OOOOO YEEEEAAAAH Brother! It's that time of year again when the best of the best cum together and battle it out until the last man standing claims the heavyweight WWE championship belt. Yup, I'm talking about WrestleMania 35 and we couldn't be more stoked! The excitement of watching those muscular and taut athletes beat each other senseless in ladder matches, royal rumbles - and let's not forget the drama of the multiple story lines! The Undertaker was known for making "stars" out of his opponents with his famous choke-slam, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was always asking "if you could smell what he's cooking", and you can't talk about the WWE association without mentioning everybody's lovable giant, Andre!


We are all guilty of imitating the moves we've watched these athletes execute on a weekly basis, even though there are MANY warnings to not try this at home. We didn't listen growing up which was evident as you went flying off the dresser to elbow drop your little brother or maybe you practiced your leg lock on your pest of a little cousin. Imitation is the best form of flattery! with that being said has flattered the fuck out of these athletes; both past & present with the inception of the Naked Kombat series. Instead of pulling a ladder or chair from under the ring, they're pulling out something else stiff & hard to do major damage in confrontational combat that ends in a meat melee after dominating their opponents.

No. 1 - Cass Bolton vs. Kip Johnson

When you have returning combatants duking it out there's no doubt that they, even harder to cum out the victor. Kip Johnson and Cass Bolton are ready to battle to the very end. Temperatures and flaccid male members rise with every tight embrace and punishing holds. The score is pretty close until the tide is decidedly turned in round two with grueling grappling, smothering and face-sitting.

The victor throws his head back in triumph and ecstasy as he treats his opponent like the loser he is. Dick sucking, foot worship and dildo dipping are just some of the humiliating acts he has to endure before his hole is filled, stretched & pounded as his only consolation for daring to enter the ring.

No. 2 - Tyler Rush vs. Brock Avery

There are no ladders, no cages and no holds barred in this all out Dog Fight when muscled hunk Brock Avery meets challenger, Tyler Rush to defend his Top Cock Championship title. Although Tyler is new to wrestling, they both have experience in the puppy play scene and he vows to give Brock a serious run for his money. After stretching taught muscles to limber up these two warriors insert dildos up their tight asses, don their puppy masks and drop to all fours to start the match.

The pair writhe on the mat gripping, grappling & groping one another before one has to surrender, tap out...and get that ass tapped by the victor. But not before he's spanked, face-fucked and ridden like a pony.

No. 3 - Jordan Boss vs. Kaden Alexander

Not only is this an amateur match folks, but the loser gets covered in wax and fucked into submission. Jordan Boss is the ex-football player with a sexy boy-next-door appeal who is ready to wreck baby-faced beefcake Kaden Alexander! But it's not gonna be that easy since Kaden has military training and an appetite for destruction...but will it be enough to over power his opponent to claim bragging - and rights to total domination?

The loser is subjugated to humiliation, hot wax down the crack of his ass followed up with a balls deep dick only to be rewarded with hot dose of ball batter being splooged down their parched gullet.

No. 4 - Leo Forte & DJ vs. Sebastian Keys & Trent Diesel

Get ready an extreme tag-team match featuring some of the toughest but hottest wrestlers on the Naked Kombat roster! Sebastian Keys and Trent Diesel are the Bad Boys of Domination eager to wreck it on the mat...and more eager to wreck their opponent's sweet asses when they win. But Leo Forte and DJ aren't easy marks going down without a fight! With sick wrestling skills under their belts, they intend to give the bad boys a run for their money.

This is the tag-team event of the year with humiliation and a harsh fuck hanging over the losing team's heads there's no telling who will cum out on top. It doesn't get any better than this folks!

No. 5 - Billy Santoro vs. Dirk Caber & Hugh Hunter vs. Troy Sparks

Get ready to smack it up, flip it & rub it down in this tag team oil match featuring four of the sexiest muscle hunks! Billy Santoro & Dirk Caber are the boys in blue facing off against Hugh Hunter & Troy Sparks for bragging rights and the privilege of topping the losers in a show of pure sexual dominance. Urged on by the crowd, Hugh and Troy waste no time ripping off their opponents speedos to get at the goods while locked in punishing holds! Billy and Dirk manage to turn the tables to rack up points in round two before bulging muscles are oil down for a slippery third round. At the last whistle, the winning team takes their prize and throws their opponents to their knees.

The losers gag on winner dick in unison before saddling up for a serious pounding. After feeding them Grade A beef, the winners maneuver their prizes into a 69 as they continue to fuck the pathetic loser asses. As the crowd cheers, the triumphant team bust hot loads onto the losers' faces.

No. 6 - Morgan Black vs. Chad Brock

Get ready for the ultimate head-to-head combat between two sexy daddies competing to see who's going to come out on top...literally! Daddy Chad Brock is repping the red corner while tatted daddy, Morgan Black is in the blue corner ready to get down to the business of mopping up the floor with his opponent! But Chad is not going down easy.

After a bout featuring amazing holds in an attempt to dominate each other, flying limbs, fondling, cock-sucking and rimming Chad is determined the winner. Morgan may be the loser but we don't think he minded too much after the throat-fucking he gets before being bound with athletic tape before he's fucked just as hard as he fought.

No. 7 - Alex Adams vs. Landon Conrad

Alex "The Axe" Adams has suffered two humiliating losses and is more determined than ever to end his losing streak. Landon "The Law" Conrad may not have much wrestling experience but the brawny bar brawler is not taking an "L", laying down. Landon pulls a classic Zangief move and catches Alex in a bear hug that should've made him tap out right there. But Alex answers the crushing hold by slapping Landon in the face with his ball sac!

These two mountains of muscle are oiled down and their cocks rock hard for a vicious third round. Nobody wants to lose and be the bitch for the day, first one to break will be ridden around like an animal and take a hard ass fucking as his punishment.

No. 8 - Lance Hart vs. Brendan Patrick

Lance Hart is a novice wrestler equipped with his bad ass attitude and a COCK-iness that can't be rivaled. Until Brendan Patrick steps to the mat with a background in Krav Maga. These lean competitors are ready to duke it out in a fast-paced match. But this isn't any old Naked Kombat match! The loser is bound, blind-folded, endures corporal punishment - and THEN subjected to gagging on champion dick before being thrown to the mat to give the winner a better angle to dip his fuck-stick in and out before busting a load all over the loser's gagged face!

After a good spanking for daring to challenge the champ, the loser is only granted permission to spew his load while gripped up in a breath stealing headlock which makes him splooge even harder before he's made to clean up his mess as the winner struts out of the gym after this ultimate vanquishing.

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