A lot of ass pounding and dick sucking, . . .

60 Ratings

The Best Of Jeff Stryker


Video: The Best Of Jeff Stryker

THE BEST OF JEFF STRYKER contains the very best scenes of this legendary superstar. . . .

95 Ratings

The Best Of Kevin Williams


Video: The Best Of Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams shines as a pre-condom era bottom-boy. He's cute, he's blonde, he's . . .

54 Ratings

Blondes Do It Best


Video: Blondes Do It Best

A bunch of smooth blond studs and their friends go out to a cabin in the wilderness. . . .

70 Ratings



Video: Cousins

This classic William Higgins pre-condom sizzler stars Matt Ramsey as a straight shooter . . .

95 Ratings



Video: Dangerous

Jim Rogers cannot understand why his handsome bearded lover (Mike Braun) is attracted . . .

78 Ratings



Video: Games

It's fun in the sun with Al Parker and Leo Ford as the first Gay Games in San Francisco. . . .

117 Ratings
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