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Ahhhh the weather is cooling down, the leaves are turning a kaleidoscope of colors, and that means it's time to pack up the blankets, grab the cooler, and get ready to ride more than just the bench! These men take the action straight to the diamond! These sluggers are keeping their eyes on the ball and taking one for the team to bring you home with a resounding grand slam worthy or more than a "wave" or two! The bats ready to be swung, pitchers are stepping up to the mound, and throwing curves and fast-balls to get themselves and their fellow players well past first base. Not only are these pop-ups getting caught; but being handled with the kinkiest of intentions! It’s baseball season! And that means these men have cum to play their positions not only for an undefeated season, but these jocks are vying for the MVP like never before! Whether it’s a pinch-hitter, a clean-up pitcher, or the first baseman - these men are playing their positions for all their worth and there’s no doubt these men have come with their “A” game on point. So get ready for them to show you how they want you to choke up the grip on their bats, and definitely keep your eye on the balls and your head DEEP in the game, because GHM is taking you to the game like never before! Get ready to root, root, root for the home team, and if they don’t win it’s a shame! Cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out at this jizzed-out game...

1. Field of Creams

Fox's love, Ashton Ryan, has passed away, and his emotions hang on his sleeve before his mates on the baseball team. Fox's emotional volatility becomes very apparent to Alex Cross, a freckled brunette with a pierced eyebrow. Cross cruises Fox, who goes through an outdoor one-on-one frolic (afterwards Fox freaks out and disappears). Cross blows Fox, who quickly enlarges to a deliciously hot dog-sized erection. With his baseball cap turned backwards, Fox tops him over a rock in a sunny field, leaving the youthful Cross covered in cum. And this is just the first scene.

2. Out

The word is Out! Rumor has it that a baseball legend likes to play with bats just as much as he loves playing with balls. Will he strike out or hit a homerun? TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Eric Nero, Nick Prescott, Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington sweat through the hottest and hardest spring training season you've ever seen! Pro baseball coach A.J. Benson (Jesse Jackman) decides to come out of the close

3. Gear Play

Go hard or go home! These nine horny athletes from three different sports love to suck and fuck in their gear! Sit back and watch their 'Gear Play' as they peel off sweaty jockstraps, get their balls played, show off their dripping muscles, and blow off steam from hard games and long, hard practices for their coach/director Nick Foxx. After baseball practice Sean Maygers and Austin Wolf meet up in the locker room. Austin makes it way past third base when he stretches Sean's throat to the limits and slides his slugger deep into the jock's tight dugout.

4. Big Sticks

Oh that wonderful sport that takes us through spring summer and fall, Baseball, and the players... What we wouldn't do to get them out of those uniforms! Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the muscle bound boys... Buy me some blow jobs and ass fucks, I don't care if I never get back the cum I lose! Let me root, root, root for the good boys that take it up the ass, if they don't cum it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, at the old ball game! Big Bo plays hard-ball with his big stick!

5. Big Stick

What's a baseball bat have to do with sex? Not quite sure, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to dream about...your dick as big as a bat, that is. These hot young ball players have a lot of fun before, during and after practice. Not just your normal fucking and sucking here...jock studs with rock hard cocks and loads and loads of cum.

6. These Bases are Loaded

Batter Up! These macho studs really know how to play ball with each other! This classic film begins with a brief circle jerk that you'll then see brief clips of at the end of each scene, until finally, in the end, all the jocks turn that circle jerk into an orgy! But in between you'll see passionate, hardcore bareback fucking!

7. Bound in Public Baseball Bat Cock Double Penetration

Alex Mason just cost his team the championship game after pitching his worst game of the season, and when the winning team finds him all alone in the bathroom, they decide to take their victory lap to the next level. They gang up on poor Alex and quickly turn him into their new trophy fuck.

8. Score – Game 1

These over-sexed jocks, sporting authentic football, baseball, soccer and boxing gear, suck and fuck their way into the big leagues in four scorching hot scenes of hardcore athletic action where each player goes deep, shoots and scores!

9. Bear Ball

Watch out boys…this isn't your normal ball game. What happens when four furry muscled hunks put their huge bats to work in a sweaty locker room? Non-stop hardcore pounding! Watch as they get things going with an intense fourway. . Then the coach is given a good fucking after being exposed as a jock-sniffing pervert and the bat boy fucks himself with a baseball bat.

10. Major League

Baseball scout Andrew Stark has his eye on talented young Mike de Marko but would rather have his hands, mouth and cock on him in Major League. Luckily Andrew has something Mike wants and the guys strip down for an intense locker room fuck- he’s not shy about what it’s going to take, the best hole gets the final spot.

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