GayHotMovies was lucky enough to chat with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox from! Let's find out how these studs met before they started producing some of the best amateur gay content in the industry. Colby also tells us to "always tip your servers!" Sexy, adorable, and KIND. Colby and Mickey are the total package!

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You guys have a reputation for being the nicest couple in the industry. How long have you been married now? And tell us about your up-coming "make-up" honeymoon in Mexico. Sounds like a a lot of fun!

COLBY- It’s always been very important to us to go the extra mile for models and of course our fans. We knew when we started what type of studio we wanted to be, and what kind we didn’t want to be. I think seeing the model perspective exclusively for the first couple of years gave us a great understanding of what it takes to not just make good content, but to make people happy. That includes everyone we deal with, from a single exchange with a viewer on the webcam, to a model we have on contract long term. We just celebrated our 2nd year of marriage together! I'll let him take over for the honeymoon details.

Fans really love the story of how you guys met while working at Red Lobster. Is there anything you guys miss about your days in the service industry?

COLBY- Not a damn thing my friend as a matter of fact, to anyone reading this TIP YOUR SERVERS! They have a tough job and get very little gratification for it, financial or otherwise. Its funny actually, always tell a joke where I’m like “ I used to be a waiter for a while, then started to get into webcamming…. Never have I felt so degraded and used in my entire life, I couldn’t take it. That was when I started camming full time.

MICKEY- I don’t miss much about it at all, but the one thing I do miss is hanging out with all my friends while working. Now days we have a couple people around the house at once but nothing like the 15-20 workers at Red Lobster. It was hard work but I did enjoy the social aspect of it.

Was there chemistry between you guys right away or did you need to warm up to each other a bit?

COLBY- There was definite chemistry… but if you had told me nearly seven years later we would be married and own a porn site together, I would have laughed my ass off.


MICKEY- For me I needed to warm up to the idea. Way back then I was still in the closet and I honestly looked up to Colby and wished I could be like him. I knew that I was attracted to guys but I had no idea how much I would enjoy sleeping with Him. Colby was my first gay kiss, touch, he was even the first person I ever told. So there was the attraction right away and I knew I wanted him but it took me a couple years to get the balls to actually do anything about it.


Colby you've described yourself as a nerd a few times. What does identifying as a nerd mean to you? Tell us some of the current pop culture you're both into.

COLBY- Oh man you name it . Since I was a kid I’ve been a freak for video games, comic books, computers and tech. I absolutely love how much things have changed. When I was a kid I got made fun of for reading comics past age twelve. These days I could be reading one in public and have a complete stranger tell me I'm going to love the ending. Same thing with video games- used to be "that's a complete waste of time” and now parents are paying coaches to make their kids better at them. Most recently I have been into a graphic novel called Saga and last game I binged was Assassins Creed Odyssey.

How would you guys describe the perfect cum shot?

MICKEY - Of course every single one is different so picking just one way would be too tough. For me I like facials. One that would be at the top of my list would be a SUPER close shot of a cock throbbing and pumping cum onto a boys tongue. The person cumming should stop jerking or sucking so that the dick is fully exposed. I would want to see the full cock contracting with the orgasm and the cum shooting out onto someones face. I also love seeing a bottom cum without touching it.

COLBY - I'll let Mickey get this one, come back to me on the perfect asshole.

Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2019?

COLBY - Yeah definitely, sort of been working on it since before the new year. I’m making a serious effort to keep my attention focused on things that have a direct positive impact on our lives. Less getting hung up on politics or the occasional trollish comment on social media, more time and energy being spent where it counts. I actually picked up a book I got from my dad when I was a kid but never read back then. It’s called “Don't Sweat The Small Stuff and It's All Small Stuff”. It is a life changing book, everyone out there should give it a read.

MICKEY - To work hard and make the best content possible. I mostly want to be more social this year. I’ve been battling social anxiety issues last few years and I started to pull away from social events. This last six months I’ve been making a lot of progress and finally started traveling again.

Are there any stars out there you guys are dying to work with but haven't had the chance yet?

COLBY- ALWAYS! The entire Bel-Ami line up for starters! But to narrow it down Ill try to just name a few. I'm still sort of holding a flame for Brent Everett, he is one of my porn crushes from way back. That Austin Young boy in all the daddy son fuck videos has been on my radar for a minute. And lets top it off with that sexy hunk of man Carter Dane.

MICKEY- Honestly I watch amateur content the most so some of my biggest crushes don’t even do porn.

The The Batman & Robin and Daredevil scenes were very well received. What spoof would you guys like to do next?

COLBY - I actually wanna get into doing some video game based spoofs as well. Link getting the hell fucked out of him by a lumbering goblin daddy would be so hot! I honestly love this type of porn, if its done right. Its fun and adds an extra something that people like me go nuts for.

MICKEY- I usually leave these up to my man. I don’t know too much about the superhero movies. I would like to see Spiderman fuck Robin though. Maybe Batman could be doing something important and Spiderman gets his sidekick’s ass while its unprotected…


What do you guys like to do together during your downtime?

COLBY - We have both really turned into homebodies since we got together. I feel like we’re the type of people that go out because we’re looking for something or someone. Now that we have both found what we’re looking for in one another, the whole party thing has lost a lot of its appeal. We would rather sit on the couch together with our puppies and kitties on New Years Eve than go wile out downtown.

MICKEY - Movies and Food. We both love to cook and we enjoy watching a lot of different shows together. We also love to drive all over NC visiting people and having fun. The beach is about 4 hours away and we just love to visit.

What can your fans expect to see from Colby Knox in 2019?

MICKEY - Personally I want to film more FUN stuff. We have recently started filming our real life adventures and I am loving it. I’ve never been a fan of the movies where you can tell the guys are acting, It just kills it for me. However when I see hot guys laughing and enjoying themselves in a real comfortable environment that makes me so happy. So I want to film more trips and fun things that we are already doing and letting the fans get a better look at our real life sex life.


Okay guys - tough question. Be honest. Marvel or DC?

COLBY- Okay so this may come as a shock but...IMAGE, or VERTIGO. I'm not to into the mainstream superheroes and villains that are slaying these days. Don’t get me wrong, the movies are entertaining. But I grew up with Spawn and The Sandman, always been into a darker less defined form of hero/villain. BUT if I had to choose between Marvel and DC I'm go with Marvel. If for no other reason than I wanna tap Tom Holland's ass in that spidey suit.

MICKEY - I’m ashamed to say but I don’t know which superhero’s belong to either group. I love the movies though. I just don’t follow enough to tell them apart.

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are both amazing performers and we can't wait to see what they do next! Be sure to watch Colby Knox on GayHotMovies!

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