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Hooter Historians
We are the Hooter Historians from HH Productions. Private collectors who in 1997 pooled three decades of personal collections of amateur Public Nudity photos and videos and put them in this Internet museum.

These mammary memories are literally the history of naked women in public for five decades! From the hippie girls of the 1960’s to the timeliest tits of the new millennium, this is our museum dedicated to the girls we love. The naked ones!

Tens of thousands of ...


Wet T's Contests 1


Video: Wet T's Contests 1

Spring Break Wet-T contests that get completely out of hand. Skin to win? Nah, that . . .

8 Ratings

1999 Naked Mile - Shoot The Messenger


Video: 1999 Naked Mile - Shoot The Messenger

The infamous NAKED MILE! All three years, 1997, 1998, and 1999. The Hooter Historians . . .

13 Ratings

Wet T's Contests 2


Video: Wet T's Contests 2

It's our best selling video series since our exclusive uncoverage of Woodstock 99. . . .

6 Ratings

American Girls 1


Video: American Girls 1

After our first trip to the French Riviera we admit we had a period of infatuation . . .

6 Ratings

Rock & Roll Girls 4


Video: Rock & Roll Girls 4

The first video our exclusive "Tits Across America" coast to coast rock festival . . .

8 Ratings

The Girls Of Woodstock 1


Video: The Girls Of Woodstock 1

You saw us on CNN, the nations networks, you read about us in your local papers. . . .

10 Ratings