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Watch Your Porn Collection on Roku

  1. 1. Add a Gayhotmovies channel to your Roku

    Choose the Roku channel you want to add and write down the "Link code" from the list of channels below (Gay Channel - link code is GAYMOVIES, Discreet Channel - link code is GAYMOVIESD). Click on the channel icon below to go to your Roku account page. If you have not registered a Roku account you will need to register an account. Once you are logged on to your Roku account, add the Gayhotmovies channel you selected using the "Link code" you wrote down. Choose the "Discreet Channel" if you do not want to display the Gayhotmovies Channel logo on your Roku. The content is the same on either channel.

  2. 2. Get the Linking Code 

    On the Roku box, open the channel you chose. You may need to open and close the Channel Store before the channel is displayed on your Roku. Once the channel is opened, you will receive another "Link Code" that you will need to enter on GayhotMovies.com. Remember that code, or write it down, so you can register it.

  3. 3. Link Your Account 

    Click on the link below to enter your Link Code.

    Enter Link Code