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  1. Naked Kombat - Dylan Knight Takes on Lance Hart
  2. Spanking Vol. 51
  3. Bad Boys Get Spanked and then Fucked
  4. Spanking Vol. 50
  5. Spank Me Sergeant!
  6. Spanking Vol. 41
  7. Spank My Bad Ass!
  8. Spanking Nightmare

Whether you’re into watching male on male action incorporate sensual taps or hefty smacks, all aspects of paddling can be fulfilled right here! Even including over-the-knee (OTK) features, our gay spanking porn collection provides a sexy, quenching array for this interest...So who’s ready for a little slap and tickle?

Coincidentally enough, the category is...dominated by Grapik Art Productions and Control T studios; they provide the majority of these top rated films—so be sure to take a look at their "slap-happy" content!

Good Measure

Video: Good Measure
Release Year: 2000

Master Jason Branch keeps hot newcomer Erik Michaels in a cage when not using him . . .


50 Ratings

Slap Happy

Video: Slap Happy
Release Year: 2002

This "smack the boy bitch" hardcore flick is Global Warming's debut title. Slapping . . .


43 Ratings

Hard Man

Video: Hard Man
Release Year: 2005

This hot bondage flick has two of everything. Two expert bondage scenes, two hard . . .


35 Ratings

Spanking Little Brother

Video: Spanking Little Brother
Release Year: 1988

In Little Brothers, Kevin Glover gives kid brother Kit Jordan a good, old-fashioned . . .


43 Ratings

A Good, Old-Fashioned Whuppin'

Video: A Good, Old-Fashioned Whuppin'
Release Year: 2005

Hot young guys get cabin fever and have to have their asses cooled down by "Uncle" . . .


37 Ratings

Nasty Boys

Video: Nasty Boys
Release Year: 2007

These NASTY BOYS know what they want and they want COCK! They love to look at cock, . . .


73 Ratings

Yer Not My Dad!

Video: Yer Not My Dad!
Release Year: 2009

A punkboy, out for kicks, thumbs rides 'cause he knows the queers dig his meaty package . . .


34 Ratings

Spank 'Em Hard

Video: Spank 'Em Hard

If you like all male hard spanking action, you will love this video. This great new . . .


25 Ratings

Ritual Spanking Shame

Video: Ritual Spanking Shame
Release Year: 2003

Holy blistering butt cheeks...take it easy bruiser! Ritual Spanking Shame is an . . .


36 Ratings

Spanking Tryouts 2

Video: Spanking Tryouts 2
Release Year: 2010

From the makers of the extremely popular (and popularly extreme) Russian Punishment . . .


18 Ratings
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