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  1. Shipmates
  2. Rump Riders
  3. Active Duty
  4. Cadets In Contempt

Regiment Productions is a gay line with a military angle in nearly every storyline. “Saluting Stonie,” “Active Duty,” and “Major Daddy’s Dirty Secret” are just some of the titles starring some of the kinkiest uniformed super-studs on the pud-pounding planet. Regiment is hardcore XXX gay action, often helmed by director Paul Barresi - who likes to showcase his male actors in a Comrade-Carnal-Cascade of molten hot, jaw-dropping action!

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Video: Shipmates

Something big is rocking the boat... and it ain't the waves! Sailors make the best . . .

16 Ratings

Rump Riders


Video: Rump Riders

These cowboys are shooting more than guns. A passion-packed, man-meat round up, this . . .

14 Ratings

Active Duty


Video: Active Duty

"Active Duty" a captivating cinematic journey into in the U.S. Marines, captures . . .

19 Ratings

Cadets In Contempt


Video: Cadets In Contempt

Fresh, hot and horny cadets away from home. They find themselves surrounded by other . . .

12 Ratings

Brig Brats


Video: Brig Brats

Arousing! Dick Twitching!! A Testicle Spectacle!!! BRIG BRATS is the quintessence . . .

21 Ratings

Star Map Fuckers


Video: Star Map Fuckers

Get a map to the star's homes and a piece of ass! Standing on a corner slinging maps . . .

18 Ratings

When Johnny Cums Marching Home


Video: When Johnny Cums Marching Home

Relish in the racy, risqué revelry of carnal comrades in uniform, where lust-laced-landing . . .

27 Ratings

Jailhouse Sex


Video: Jailhouse Sex

Young, virile men cooped up behind bars... confined... compressed... time to think... . . .

20 Ratings

Boys Will Be Boys


Video: Boys Will Be Boys

Cum and enjoy hanging with the boys, sexy, horny boys at that! Just when you thought . . .

7 Ratings

Hard Lovin


Video: Hard Lovin

From Pleasure Productions comes all the hardcore hard men you can handle in Regiment . . .

6 Ratings
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