Drilled is the new EXCLUSIVE from cock connoisseur and foot-lover, Trenton Ducati, featuring four vignettes of hot sex with a few veterans and some sexy up-and-cummers under the lustful eye of director Trenton Ducati who also features in the final scene.

Scene 1 - Arad Winwin fucks Seth Santoro

We open on brick-shithouse incarnate Arad Winwin slowly stroking his cock until it's glazed with precum. One could easily land a Boeing aircraft on his chest and tight belly. He's fantasizing about stud Seth Santoro, clad in a leather harness with dollar bills shoved deep into his ass crack on the dance floor. Seth suddenly materializes out of thin air in a jock strap, ass cheeks pointed squarely at us, the viewer! Arad Winwin should join Captain Marvel when she saves The Avengers' ass next summer; clearly, he has amazing powers of teleportation. Seth gets on his knees and starts slobbering on Arad's engorged prick.


Seth swallows Arad's cock and gags a bit before cumming back up for a breath. Arad Winwin's beautiful bush is cut as close to the skin as is his beard. The gagging doesn't stop there as Seth deepthroats and reaches down to tug at his own piece pointing out of his jockstrap like an accusatory finger. Seth stands up and Arad's mouth is quickly on Seth's long dick. Arad's tattooed forearm and bulging bicep dominate the screen as his mouth lathers up Seth's cock with warm spit. Seth hops up onto the couch, ass pushed out. Seth is known to be one hell of a piano player in real life, but it's the trombone we're hearing in this scene, and Arad Winwin's playing it as he grabs Seth's stiff meat and shoves his hungry mouth into Seth Santoro's hole for a good tongue-fuck. Such sweet music for the ears! Arad uses his thumb to get Seth's hole to open up. Seth's ass cheeks are spread nicely while Arad fights to get his tongue deep inside.


Seth gets on his feet but leans against the couch as Arad pushes his hard pole into Seth's hole, lubed by spit. Arad fucks Seth doggystyle, dragging the moans out of him as we get a close up of Arad's cock tenderizing Seth Santoro's asshole. Arad Winwin and Seth have a gorgeous view of the park down below as they methodically fuck in front of the open window. Seth turns on his back and raises his legs high to let Arad in missionary style while Arad clutches onto Seth's bulging pecs. Soon, Seth Santoro can't help himself any longer and CUMS all over his own furry belly as Arad Winwin pulls his prick while he fucks his Seth's ass. Then it's Arad's turn to BLOW, and blow he does, shooting up onto Seth's hard chest with perfect precision. Teleportation, perfect Hawkeye-like aim, Arad Winwin is the real fucking deal. It's a cliche now, but still true: not all heroes wear capes!

Scene 2 - An Armond Rizzo spitroast courtesy of Alejandro Castle & Ken Smith

Next, we drop in on Armond Rizzo kissing and feeling up fresh, new faces Alejandro Castle and Ken Smith, clad only in white bathrobes until their cocks slip out. Armond gets his tight ass munched on by sloppy eater Ken Smith while he smacks his lips around Alejandro's hard cock. Ken strokes his thick meat while trying to shove his face up Armond Rizzo's asshole. Good thing summer's not over yet; this will really put you in the mood for one more BBQ.


Armond keeps his lips wrapped around Alejandro's dick while Ken hops up on the couch to get his piece deep inside Armond. Armond's muffled moans let you know that taking Ken Smith's cock in your ass is no easy feat as he lets Alejandro's dick fall out of his wet mouth to catch is breath. A close-up penetration shot from behind shows you how much Armond is getting stretched. He can take a huge cock, but that's why he's Armond Rizzo and we're not. Armond pivots his body to let Alejandro's beautiful dick inside and he take's Ken's meat into his mouth fresh out of his own asshole. Armond's tight ass still has some trouble accommodating Alejandro's wood, but he's a fucking super trooper and finds his balance. Just like riding a bike!


Armond takes the spitroast vertical, as he arches his back to sit on Ken Smith's dick and takes Alejandro back into his mouth. Anyone who risks a visit to the chiropractor to take two dicks in his holes is in the league of Mother Teresa or Tony Soprano in my book. Great close-ups of Ken's cock again as Armond goes sitting bull while still slurpring on Alejandro Castle above him. Armond slides off and gets on his knees on the couch while Alejandro beats off. Armond takes Ken's cock back into his lips as Alejandro gets ready to blow his load, but it's Ken Smith who loses control first and shoots a big white load in Armond's mouth, covering his lips and chin in cum. Alejandro wants to hit the same target and jerks off into Armond's open mouth. Armond Rizzo cums all over his own uncut cock, and Alejandro and Ken move in for a deep, shared the salty kiss with Armond Rizzo.

