Tyler Saint's roving hands are back in the 14th volume of the Massage Bait series from DriveShaft, available exclusively right here on GayHotMovies. Tyler has strong hands and a torso like a tank; he's no stranger to the massage table and various kinks. This super stud is a pro when it comes to erotic and sensual massage. He also makes appearances in DriveShaft's amazing Gay Casting Couch series. Mr. Saint understands how to make a model feel relaxed... before getting them to blow their warm loads in record amounts! Tyler takes his time to make his scene partners feel a slow intensity with his firm, powerful hands, and various other body parts. Watching his palms and fingertips ice skate around tanned, oiled bodies will make your loins ache in the best possible way. Let's take a closer look at Massage Bait #14.

No. 1 - Tyler Saint with Luke Milan


Luke Milan is preparing for a massage, setting up the candles before removing his tight white tank. He grabs some oil and lathers up his lean, smooth abdomen and torso. He strips down to a pair of tighty-whities sporting a beautiful bulge, and then that big dick comes out to get for some much-needed oxygen. Luke Milan is a beauty and has a slight resemblance to Hollywood stud Chris Pine. While we won't see the real Chris Pine nude or oiled up here, we do get to watch Luke oil up his thighs and belly, his body now gleaming with an oily sheen. He lies down on the massage table on his back, spreads his legs, and gently begins to tug at his dick, slowly getting thicker with blood. Tyler Saint appears into the frame like a sexual phantom and kisses Luke before spreading his hands over Luke's oily torso. Tyler's fingers slide to Luke's trembling thighs, while he cups Luke's hard cock and squeezes. The tip of Tyler's wet tongue is soon sliding along Luke's shaft to his bulging head, and then back to the balls. What's better than a hand massage? A tongue massage on your cock, and Tyler knows how to utilize every part of his anatomy to bring pleasure! After Mr. Saint is finished playing with Luke cock like a harmonica, he places his lips around the head and slowly takes the length of the shaft into his mouth. Luke Milan's cock only thicker, so Tyler squeezes it at the base as he inhales that dick. We get amazing close-ups of Tyler fingering Luke's hardening nipple as he sucks, and Tyler Saint's huge chest hovers over the more lithe Luke and nearly swallows the entire frame as Tyler's hungry lips swallow Luke's shaft.


Tyler leans in for a deep kiss as his hands pivot back to Luke's chest. Luke gets on his belly so Tyler's hands can slide down Luke's back for easy access to his waiting ass cheeks. Tyler takes his time as his fingers grind into Luke Milan's hot butt. Tyler's fingers and thumb reach into his oiled crack to make brief contact, teasing Luke, and teasing us about what precious treats await in between Luke Milan's oiled ass cheeks. Tyler's palms grind into the top of Luke's thighs, exposing his plump, pink ballsack and then Tyler spreads Luke's cheeks wide, giving us a perfect glimpse of a slightly gaping entrance to the palace of delights. Luke Milan's hole looks hungry. And now so are we! Tyler presses his thumbs on the surface of Luke's throbbing brown eye before sliding back down to his upper thighs. Tyler can no longer help himself, and dives nose-deep in Luke Milan's ass, licking, lapping, and sucking on his asshole. Tyler Saint rims Luke Milan as if it was his only source of oxygen. Mr. Saint gets cheek-to-cheek deep into Luke's anal canal. Great close-ups as now, it's Tyler's massive shoulder muscles that consume the frame with his greedy mouth. Tyler Saint is a CHAMPION ass-rimmer, hands down, or in this case, hands-on Luke Milan's tight butt cheeks. Once Mr. Saint laps up and licks off the last bit of oil on Luke's ass, he climbs on Luke Milan on the massage table and enters him doggystyle.


