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The Brazilian Way


Video: The Brazilian Way

In The Brazilian Way, 8 guys get into 4 situations with one thing on their minds? . . .

10 Ratings

Bawdy Brazilians


Video: Bawdy Brazilians

In BAWDY BRAZILIANS, sex supply meets demand, and it's a bull market! First, Luciano . . .

7 Ratings

Playing With The Coach's Balls


Video: Playing With The Coach's Balls

In PLAYING WITH THE COACH'S BALLS, soccer's the name but sex is the game! First, . . .

10 Ratings

Stand At Attention!


Video: Stand At Attention!

In STAND AT ATTENTION!, Brazilian soldiers see plenty of action at the front (and . . .

10 Ratings

Hairy Boyz 3


Video: Hairy Boyz 3

In Hairy Boyz 3 were treated to a collection of the classic films of Marcio Rosa, . . .

62 Ratings

Brazen Brazilians


Video: Brazen Brazilians

In BRAZEN BRAZILIANS, a brawny traffic cop uses the pretext of searching for the . . .

9 Ratings

Hot Brazilian Truckers


Video: Hot Brazilian Truckers

"Brazilian Hot Truckers" features beefy Brazilian men going at it with one another . . .

16 Ratings

Best Of Brazil #2 - Three Ways and More


Video: Best Of Brazil #2 - Three Ways and More

Best of Brazil #2, Three Ways and More, features five scenes with 15 of Frenesi Filmes' . . .

6 Ratings

Best Of Brazil #1 - Feelin' Brazilian


Video: Best Of Brazil #1 - Feelin' Brazilian

Featuring scenes from Brazen Brazilians, Some Like It Brazilian, The Brazilian in . . .

21 Ratings

Some Like It Brazilian


Video: Some Like It Brazilian

Male go-go dancers practice their routines in between having sex with anyone in reach! . . .

13 Ratings
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