Twas' the night before Christmas, and you’re alone in the house. Your libido is stirring, so go head and whip it out! You’ve done all your shopping and the house has pizzazz. Now it’s time to stroke and jerk while watching these guys get a nice piece of ass!

It’s time to deck your halls and start dreaming of a white Christmas. Well not like the ones you used to know… but these are a LOT more fun and a bit more INTER-active than what you may be used to. These guys are ready to fill more than a stocking – and they’re hung but it has NOTHING to do with a chimney! So get ready to deck the Halls! These Santa’s helpers are spreading the joy one stocking stuffer… and maybe two or three at a time to spread a little more than just peace on Earth. And the goodwill these men spread will have you snug in your bed while dreams of sugar plums dance all through your heads. We’ve already started our list; we’ve even checked it twice! But the guys on this top list are so naughty… DUDE! It’s so kinky you’ll yell "NIIIIIICE!" May make you cum back to bust a nut twice!

1. Tempted By Cock

In Tempted By Cock, Trenton Ducati is bursting at the seams because his soldier, Kyle Kash, is cumming home for the holidays and he’s a nervous-but-horny wreck. And BOY has Trenton got the perfect gift for his sweetie, and he can't wait until he unwraps it! I'll give you a hint: it's long, it's thick and pulses enthusiastically when rubbed the right way. Needless to say Kyle ADORES his present and can't wait to put it good use. Although Kyle is the one in the army; Trenton is the one showing Kyle a few drills of his own right there under the Christmas tree! And what a trooper Kyle is taking Trenton’s pulsing shaft in various positions that makes this sweet reunion all the more sweeter!

2.Power Play

There’s nothing better than snuggling with your boo, sipping spiced cider and enjoying the decorations that were just hung with care. Unless you happen to be Troy Halston, who is ready to bust a Power Play and make this year’s gift-giving one that Ryan Raz is sure to remember! The spirit of giving has over-taken Ryan when he gives Halston an early present - himself. Ryan's giving spirit tells him to start out with a scorching hot blowjob… but he also offers up his tight ass for Halston to use his thick tanenbaum branch to ream Ryan and make him feel like the good boy he is! Piledriver and sitting bull positions are just some of the raunchy acts these tender lovers explore leading up to an explosive ending that leaves them both with an over-abundant feeling of goodwill towards their fellow man.

3.Bound in Public: More Cock For This Greedy Holiday Whore

Rex Cameron may not have a shiny nose, but he’s too cute not to be included in the naughty fun these guys have in store for him! I mean look at him! He’s just as cute as a button and so damn eager to please, which makes him the perfectly greedy play toy to be passed around in a rousing game of "pin the tail on this bottom." Connor Maguire, Max Cameron, and Vinnie Stefano are macho, muscular, domineering guys who are not asking, but demanding he not only takes part in their bondage version of reindeer games that leaves this power bottom blindfolded, bound, and getting pounded by them all only to end with him worshipping their balls as he’s covered in a coating of the sticky white stuff! They make sure he loves EVERY minute of it... and manages to save the day after all by sating every last one of their kinked-out desires.

4.Fuck in Fill 2: Taking Loads

Fuck in Fill 2: Taking Loads features Khid Tino & Kid Dingo who happen to be two of Santa’s busiest little helpers but instead of working hard in the workshop these two work each other over in the bedroom! Kid Dingo gets his smooth, round bubble-booty rimmed before getting his sugar plum and chestnuts suckled like the chocolate covered treat he is! Undoubtedly this really turns Tino on and makes him rise to the occasion of topping his sexy Santa and pumping like a piston like the naughty little helper he is!

5.Festive Fun with Sexy Zack!

Zack Randall is the guy you need to have around to get the festivities started right! He’s a sexy, dark-haired twink who wants to get you in the holiday spirit… his way. After dazzling us with his amazing smile; he gets right to work while showing off a cock so pretty it'll make you salivate instantly! Zach will endear himself to you while teasing by jerking and stroking his uncut, meaty cock while teasing with a strip show. With a string of holiday lights draped across his chest and trailing around the bed, he showcases his flexibility by blowing his own raging boner. This boy is SO talented, and there’s nothing like watching a sexy male giving himself pleasure until he can’t help but to erupt.

6.Season’s Beatings

Zach’s Christmas will never be the same again. After rubbing one out, he’s snug as a bug in a rug waiting for good ol’ St. Nick to arrive. Instead, he gets the grinchiest of holiday Grinches, Sebastian Keys and Brandon Forrest pulling a B&E! They’ve cum to burgle him for his possessions, but the irresistible temptation of the straight-trade blonde's cock just hanging to the left, minding it's business, gives this sexually frustrated criminal new ideas! Instead of grabbing the goodies under the tree and making a dash for it, Sebastian is suddenly inspired to string Zack up like a set of lights and exploring his body with their hands, mouths, toys (yes! that includes a vibrating dildo up the ass)… among other kinky acts to make him erupt with an orgasmic climax like he’s never had before, only to be bound again, wrapped like the present he is, and left under the tree for someone else to enjoy! Talk about the season of giving!

7.Wank Parties Plus From Prague Vol. 9

Ring-a-ling… ding-a-ling! It’s Christmas time in the city… of Prague that is. These hard-bodied, horny guys are spreading the holiday cheer the kinkiest way they know how. It’s a Christmas Wank Party and EVERYONE’S invited! Don’t worry about not having enough to go around with these men, they’ve got PLENTY to go around, so no wallflowers at this shindig. Giving or receiving really isn’t important when you have a group of H-O-T men ready to get down to business in an orgy setting. If that’s the case, then I can watch these guys give AND receive oral in 69 and daisychain positions before receiving a balls-deep drilling in every position – that culminates in jets of jizz spewed everywhere ALL day long!

8.Happy Holidays

Baby, its cold outside - but for Brad Fitt and Kevin Ateah that's even more reason to crack open the champagne and snuggle up together to keep warm. Although, if truth be told, these two young Czechies are way too hot to do anything as tame as mere snuggling. For as anyone who knows these boys of old, they're a shameless pair of hardcore sluts who evidently see the holiday season as just another perfect opportunity to do what they love best - namely, fucking, and sucking like the pair of oversexed cock-cravers they are! As the buzz of champagne adds a distinct sparkle to their sordid proceedings, it's not long before Fitt is proving what a perfect addition drink makes to the act of rimming, whilst Ateah just can't wait to use the fizz as a fabulous lube on his cock-hungry ass. Needless to say, the sight of Fitt's hairless cock hammering away against his pal's pert little butt is surely one of the sights of the season, and it's not long before Ateah is has popped his cork and begins spurting like a geyser.

9.A Very Boynapped Christmas

Our Boynapped crew are unwrapping their presents early with Luke Desmond in A Very Boynapped Christmas! Jonny and Ashton restrain one of our favorite cuties to a festive frame and set about humiliating the ripped fucker - jerking him off, fucking him, and decorating him like a Christmas tree with ornaments of the organic variety. The festivities have been enjoyed by all... happy holidays for everyone but Luke!

10.A Very Merry Bareback Christmas

Have yourself A Very Merry Bareback Christmas with Lucas Knight and his friends. We are absolutely positive Lucas will look back on this day as one happy golden day of yore. He and his friends are gathered near and we know they are dear, because when these Yule logs are unleashed, troubles are far out of sight when they get down in an orgy that leaves everyone smiling bright and their ball sacks rather light.

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