Scene 3 - Arad Winwin face fucks Danny Gunn

Coverboy Arad Winwin and his beautiful brown eyes returns for another scene with the sexy and tattooed, baby-faced Danny Gunn. Danny pulls out Arad's dick from his blue jeans and slurps on Arad's piece with some deep-throating and tightly shot Danny Gunn face fuck that's more poetic than any Shakespearean sonnet. Arad Winwin's massive pecs bulge and have a life of their own while Danny swallows his hard meat. Danny Gunn puts his nose between Arad's balls and sucks. Arad slaps him in the cheeks with his cock and gets Danny on his back


Arad Winwin sucks off Danny Gunn, going back and forth between his shaft, balls, and lips. A lot of innocent spit was lost in the making of this sex scene! Call your Congressman now! Arad concentrates his wet lips mostly on Danny Gunn's bulging cock head. Arad reaches up and sticks his fingers deep into his mouth. Arad eagerly flips Danny Gunn onto his belly to slap his ass and plays with his hole. Arad gets two fingers deep, driving Danny Gunn crazy while keeping the outside of Danny's hungry hole moist with his lips. There's plenty of room in Danny Gunn's hole for all of Arad's moving parts. "Does that hole taste good?" Danny asks Arad. Fuck yeah it does!


Arad finishes with loosening up Danny's hole and takes him from behind while snapping some video from his phone that would make Jennifer Lawrence proud! He places his camera under his balls and we get some amazing close-ups of Danny Gunn being fucked hard by Arad Winwin's beautifully tight and tan-lined torso. Arad slaps Danny's ass as we get so close to their action that we can probably taste it. The condom on Arad's cock sings that wet song that sounds like a hard dick reaming a tight asshole. Arad keeps fucking Danny until he can take it no longer. So close, Danny starts to feel himself cum, while Arad quickly pulls out and yanks his shaft, cumming in unison with Danny all over his belly, cock, and pink balls. Now that's what teamwork looks like guys! Arad knows this and rewards Danny Gunn by taking his fingers and feeding Danny that warm cum that is now covering his torso.

Scene 4 - Trenton Ducati fucks Robby Caruso

Beefy Trenton Ducati should never wear clothes, ever. Thankfully, the final scene starts with him naked, and showering outdoors with sexy twink Robby Caruso. Robby soaps up Trenton's meaty chest before getting down to his knees and taking Trenton's big dick deep into his throat. "Keep soaping me," Trenton commands. Well yes, sir. Trenton grabs Robby's hand and takes his wet fingers into his mouth, sucking them off while Robby sucks Trenton. Robby sticks his wet tongue out and Trenton grabs his by the back of the neck and pushes his dick deeper into his mouth. Trenton turns off the shower and pushes Robby up against the shower wall. Trenton orders him to push his ass out and starts fingering Robby's wet asshole.


Robby spreads his ass with his hand to allow easier access for Trenton to loosen up his hole as he readies it for his waiting cock. Trenton gets two fingers deep inside his anal cavity, easing the route and searching for his prostate. Robby moans heavily, but a few quick slaps on his beautiful pale ass really get him in the mood for more. "Please spank me!" Robby Caruso begs Trenton Ducati. "I like how your ass turns red," Trenton beams. Now it's time to get fucked hard.


We move to a bedroom, where Robby Caruso now sits on Trenton's hard cock, riding him slow but steady, and deep. Trenton Ducati's big dick looks as though as if could break Robby in two if there's just one wrong move, so Robby continues to ride him steadily before picking up the pace as Trenton plugs his hole. Robby's moans are a little bit pained, but he rides faster. Trenton puts his hand under an ass cheek and helps guide Robby, before thrusting his hips upward and pounding the living shit out of that hole.

Robby's a great bottom; his dick is rock hard as his hole gets pounded. We switch to Trenton Ducati fucking Robby Caruso doggystyle, trying to find the right spot to go with and pick up the rhythm. Trenton fucks slowly again at first, listening to Robby's moans to signal him. Robby gets down to his stomach to allow Trenton to press his hard body closer and to fuck him deeper. Trenton goes in jackhammer mode and reams Robby for all his hole is worth. Robby then gets on his back and lifts his leg high as Trenton fucks him missionary style. Robby's dick is still as hard as a plank, so he tugs at it while he gets fucked. Trenton pulls out and commands, "Suck the cum out of my cock!" Robby does as he is told. "That a boy!" Trenton cheers. Robby keeps his mouth open wide as Trenton slides his cock in as deep as possible to shoot his load. Robby jacks his cock eagerly anticipating Trenton's cum. Trenton feels his load coming on, and pulls his cock out of Robby's mouth and strokes. Robby does the same to his own meat as Trenton blows a big load all over Robby's chest. "Jerk your cock! Cum for me!" Trenton commands Robby. Robby moans loudly and blows ropes of cum all over his belly. "Squeeze it all out!" Trenton commands" And boy does he.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm still in the mood for a BBQ. Summer isn't over yet!

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