It's that time of year! Here are of our six favorite political satires on GayHotMovies! Don't forget to get off your hot little ass and vote after you blown your load. This is indeed, the most important election of our lifetimes, sex fiends - because every election is the most important of our life, and our very lives are at stake. VOTE fuckers! A promise from Stoney Rubble: I will personally suck the cock of everyone who serves their country by voting this Tuesday. Stoney Rubble will suck your cock just as if he were sucking Ryan Reynolds' cock, George Clooney's cock, Tom Hardy's cock, and so on. So to conclude: what were we talking about again?

No. 1: Cauke For President - TitanMen


Remember "Is he, or isn't he?" U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock? Neither do I, but Titanmen's political spoof tells a similar story of a young closeted politician plagued by a hookup scandal that threatens to destroy his political career. Senator Cauke is played by Matthew Bosch in his adult movie debut. Does the Senator finally come out and become an ally for the LGBTQA community that he once railed against? Will he have a Governor McGreevey revelation and tell the world that he is a proud gay American? And what's his cock feel like? Also starring Dallas Steele as his Chief-of-Staff/lover, and David Benjamin as the ruthless Campaign Manager willing to do anything to get his guy into office. Let's make American GAY again, shall we?

No. 2: Penetration on Pennsylvania Avenue - Pacific Sun


If you can’t fuck your political colleagues, then whom can you fuck (besides your voters)? Dino Phillips plays the horny politician in this schlocky but sexy 90’s classic who sucks and fucks his way through his entire cabinet. It’s the perfect guide to study when your career path is success in politics!

No. 3: Politically Erect - Cinderfella


Another trip back to the 90s when taxes were as high as the hair! Muscle stud Nick Romano plays a political activist who wishes to impart the need for sexual liberation to the masses, and unlike other prominent politicians and activists, Nick practices what he preaches!

No. 4: Presidential Erections - Next Door Studios


Voter fraud may not be a real issue, but sex scandals on the campaign trail really threaten to distract our political animals in five load-blowing vignettes from Next Door Studios. Alex Tanner and Brett Beckham play two interns who are both in need of some stress relief and find it in each other. Luca Rosso helps Senator Dylan Knight work out all the kinks of his political campaign… in his asshole. And Next Door Studio’s golden boy Markie More gets caught in a very comprising position!

No. 5: Taking Down The Conservatives - Men.com


Griffin Barrows plays a sexy journalist who is out to out gay conservatives who have been secretly working behind the political scenes to thwart marriage equality. He lands a huge interview with Eddie Walker and, of course, Eddie is unable to keep his eyes from wandering. Griffin easily sees the signals and nails our politician... literally. When they go low, Griffin goes for down-low politicians and traps Dirk Caber into his tight trap next. Griffin than nails Diego Sans. With his secret out, Diego pounces on Griffin and unleashes his repressed sexual desires finally. A cock-suck and tight-ass fuck later, and Griffin has exposed the growing trend of anti-LGBTQA conservatives enjoying both the polls and the holes. Griffin Barrows takes down (and goes down) on more conservatives in this movie than Robert Mueller could ever dream of!

No. 6: Once In A Blue Moon - Bijou Classics


This political satire from director Toby Ross is sharp and damn sexy, and the third political spoof from the 90s on our list. Bill Clinton was indeed our first gay president. Toby Ross’ episodic story features political prisoners getting clubbed for the cause, some biting satire, hot cocksucking, and anal sex featuring condoms. Provocative and political porn with a message… and great sexual pairings featuring Luke Bender & Bruce Exon, and more!

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