Over 30 years ago, esteemed journalist and walking mustache barrel Geraldo Rivera lit a fire under the curiosity of millions of Americans with a live urban archaeological dig into Al Capone's vault... that only led to viewers collectively rolling their eyes in disappointment when the vault turned up empty. Austin from Manville Entertainment recently went on his own archeological adventure, but searching for smut and sans the television crew. And unlike Mr. Rivera, Austin has certainly produced! Launched in 2012, Manville is dedicated to producing un-apologetically funny and sexy adult parody titles featuring all-male casts. In 2018, Manville Classics was established by Austin, releasing multiple genres of long-lost gay vintage erotica from the bygone era of grindhouses, sexual liberation, and hustlers in phone booths. GayHotMovies was lucky enough to get the exclusives on these never-seen-before long lost XXX scenes. Austin from Manville was nice enough to chat with us about Manville's parodies, his love of the classics, and his process of compiling the XXX vintage scenes he's recently unearthed.


Have there been any surprises found?

I’m still going through it all, and having a blast doing it.

How much footage has there been to go through?

It is very extensive. Our brother companies include Pleasure Productions, Vantage Video, Evolution Erotica, Pure Play Media, and more. These companies represent a number of exciting lines, like InHand, Regiment, Bob Jones, Rosebud Male... just for starters. And we’re talking about content that dates back to ¾ and 1” film stock!


What are your favorite classic movies? Classic stars? Studios?

I am such a huge porn fanatic, from sneaking peaks at magazines to visiting the old Century Theatre in Hollywood way back in the day. I still remember seeing William Higgins' Members Only and These Bases Are Loaded on the big screen, which is pretty amazing given I’m only in my 30s. Still can visualize stars like Jon King, Derrick Stanton, and Michael Christopher in action.


Did you ever go to a movie theater to watch porn back then? If so, which one? Any stories you can share?

The theater experience was amazing. The popcorn was always fresh and the seats clean and comfortable. And no one ever talked during the movie. Other than that, any stories I could tell you would tarnish the innocent and wholesome image I am known for. Seriously though, if it weren’t for porn and places like the Century I wouldn’t be here. Porn literally saved my life. No one had anything good to say about someone being gay and there was a great stigma attached to it. But the movies reflected hot, masculine men having unapologetic sex. It let me know I wasn’t alone.


Manville is known for its "parody porn." Who comes up with the parody ideas and pays such close attention to detail?

Manville was created out of our other companies when they saw how successful parodies were on the straight side. I had been putting together comps for years and was quite vocal about my opinions on content, and the company gave me a chance to make movies myself. The first thought they had was to do superhero movies. The company chose the first one and I sat back and focused on post-production, testing myself to see if I could produce artwork and edit. The second movie was also the company’s idea. There I took a more active role. I wrote my first script and participated in casting, was on set at the shoot as a producer, and again focused on developing post-production skills. But I hadn’t really taken the chance on myself to make what I wanted from start-to-finish until Twinky and The Bear.

I wanted to produce, write, and direct, but knew I was taking a risk, so I elected to keep the project simple. Unexpected pairings are something I am really into, and having not seen Bear and Twink genres merged gave me the opportunity to try something that would not be competing with anyone else. Still, this was a great opportunity and I had a lot to lose if I crashed and burned. So, I sought out a partner with the experience I didn’t have and connected with Jock Rollins. He had a proven track record and amazing talents in all areas. We meshed immediately and have been a team on every Manville project from that point on. I can’t express how amazing Jock is. But he will gladly fill you in. We have the same passion for porn and together are responsible for making sure the whole thing is great. We care about story, characterization, sets, and costumes only slightly less than we care about our models and filming hot sex.


Any ideas you had for a parody that never worked?

I’d like to think all our ideas so far have worked, fortunately. Each has garnered some sort of industry nod. Nominations count in my book! That said, Manville is a company I work for and they are the ones that determine what gets greenlit. I can say there are a lot of other things I want to try, even though it may take us out of exclusively doing parody. Fingers crossed that I get a chance to explore the variety of other genres I have ideas for.

How do you feel about other studios' parodies?

Knowing how hard it is to make parodies, I am hardly a harsh critic of another studio's work. The industry has changed and the costs-versus-profit made it extraordinarily difficult to get the budgets of the past to do major productions. Finances aside, parody requires a different skill-set. You have to be funny without showing you know you are being funny. That takes acting skills. Models have to take time to learn the character they are going to parody. They have to memorize dialogue. They have to endure multiple takes because the B-roll is so important. My hats off to any studio and the performers that are willing to make this kind of caliber production.

Why do you think there are more parodies on the straight side of the business than the gay, especially considering how much we love to dress up?

It comes down to two things: unfortunately, the first is commerce. No one, including the straight side, is seeing the kind of profits of the past. And, sex or not, this is a business. Second, parody is not easy to perform or produce. If you want to do it right, it takes a lot and one can’t blame any studio for not taking it on.


Thanks so much to Manville's Austin for chatting us up and sharing his finds with the world! Eat your heart out, Geraldo!

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