Luke moans softly as Tyler gently pounds and probes his asshole with his thick meat. Tyler keeps it gentle before he finds his rhythm. When Tyler Saint fucks a hole, he takes his time to find that special spot, making his bottom as comfortable as possible as Tyler fucks Luke with increasing intensity and we can hear the smacking sound of Tyler Saint's tight torso pounding against Luke's lower back and ass cheeks. Luke wants it deeper so he pushes his ass out and into Tyler's hard dick. Tyler squeezes Luke's ass to pull it apart so we can see that thick condomed cock sliding in and out of that tight hole that Luke Milan is letting Tyler's cock call home. Luke Milan is an impressive bottom, as Tyler Saint's dick is QUITE thick. His moans remain soft, and controlled. It's big dick, but he's loving it, accommodating it, consuming it... quite well. Tyler flips on his back to let Luke Milan ride him sitting bull. Luke Milan begins to sweat as his moans increased as he bounces up and down on that big meat stick. We get really close to Luke Milan's ass being probed by Tyler's shaft, so close we can smell the warm oil and back sweat that drips down on Tyler Saint's big ball sack full of cum. Luke Milan tugs his cock as he rides. Luke gets turns on his back again and raises his legs to give Tyler Saint easy access to loosen his hole. Luke has a large cock too, and his balls are quickly filling with cum, and as Tyler reaches for his cock and strokes him, it's almost too much for Luke Milan to take. Tyler lets go to allow Luke to pull his dick and maintain control of his cumshot, but his balls bursts and he shoots a thick load onto his own belly. Tyler pulls his condom off and steps around the table to shoot a huge load of cum all over Luke Milan's smooth chest. Seems to me Luke Milan is one happy customer thanks to the magic hands of sex-god Tyler Saint. I hope he tipped well!

No. 2 - Tyler Saint with Boston Miles


The camera leers over the battleship that is Tyler Saint while he sunbathes on a roof deck. The taste of Luke Milan's asshole is still on lips so he reaches for some sliced strawberries to use as a palate cleanser to get ready for stud Boston Miles. Boston Miles arrives on time in a pair of shades and throws his bag down on the floor. He goes up to the deck to greet his waiting masseuse with a kiss. Boston lounges back up against Tyler in between his legs and Tyler Saint wastes no time in opening his shirt and running his hands along Boston's bare chest. Tyler's fingers start at the shoulders and snake their way down to Boston's belly and growing bulge behind his slacks. Tyler unbuckles Boston's belt... our gaze front and center!


Tyler leads him to the table where Boston gets flat on his back so Tyler is able to peel off his underwear and throw them aside. Tyler oils up Boston, starting at his chest and belly, along his tanline where Boston's semi-erect dick twitches and fills with blood as Tyler Saint's hands get closer. The camera zooms in and follows Tyler's hands. They leave a glistening sheen of oil as his fingers edge closer to Boston's dick tight ballsack. Boston's pubic hair is trimmed, and upper thighs are slightly furry. Boston Mile's cock straightens and quickly gets engorged just as Tyler uses both his hands to stroke his hard cock. Tyler then runs his tongue along the glazed dick, before slurping it into his mouth and swallowing. Boston has a big dick head, and Tyler keeps his lips planted firmly there, before pushing his head down quickly and eating Boston's entire shaft, fitting it all down into his throat with nose planted firmly in Boston's balls. Boston tires to control his moans as his erection is now out of control thanks to Tyler's wet mouth.


Tyler and Boston get on their knees on the massage table to kiss and stroke each other's cocks. Boston Miles sucks Tyler dick showing quite the voracious appetite for Mr. Sain't thick appendage. Tyler leans back and pushes out his huge chest as Boston sucks. The camera zooms back so we can see Boston Mile's white ass, his legs are spread out, balls hanging and pink hole in view. Tyler Saint fucks Boston Miles doggy style next. Now his moans are quite loud. Tyler Saint's thick cock is spreading Boston's plump ass cheeks up nicely as his asshole gets loosened. Boston leans on his belly to give Tyler more room> He pounds that ass harder with all of the energy of that bustling city skyline behind him. The camera moves in and lingers with close-ups of Tyler pumping in and out of Boston's pillowy ass. From behind we see Tyler's rock hard ass, and oil dripping from Boson's hole and leaving his pink balls with a glaze of lube and massage oil. Boston gets on his back and lifts his legs to get Tyler Saint deeper access into his cock-starved asshole. Boston Miles pushes Tyler Saint onto his back and rides his dick sitting bull while tugging at his own meat. Boston moves his ass slowly, taking the entire length of Tyler's shaft slowly in and out of his hole. Tyler's condomed cock is slick from the oil on Boston Mile's body. Boston can't take much more so he hops off and jerks off with Tyler. He suddenly shoots and cum flies all over Tyler's long shaft. Tyler continues jerking, using the warm load from Boston's testicles and blows a wad all over himself.

