Without a doubt, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, was civil rights icon James Baldwin, who spoke passionately about same-sex relationships and wrote many genius works featuring gay and bisexual characters, a rarity in the mainstream and literature at the time. One can't help but wonder what porn stars this amazing writer may have lusted after. Iconic poet Langston Hughes was an influential artist with a very private life, but many academics who have studied his work have concluded he was indeed a gay man as he included numerous gay references within much of his work. How would Langston Huges describe Black men as sex workers in verse today? And what about the influential gay Black performers in the adult industry?


One question has lingered constantly for consumers and fans of gay porn: Where are the Black men? Why aren't there more men of color prominently featured in studio films and promotions? And why isn't there more high-end content out there for consumers of Black men enjoying dirty sex with other Black performers. See, there have been MANY contributions made to in the adult industry by our fellow African-Americans both in the past and present day with ground-breaking and ceiling-shattering accomplishments. The gay industry is changing, and top studios are giving more visibility to Black performers, but progress is still moving more than a little slow. These top 10 influential Black performers DIDN’T listen to the inevitable haters around them telling them that they would fall flat on their face and suffer a humiliating fail. They didn’t care what others around them thought. It was about the belief in themselves and that what they dreamed could become a reality. Customers want to see performers on screen that can not only fuck like a King, but also performers they can personally identify with. Well, these Kings have that same take-no-prisoner’s attitude, coupled with a sex drive that every man would admire. And trust you me, once you get a chance to view these models in action your nature will rise and your moans will resound loud as the rolling sea! GayHotMovies would like to wish everyone a happy Black History Month with this top list of simply stunning and sexy men of African descent. Here are our picks for the top ten most influential Black performers in the adult industry:

Randy Cochran Years Active: 1986 - 1999


Randy's performances range from late yesteryear all the way until the late nineties. Randy Cochran has been widely acclaimed in the industry not just because of his amazing scene pairings and sexual prowess, but Randy was also the first Black gay performer to be nominated for Best Actor before the gay portion of the AVNs became what is now the GaYVNs. He was also one of the very first featured Black cover models back in the day. Randy was inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame for his spectacular body of work. And in 2012 he was presented a Lifetime Achievement award by the Blatino Erotica Awards. Randy is a deliciously zesty performer, who broke so many award barriers for Black men in the industry while entertaining thousands of his fans with a sexual charisma that is just difficult to find in performers currently. There was just nobody like the wonderful Randy Cochran!

Jack Simmons Years Active: 1991 - 2018


The gorgeous Jack Simmons is one of the top quintessential Black performers in the 90's not just as a jack-hammering and powerful TOP with a thick cock, but Jack also got to dip his feet in as a director. Don't worry, Jack has said in in real life he likes to get as much as he gives! Simmons started his career working with high-profile studios like Jocks, All Worlds Video and TitanMen. Jack's talent and commitment was on full display in high-end titles at a time when finding a black model performing outside the roles of assigned stereotypes in the industry was incredibly difficult to find (and to this day, still is unfortunately). Jack Simmons went onto direct Corporate Ladder for Steamworx in 1998. Simmons continued to remain active in the industry as one hell of a sexy daddy with some scenes in bareback productions and a few of his scenes still showing up in compilations. Even if we've seen the last of him for now, this performer was a jack of all trades, and probably one of the sexiest men in gay porn to boot! Simmons has also been lauded with awards and nominations including being inducted into the GayVN Awards Hall of Fame in 2009!

Bobby Blake Years Active: 1992 - 2010


Bobby Blake is a legend and one of the hardest working Black men in the industry. This massive top is known for his dominant persona while the cameras are rolling and has starred in over 100 films during his career in the adult industry. He is best known for working with studios like HIS Video and Bacchus over his illustrious barrier-breaking career before his retirement from the business. Bobby Blake also starred in several very controversial gay amateur fuck titles that deal with race and rough sex as act of retribution against racial transgressions. If Bobby's anything as a performer, he's fearless as fuck. The controversial titles were shot for fantasy from the studio Dick Wadd, but the performances and racial angle were eye-opening just the same. Bobby is now an American pastor (imagine that!) and author. Flex-Deon Blake was Bobby Blake's longtime partner and Bobby wrote about their relationship and career in his memoir, My Life in Porn, one of the first Black performers to share his experiences with a transition from model to author.

