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100% Uncut


Video: 100% Uncut

In 100% Uncut, foreskin rules when guys drool for each others uncut tools!!!! Julian . . .

20 Ratings

The Photographer's Tool


Video: The Photographer's Tool

In the Photographer's Tool, the focus is on sex! First, photographer Nicky Wells . . .

4 Ratings

Opportunity Knocks


Video: Opportunity Knocks

Young guys take advantage of every opportunity to have sex with each other! First, . . .

9 Ratings

Canadian Classifieds


Video: Canadian Classifieds

In Canadian Classifieds, men search the back page classified ads for Mr. Right (actually, . . .

5 Ratings

The Return Of Johnny Rahm


Video: The Return Of Johnny Rahm

Superstar Johnny Rahm emerges from his 8 year adult video hiatus to explode on the . . .

11 Ratings

Romancing The Storm


Video: Romancing The Storm

Young horny men go inside to explore the urge to merge that surges inside of them! . . .

11 Ratings

Canadian Woodies


Video: Canadian Woodies

In Canadian Woodies, men get bolder when the weather gets colder, so when you're . . .

6 Ratings

Made In Montreal


Video: Made In Montreal

In Made in Montreal, sex is a commodity when jobs are an oddity, so if you need to . . .

5 Ratings

Caught Red-Handed


Video: Caught Red-Handed

In Caught Red-Handed, petty thieves steal valuables, but it's each other's family . . .

5 Ratings

Off The Clock


Video: Off The Clock

The business of getting the cost of raw materials down takes a backseat to getting . . .

3 Ratings
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