We got to talk to superstar Tyler Saint! Tyler shares his thoughts on overcoming shyness on camera, his involvement in the Massage Bait series, how he met his sexy husband Ace, and the perfect Tyler Saint cumshot! Tyler also calls Tupelo, MS his home, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. What does Tyler Saint have coming down the pipe for his fans next? Is Elvis really dead? Let's find out!

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You are an amazing masseuse on camera! How did you get involved in the popular Massage Bait series, and what did you enjoy the most about it?

Therapeutic massage was something I always did after being trained and licensed long before anything was filmed. My agent knew I had the credentials, so he connected me with the studio responsible for the content. Erotic massage has always been a subcategory of gay porn, but this format seemed new and more authentic at the time. I liked the feel of this way to present it. The best part about it was definitely getting to oil up a variety of hot new talent. Take a guy who has never experienced anything like that and it makes the whole experience more real. And, not to mention, I got to finish massages the way I’d always wanted to!

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You entered the industry at a later stage than most in the biz. How did that come about?

My adult career evolved slowly over the years. I was a member of an all-male dance troupe doing Chippendale's-type performances in my early 20s. The choreographed stuff, you know. Then I moved to more of a solo role with the group and eventually was the number one go-go dancer on the East Coast. I moved to the West Coast and fell into the same work out there, so I got to be really well known at all the clubs. I was working out at Golds in WeHo one day and an agent that knew my background suggested I should do a photo shoot with one of his contacts. That lead to the spread in Playgirl, then to shooting videos came soon after. It wasn’t something planned, it just sort of evolved.

How did you and your husband Ace meet?

We actually met online. He and I just ended up always connecting on different websites and apps over a long period of time getting to know each other. We just always seemed to find one another no matter where it was. I guess it went on for about five or six years. He travels for his day job and we finally arranged a face-to-face the 4th of July weekend in 2013. I picked him up for lunch and we’ve never been apart since.

You've been releasing a lot of content through OnlyFans with your husband. Can your fans expect a return to studio work anytime soon?

We’ve had a lot of interest about that from some of the studios and producers that are friends of mine. It’s definitely something we consider, but right now we just enjoy what we are doing together. We are a package deal with everything, so I wouldn’t be interested in going back into a solo career. Ace would have to be part of it, too, so we’ll see. It’s not out of the question.

You're currently residing in the small southern city of Tupelo, Mississippi, also known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley! How do you enjoy living in Tupelo?

I grew up in a small town in Vermont, so I’m used to a slower pace. There are some really big positives like friendly people, a revolving door of family, less traffic and open spaces, but I do miss a Fred Segal every once in a while. Every few weeks we take a break and get to city somewhere nearby, even if it’s just Atlanta or Nashville. Since Ace travels every week, I get to meet him every once in a while somewhere, too. We are an easy drive to some great spots and then we come home to our hay field and let the dog run wild.

You've worked with a lot of handsome newcomers, especially in the Gay Casting Couch series. At one point in your career, you were also referred to as quite a shy guy. Any advice for newcomers in the biz to overcome on-camera shyness?

Well, having sex is a pretty intimate activity even if there is a room full of cameras and people. I just focus on the scene and filter out the room. I’m fortunate and can compartmentalize that way. Also, one thing that helps is that, although I’m not much of an exhibitionist, I really like being watched. It sounds odd, I know, but there’s a difference that’s hard to explain. I think my time on stage and go-go dancing proves that shy people can be show-offs when there’s a spotlight!

Tyler, what would you describe as the perfect cumshot?

One that I make happen! It means the guy (especially Ace) loves what we are doing. I like that sense of satisfaction in a job well done!

What do you enjoy the most about meeting your fans in person? Do you have any upcoming plans for your next public appearance?

It’s still hard to think I have actual fans even after all these years. I’m just happy guys like watching what I do. The best part is when I’m told my work has helped somebody deal with their sexuality. I get approached a lot by people thanking me for what I’ve done and how important it was in their journey. Porn can play a positive role in the coming-out experience and I’m always happiest to know when somebody realizes that my participation wasn’t a just a performance. I get messages from all over the world on social media and many times it’s from places either here in the US or maybe some very conservative country saying how much clarity they have after watching my work over time. It’s very humbling and quite unexpected. As for appearances upcoming, we don’t have anything planned. Our everyday life is pretty busy, so we aren’t able to do too much of that right now.

What can your fans anticipate from Tyler Saint in 2019 and how can we help support you?

Just expect more of us on Onlyfans and JustForFans. It’s content with the two of us and with buddies of ours in the business. We’ll be in Europe and Southeast Asia some this year, so we are planning those connections there already. Primarily, it’s just us having fun. So, we love getting feedback about the things you like and what you’d like to see more. We’re always open to suggestions and requests. Since we are an old married couple, it keeps the sex life interesting!


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