Adam Dexter Years Active: 2003 - 2006


This Adonis a.k.a. Adam Dexter is best known for his work with COLT studio. With a muscular physique that could bend iron like rubber, Adam Dexter's charming good looks could’ve easily been the heart-throb model gracing the pages of G.Q. magazine or strutting down the runway during Fashion Week but chose to titillate and make us masturbate with some of the hottest ball draining scenes performed by a performer. Adam Dexter's intense sexual performances and willingness to work hard and proud made him one of the premiere Black performers with COLT, which at the time there wasn't many. He also broke barriers by being one of the few Black models to work with popular Central European studio Bel Ami in 2006 before taking a breather from the industry. Adam's work can still be seen in several compilation titles from COLT up until 2013.

Jason Tiya Years Active: 2003 - 2016


Jason Tyia hails from Montgomery, Alabama and didn't waste anytime killing it when he started performing in adult films back in 2003. Jason landed a nomination for a 2006 GayVN for Best Group Scene for Owen Hawk: Unleashed, proving to the industry his incredible talent and hard work in group sex scenarious. We're sure Owen Hawk was quite proud of his hard-working co-star! Jason's work for the studio Dark Alley made him one of the most high-profile Black performers in the biz!

Marc Williams Years Active: 2004 - 2015


Marc Williams and his brick-shit house physique dominated his scenes in some of the biggest studios like Raging Stallion and Hot House Video when he broke into the industry like a BBC bulldozer in 2004. Marc's always looked damn tasty in a harass, and was all over covers for huge studios and gay magazines in ways that too few other Black performers were. Models and studios alike lined up to work with this talented actor. Marc is an extremely skilled fucker, with a massive cock that delivers fantastic performances in both vanilla and fetish-themed films. Men around the world will be blowing their collective nuts to Marc's contributions to the industry for years to come!

Cutler X Years Active: 2004 - Present


At 50 years old model and bareback butt plugger Cutler X is in more demand that he ever was before earlier in his career. Cutler's profile has captured the attention of industry eyes and fans' watering mouths alike with his stunning raw sexual romps with his partner Adam Russo, and his work with various bareback amateur productions that have his fans craving more. Cutler has advocated for more awareness of the changes in the industry with bareback sex. Risk is still there, but Cutler feels the taboo of unsafe sex is not what it used to be thanks to medical advances. Cutler X also fancies himself quite the fashionista, he feels sex and fashion run together, and loves to dress in a way that will provoke. More poplar than ever in the industry, and always lookin' good, here's hoping we see Cutler continue his influence for years to come!

Derek Reynolds Years Active: 2008 - 2013


One look at Derek Reynolds and you’ll understand why Mustang, USA Jock, and Raging Stallion Studios signed him up with no hesitation. This epitome of sexy has got it all. Bulging biceps, ripped abs, glutes on MAX, a thick dick and he bottoms! Yup. The total package that definitely keeps fans cumming back for more!

Scott Alexander Years Active: 2008 - 2016


Scott Alexander is the Daddy of our wet dreams! With his masculine features and good looks, oh, and fuck don't forget debonair smile that could light up anyone's day…Yeah. I think it’s safe to say this bubble butt, muscle bound man is lust personified with the sexual intensity to make you obey his every debauched demand! Scott and his beautiful BBC has worked with top studios like All Worlds Video, Titan Men, and Lucas Entertainment and various top websites. There's still plenty of work to be accomplished, but Scott is a committed performer, a dirty talking top with a big cock, who over the years has increased visibility for Black men for some of the top studios to the delight of his huge fan base!

Timarrie Baker Years Active: 2017 - Present


With his soulful eyes, a smooth hard body and a reputation to giving every scene he’s in his ALL, Timarrie Baker is a very talented young King who will make you beg for release. Baker got his big break in the industry working with Flava Works. He's also worked with interracial studio Noir Male and appeared in last year's Naked Sword title, Nob Hill, a farewell to the infamous gay theater now shutting its doors for good. Baker was also seen in one of GayHotMovies' best titles of 2018, Family Affairs. Timarrie has a few kinks he's indulged in including foot worship, watersports, and raw sex for good measure. This new comer has only been active in the industry since 2017 but is already making waves and accumulating a large fan base through his savvy social media engagement with his fans and eyes set on a breakthrough to the mainstream. He auditioned for the new revival of The Real World last year, and was also nominated for Noir Male's "Man of the Year." Timarrie Baker is a talented Black performer already subverting archaic expectations for Black men in the industry while making thousands of fans and followers blow their loads in record amounts!

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