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Pau Brasil

The Pau Brasil Productions, a proudly Brazilian company, was established in July 2000 by Director and Producer Pietro, who has already had some years of experience in the production of erotic films.

The reason we decided to establish this studio was to create, once and for all, a national producer, with products and totally national models, who had the same level of quality and professionalism of the major international producers.

The goal is extremely ambitious, to be ...


Best Of Pau Brasil #2 - Just Can't Wait


Video: Best Of Pau Brasil #2 - Just Can't Wait

These horny guys are in such a hurry to have sex that they have it before they can . . .

13 Ratings

The Best Of Pau Brasil #1: 3-Way Horn Dogs


Video: The Best Of Pau Brasil #1: 3-Way Horn Dogs

In The Best Of Pau Brasil #1: 3-Way Horn Dogs, horny Brazilian couples get off better . . .

25 Ratings

Hard Brazilian Rocks


Video: Hard Brazilian Rocks

A bunch of young studs set out to hike the mountain of Pedra do bau in Brazil, it . . .

13 Ratings

A Brazilian Legend


Video: A Brazilian Legend

The Boto apparently lives by the sea and may appear at anytime or anywhere. They . . .

14 Ratings



Video: Dicktronic

He was a chubby out of shape guy who spent hours on the net and sex was nonexistent . . .

11 Ratings

Enter Thru Rear


Video: Enter Thru RearPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview

First, bartender Marcelo Garcia takes turns being top and bottom for his first customer, . . .

18 Ratings

Brazil By Night


Video: Brazil By NightPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview

This is a realistic portrayal of the points of view of male sex workers, known as . . .

18 Ratings

Levando Ferro - Iron Boys


Video: Levando Ferro - Iron Boys

Pau Brasil presents "Levando Ferro"! Hot and fit guys with sweaty bodies are pulling . . .

17 Ratings

Brazilian Heatwave


Video: Brazilian HeatwavePreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview

The hot Brazilian climate triggers a heat wave of hot and sweaty sex!
First, . . .

10 Ratings

Brazilian Sex House 2


Video: Brazilian Sex House 2PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview

In Brazilian Sex House 2 Looking For Now Again! More Anonymous Hookups Of The Web, . . .

17 Ratings
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