It's that time of year when the days are getting shorter and school's back in session. Time to pull out the pumpkin-spice lube and those flea-ridden Halloween decorations from the basement. GayHotMovies is here to make the coming autumn more palatable with Markie More and Next Door Studio's newest release, Special Treatment, available exclusively on GayHotMovies! Proud cat dad and tattooed stud Markie More was nice enough to sit down with us and chat about his feelings on the industry, what he wants in a scene partner, and his favorite tattoo!

What would you say you appreciate most about your time within the adult industry?

I appreciate all my fans/friends more than anything. Never in my life would I have imagined I’d be where I am now. I’m so grateful for the continued support I’ve received over these years. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, I can say in pure confidence my fans have not only kept me going, but have motivated me to become the best I can. Not many people know this: one year ago I was in a very low place, but I began receiving feedback from people that I had helped them with their life or struggles in some way. That was powerful to me, it helped me believe in me. This last year has been a game changer, to say the least. I’m not the same person I was, I’m much better. I experienced an awakening, I no longer see the world through the same eyes. I have a much clearer and brighter picture of now and the future. I plan on doing great things, for my fans/friends and for myself.


Besides looks, what would you say makes a good scene partner?

In my opinion, a great scene partner is someone with good character, who is patient, open-minded, non-judgmental, and flexible to the situation. (Physical flexibility never hurt either.)

You have some gorgeous tattoos. What's your favorite one and is there a story behind it?

Thank you for that. I love all of my tattoos, but if I had to say one was my favorite, I would go with my “Be Kind” tattoo on my right wrist. I believe in kindness completely, being kind to yourself, being kind to others, and being kind to animals/all life. Nothing in this life feels better than love and kindness.

You're a proud cat dad, Markie. Could you date a guy who didn't love cats?

I could not date a guy that didn’t love cats. My cats are my children, to date a guy who didn’t like my cats, would be to date a guy who didn’t like my children.

Any pictures of you and your cat you'd like to share with us at GayHotMovies?

Yes! I snapped a photo with the kitties this morning. We just finished bath time, so they’re not too happy with me.


What about a performer you haven't yet shot with that you'd like to?

There are a ton of great-looking guys within the industry. Although I can’t say a particular one, because I’m all about the connection you have/create in-person. You can be the best-looking guy around and I can still appreciate that, but if you have bad character or we don’t connect then I’m not interested.

How can your fanbase best support you?

My fanbase/friend-base can best support me by being good to themselves and those around them. If anyone wants to stay updated on what I’m doing they can follow my social media.

Twitter: @markiemore Instagram: @mark.more


Markie More is an amazing performer, and just an innately kind dude with a wonderful heart. Thanks so much to Markie for chatting with us and don't miss him with Allen Lucas in Special Treatment only on GayHotMovies!

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