No. 3 - Tyler Saint with Jordan White


Jordan White steps into frame shirtless and stretching his small, but rounded shoulders. He unbuckles his belt and slips off his jeans to show a pair of beautiful grey briefs squeezing his sexy butt cheeks. The camera zooms in between his ass cheeks in those briefs and travels up his lean back, mapping the journey that Tyler Saint's fingers and wet tongue will soon be taking as we watch. Jordan turns to sit on the table giving us a wonderful view of his beautiful thighs and waiting bulge behind those grey briefs. They won't be on much longer. Reaching for the sky in a long stretch, showing off the dark patches of hair in his musky pits, Tyler Saint steps into frame wearing only a smile and white gym shorts. Tyler goes behind Jordan, who is still sitting up, and starts at his sore shoulders, and then pulls his arm up and rubs his torso and belly, giving us close-up views of this handsome man's hairy pits. Tyler gets on his knees to grind his hands into Jordan's aching upper thighs. Tyler and Jordan hop on to their feet and this time Tyler Saint switches it up a bit. Tyler sits on the massage table and lets Jordan White come around from the back to grope and grind his palms in and around Tyler's bouldered shoulders and submarine chest. Jordan White absolutely needs to get his hands on Tyler Saint and feel that body for himself. Jordan plants small, tender kisses on Tyler's face and neck as he gropes.


The white gym shorts come off and Tyler Saint is on his back letting Jordan White rub his chest and play with his hard cock. Jordan digs his thumbs into Tyler's belly, engorging Tyler's erection with more blood, getting it to poke upright and begging to be sucked, fucked, and consumed. The camera pans close as Jordan White jerks off Tyler Saint, and then Jordan hops up onto the table on his knees to get a bigger grip on that big cock and it quickly ends up in his mouth. Jordan holds the base tightly and sucks, his own cock in the background of the shot hard as a rock. Tyler moans quietly, as if he's hungry and he is. They switch to a 69, giving Tyler access to suck on Jordan White's dick before Jordan pushes his ass closer allowing Tyler to feast on his hole. Great shot of their 69 as we're able to see both Tyler Saint's meat and Jordan's hole slobbered and sucked on simultaneously.


Tyler has had his fill of Jordan White's asshole, so Tyler leans back and lets Jordan sit on his hard pole for some cock riding. Jordan's tight abs and lower back muscles take control and allow him to ride Tyler's aching manhood easily. Jordan comes in for a deep, long kiss as he opens his hole for Tyler's cock. Not a single inch is spared as is Jordan White is able to accommodate all of Tyler Saint's meat. The gaze turns to Jordan's back as we get an up close and personal view of his asshole being spread. Tyler coaxes Jordan to get on his knees to get fucked from behind. This is the position that Jordan seems to have the most trouble with. It looks like Tyler's meat might break him at any moment, so Tyler turns him to his back, and gently lifts his legs to probe him missionary style. Jordan tugs at his cock and is about to explode. Tyler pulls out, no longer able to contain himself, and shoots a warm load all over Jordan's chest and hard nipples. Jordan is relieved now that he can finally blow and relieve that pressure in his balls. Jordan cums a few wads of load all over his lower belly.

No. 4 - Tyler Saint with Shane Frost


Shane Frost is bare-chested in his kitchen slicing some fruit when he's greeted by Tyler Saint clad in only those white gym shorts. Shane pops a sliced orange in Tyler's mouth and Tyler sucks the juice. He puts his hands on Shane's shoulders and reaches around to pinch and play with his pierced nipple. Tyler kisses his neck while he gropes his lover, preparing him for what's to come. Tyler gets on his knees to lick Shane from belly to chest and then pulls off Shane's shorts to get that veiny cock deep into his mouth. Tyler strokes and sucks Shane slowly at first, getting the air circulating and the blood pumping. Tyler squeezes the piece of fruit still in his fingers to let the citric acid drip onto Shane Frost's hard cock before sucking the juice off.


