Once again we have a NakedSword Original. Bare is as simple as its title. There truly is no plot, these guys have no storyline, and guess what else? It’s nothing but bareback action! Some people desire some type of build up but these guys aren’t here for that. They’re here to give it to you RAW, with no lube and again, no condoms! That's right, get ready for Jack Hunter bareback! Bare also features real-life couple Jay Dymel and Ryan Stone giving us a raw glimpse into what goes on behind the bedroom door. Let's take a look at NakedSword's first bareback release, "BARE!


Scene 1: Jay Dymel & Ryan Stone

Scene 1

Jay absolutely could not wait until Ryan wakes because he’s been eagerly waiting to get this tight ass fucked. The moment Ryan opens his eyes, Jay kisses him, further awakening him. He kisses lower and lower, sucking on Ryan’s chest, which is making Ryan’s dick rock hard. He takes Ryan’s throbbing dick into his mouth, but Ryan has had enough of this teasing, so he flips Jay onto his back, burying his face into his ass, licking and sucking intensely. Jay takes Ryan into his mouth again, getting his face fucked in short thrusts. Jay is flipped back onto his stomach and Ryan inserts his cock into Jay’s ass, giving him a raw doggystyle pounding. The two keep up their intense romp, switching positions. Jay gets his ass fucked missionary style and cums all over himself! But Ryan wants to see that ass from behind again, so he positions Jay in doggystyle once more, thrusting until he drops his load all over his ass. Real Life gay porn couple Jay Dymel and Ryan Stone bareback the hell out of this scene and their chemistry is pleasingly obvious.

Scene 2: JJ Knight & Nic Sahara

Scene 2

JJ is sleeping but Nic’s been plotting on him the entire time. He tiptoes into their bedroom and makes his move, pushing his lips into JJ’s. JJ instantly falls into his seduction as Nic straddles him in that cute little underwear that JJ likes. They take turns sucking each other’s cocks. These guys just can’t keep their lips off each other, especially JJ because he loves exploring Nic’s orifices with his mouth and tongue. Nic is positioned doggystyle and JJ fucks him with his huge, thick dick as Nic expresses his admiration for its girth. His cock thirst makes him want to take a ride for himself, so he straddles JJ again, inserting himself into his ass but it’s so huge, Nic must take his time! He lies on his back as JJ pushes his dick deep into his ass. Nic moans in bliss as he jerks his dick and cums on himself. JJ finally drops his load onto Nic’s ass. JJ Knight bareback shouldn't be missed!

Scene 3: Colby Tucker & Steven Lee

Scene 3

Colby and Steven get right to it, kissing shortly before exchanging oral. It’s apparent they’re horny as hell because the anxiousness oozes off them both. Steven readies Colby’s ass for insertion, rimming his ass. It’s not long before Colby is riding Steven until his legs tire. Lucky for him, Steven takes over, bending Colby over by the window, fucking him intimately but he’s not quite done… because he finally lays Colby on his back, ramming his dick in deeper than before while stroking Colby’s cock simultaneously. Colby explodes all over himself and Steven cums all over Colby’s cock and balls as a parting gift.

Scene 4: Jack Hunter & Nic Sahara

Scene 4

This scene starts off with some passionate kissing so it’s already evident the chemistry here is going to be BOMB! Once they get each other out of their clothes, Jack sucks Nic’s cock and Nic shows his eagerness by thrusting his pelvis, pushing his dick back into Jack’s throat, which Jack takes with ease. Jack sucks passionately and stares up into Nic’s face because he is loving being admired for his work. Nic positions Jack on his knees, rimming his ass good, getting it nice and wet. He is then positioned onto his back while Nic gives his ass deep rhythmic strokes, holding his leg back into the air. Jack cums on himself and Nic sticks his tongue out for a taste, slurping up Jack’s juices before dropping his very own splooge into Jack’s mouth.

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