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Bijou Video as founded in 1969 by Steven Toushin. Although he came from a humble beginning and is one of the most persecuted figures in the adult entertainment industry, that did not stop Bijou from going strong for almost 50 years in the business! He was awarded the Reuben Sturman Award for "Legal Battles on Behalf of the Adult Industry" in 1989 while still incarcerated. In 2007, he was the third person to ever be awarded the Lifetime Achievement during the GAYVN Award Show in San Francisco. And, in 2009, in Las Vegas at the AVN Awards, he was acknowledged as one of the 25 pioneers who developed the gay/bi adult film industry. This went a LONG way in validating his efforts in the industry since 1969.

Bijou Video’s mission is to promote and sell authentic classic and vintage adult films that aren’t available anywhere else... except right here at GayHotMovies! Bijou has favored us with the re-release of John Christopher’s Centurians of Rome. As legend has it, this film at the time was the most expensive porno film ever made ($100,000). The movie was financed from a 1980 two-million dollar theft by a Brink's security guard (who also starred in the movie). It gets crazier! Brink's was insured by Lloyd's of London, and just like that, Lloyd's became one of the co-owners of the film.

Although the scandal was big enough to still be talked about to this day, the film still stands alone with the gorgeous men like the late Scorpio and a host of others (who were also great actors), the breathtaking sets, a fitting soundtrack – and let’s not forget the decadent and lascivious homoerotism! It’s not hard to see why this was a feature that went on to gain notoriety instead of quietly striding into obscurity. The plot centers mainly on two Roman countrymen who were sold into slavery for not paying taxes during Caligula’s reign as Emperor. They have to seduce their strapping captors to gain the freedom they so desperately covet. Although this movie was made during the “Golden Age” of porn, Centurians is a film with a Gladiator-like feel to it that is sure to make you marvel at Hollywood-esque experience, despite the lack of technological advances back then.

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