Tyler takes Shane Frost into his arms and carries him to the massage table. Shane sits up and leans back into Tyler behind him. Tyler holds his arms up, showing the wisps of blonde hair waiting in that juicy armpit. Shane then leans back on the massage table as Tyler takes his arms and gives him a good stretch. Tyler then does the same for his upper thighs, stretching Shane's quads and hamstrings to get him loose for the ass thumping his body's about to endure shortly. The camera lingers on Shane Frost and his balls waiting in between his ass cheeks, with Tyler Saint staring hungrily from above. Tyler grabs the oil and squirts it all around Shane's torso and thighs. Tyler rubs the oil in deep and hard with his palms, mostly focusing on Shane's big pecs and pierced nipples. His palms then slide down towards Shane's tight belly and penis. Shane's dick isn't hard yet, so Tyler palms some more oil and decides to oil his own hard chest before his fingers find their way deep into Shane Frost's upper thighs, his blonde fuzzy cock in the frame, moving, twitching, and filling with blood. Tyler's nipples are solid and ROCK HARD as he gropes Shane Frost. There's really something about this body that Tyler Saint LOVES. Tyler takes Shane's dick into his palm, squeezes, and gently jerks him off into full erection. But Tyler Saint needs a hole in his mouth. Tyler pushes Shane's legs back and our gaze zooms in as Tyler Saint's big tongue lathers Shane's hole with spit for lubrication before Tyler really digs in and tongue fucks him. Shane Frost's tiny pink hole gapes, and if it were possible Tyler Saint would stick his head in and the camera would surely follow (if only... sad face!). Tyler sucks and smacks his lips around the aching hole, lubing it some more with spit, and rubbing his finger gently around it. It's almost time for that Tyler Saint dick to get in and scrape that colon.


Tyler holes up Shane's ankles right above those beautifully muscled calves and slowly probes him with his condomed dick. Shane Frost moans like an aching whisper as he feels Tyler's cock slide in and out of him. Tyler leans in and pushes in deeper, desperate to find Shane's prostate, and as Shane's moans change in pitch and cadence, it seems that Mr. Saint has found Shane Frost's Innerspace with that big cock head of his. Shane Frost jerks his cock furiously as Tyler destroys his hole. A great close-up of Shane's balls expanding as the cum backs up in his nut sack from jerking his own cock. He's close, and Tyler Saint is destroying that prostate! Shane grabs his balls and pulls them up to give a better view of his butt being broken by Tyler's cock sliding in and out. Then Tyler Saint fucks Shane Frost doggy style to finish him off in spectacular fashion. Shane arches his back to give Tyler the deepest access he can possibly reach but Shane can only stand it for so long. They switch again, this time Shane Frost sits on Tyler Saint's cock and bounces up and down while Tyler reaches over and jerks Shane off. Shane lets Tyler's dick slip out and pulls on his cock until he shoots a load all over Tyler Saint's chest. Our gaze zooms in on Tyler jerking his hard dick and we get a great close-up of a Tyler Saint cumshot. His load sputters all over, and including reaching his own chin. We end on a perfect note: Shane Frost and Tyler Saint sharing a salty, cum covered deep kiss!

Massage Bait is another great showcase for Tyler Saint and the amazing and sexy work he does with DriveShaft. His strong hands and upper body were made for sensual massage, and his massive thick cock going in and out of a mouth or butt is a sight to behold. Tyler clearly loves erotic massage, and no body part (or cavity) are missed. He spends a perfect amount of time admiring his bottom's asscheeks and hungry hole as he does soothing their sore chest and shoulders with his fingers. The Massage Bait series will be sure to have you running out the door to become either a professional sensual masseuse or maybe a proctologist. It seems as long as Tyler Saint continues to be the showcase in this series, every entry's going to be a winner!

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