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We asked cherished stud Jimmy Durano to pick his favorite movies available on GayHotMovies. Jimmy Durano burst onto the scene in All World's reality star romp, Steven Daigle XXXposed and was quickly signed as an exclusive model. Jimmy's brings an amazing intensity to every single scene he's featured in. He's a voracious top with a chest built like a battle tank and has one of the most beautiful cocks in the industry. Jimmy spends his free time traveling and enjoying life with his husband, the former star-turned-director, Christian Owen. The pair officially tied the knot on October 22, 2013, and make many appearances together at many major events.

Jimmy is a gifted performer, incredibly kind to his fans and is currently recovering from an accident that led to a serious head injury this year. While Jimmy is on the mend from surgery, let's wish him well and take a look at some of his favorite scenes on GayHotMovies!

No. 1: Alpine Wood 1 - Falcon Studios


Jimmy's scene with Chris Bines starts out in with the two of them frolicking and flirting out in the snow. Jimmy then TOPS Chris Bines on a dining room table in the cabin before slathering Chris' beard with his cum. Bruno Bond's opening to the scene conjures up memories of the rugged playfulness and chemistry from the classic 70s feature, Inches, featuring Al Parker and Bob Blount tumbling in the snow before moving into the cabin for a romantic but frenzied fuck. Jimmy Durano parallels Al Paker in more than a few ways as a performer.


Jimmy also gets to participate in a very sexy blowjob heavy threesome with stars Angel Rock and Luke Milan.

No. 2: Trunks 8 - Hot House Video


Jimmy Durano in a tight pair of swim trunks, glistening and wet in the sun was a brilliant idea from the start. Jimmy shares a scene with Jake Wilder and gets him naked into the pool for some quick thrashin', splashin', and a wet fuck.


Jimmy begins the scene slobbing on Jake's engorged knob and shows off some impressive oral skills for his co-star and the audience!

No. 3: Submissive - Hot House Video


Jimmy slaps on the leather harness and gets a little kinky with an impromptu spit-roast. Redhead, sex-on-wheels Jordan Cleary with the disarmingly handsome Theo Ford.


The blue-eyed and delicious Theo ends up in a sling bottoming for both Jimmy and Jordan. Theo's tender hole takes one hell of a pounding from Jimmy Durano's big cock before Jimmy blows all over Theo's furry chest.

No. 4: Saddle Up - Hot House Video


Jimmy goes horny cowboy in the fresh air of the great outdoors in this scene; he could be a perfect doppelganger for the Brawny Man. We start with Jimmy's pecs getting soaped up by Micah Brandt's roaming fingers. Jimmy wets Micah's tight hole with his tongue to prepare Micah for his big dick but Micah needs a challenge and places it in his mouth to suck it off first. Watch Micah Brandt attempt to swallow and deepthroat.


Jimmy's meat will leave you trembling by the time Jimmy TOPS Michah and shoots his load all over the side of Micah's ass and thigh. Like any good cowboy would! This scene REALLY put me in the mood for a big, thick roll of paper towels.

No. 5: Pirates -


Jimmy Durano takes on the high seas in this high-end feature and spoof from A hostage scene featuring Jimmy as a scheming pirate soon goes from a daisy-chain to full-fledged orgy with all hands on deck, featuring Johnny Rapid, Gabriel Cross, and Teddy Torres.


Eat your heart out, Captain Jack Sparrow. We'll take Jimmy Durano in eyeliner and an orgy before Johnny Depp nude any day!

No. 6: Stiff Sentence - Hot House Video


Jimmy is a crooked cop who forces inmate and fuckhole Gabriel Cross to suck on his nightstick before Gabriel take's Jimmy's meat stick deep into his ass. Jimmy probes, licks, fingers, and fucks Gabriel from behind the steel bars before rewarding the miscreant with a warm, open-mouthed facial.


Jimmy Durano is the quintessential TOP in modern porn right now. He's gone from playing kinky with leather, cowboy, pirate, and sleazy cop. All of his favorites here are great choices and that will be sure to have you blowing your loads in record amounts thanks to Jimmy's talent, charisma, and generosity with his scene partners. Here's to Jimmy Durano's continued success and a speedy recovery. Thanks, Jimmy, from everyone here at GayHotMovies!

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