There are so many things that can be said for the 1970’s. The cost of living was DEFINITELY cheaper, people weren’t as crazy as they are now, house parties were always jumpin’ and much like the 60’s people were getting more comfortable with their sexuality. But it was also a time when the porn industry pushed the boundaries of kink to an entirely new level much like those in the L.G.B.T.Q. communities. There were more people “coming out of the closet” than ever before. Which meant this brought attention to our plights - which in turn motivated people to speak up on our behalf where our Civil Rights were concerned. But the porn and from that time? MAN!!! Where do I start?! At the risk of sounding like an old fart: they just don’t make porn like they used to back in the day! Just mentioning the subject of Classic Porn gets me all riled up and feeling some type of way. This was also a time where although Spas and Bath Houses were being closed down; we still had movie theaters dedicated to letting us convene, watch a skin-flick or two and maybe even get a little interactive with the “floor show” in the local Gayborhood! Now that was a decade I wish I could go back to.

Mens-Room-Bathroom Mens-Room-Toilet

However, it absolutely sucks when you want to reminisce by watching a classic and you have to put up with the tint being waaay off, blurriness, fuzzy lines all throughout the scene and those famous blank spots right? The sharpness and crispness of HD-TV and 4K, among a host of other streaming options (sans the buffering issues when your WIFI speed just doesn't cut it) is a modern marvel that has completely change the game of visual entertainment for us! There are times when a studio decides to re-release a project after it's been digitally re-mastered; but in your mind you're thinking: "HA! You may have tried your best; but I'm gonna stick to the modern movie experience". Trust me I definitely understand but Vinegar Syndrome has risen to the occasion (I know, I couldn't resist) and re-mastered the HELL out of the raunchy classic skin-flick from 1977 Men's Room. I honestly couldn't believe it was the same movie once I started to watch it and had to do a double-take before it finally sank it that this is indeed one and the same. Still don’t believe me? Keep reading and THEN tell me what you think.

Scene One - Danny Robb & Shannon

Men's Room revolves around a very cute, but square cop named Jim becomes increasingly vexed when he has to patrol his beat...which happens to be the local park where gay men congregate and perform lewd and lascivious acts in the men's bathroom. Although empty at that time, he surveys the bathroom with disdain before going to meet his girlfriend, Jeanne. While leaving, a sexy blonde-haired park-goer whistles in appreciation which infuriates Jim even further. A slightly curious brunette newcummer strolls into the bathroom mere seconds after the peculiar exchange happens with his dildo and magazine rolled up into a towel. He picks a stall, makes himself comfy with his magazine in one hand and his dick in the other. Putting the magazine away to grab the dildo and gets ready to cram it down his cock hungry gullet when the obviously horny sun-bather asks if he could be of some assistance. Even though he’s a little shocked and drops the dildo, the meat whacker quickly takes him up on his offer by opening wide to receive a face fucking before he stands to give one of his own. The fallacious encounter turned him on so much, he couldn't help but to blow a load all over the greedy blonde’s cool Aviator shades!

Mens-Room Mens-Room

Scene Two - Craig Roberts, James Scott, & Scott Heath

Scene two picks up seamlessly where the first one ends when a tall, dark, bearded stud sashays in the Men’s Room gripping his cock and ready for action. He gives the cock hungry couple from scene one the "eye" before strutting over to the sinks. The fallacious fellows decide to take the fun back to the house! Alone and disappointed, bearded Daddy doesn't have to wait too long before he gets the chance to put that long tongue and glory hole to use. While giving a BJ an equally tall, dark and sexy stranger before Craig Roberts announces from the next stall that he "wants some of that action". He quickly strips down to his birthday suit and joins the party to make it a three way knob-slob and meat whack session that ends with them laying on the floor covered in sticky spunk.

Mens-Room Mens-Room

Scene Three - Shannon & Danny Robb

Once back at the apartment, the sexy blonde tries to convey that he likes the interior decorating of apartment, but the eager top shuts him up with a sensual kiss. The horny pair kiss and grope each other as they move the fun to the bedroom where they suck each other off in the 69 position before the lusty brunette teases his intended bottom’s tanned ass before he slams into the tight fuck-hole and drills bareback, deep in doggy and missionary positions. Next, the bottom's ass is stretched even further with an inflatable dildo which has to be quite enjoyable judging by the moans of pleasure the blonde bottom gives. The soft "Oooohs" and "Aaaaaahs" must drive Shannon over the edge while jerking his own cock because he blankets the bottom’s stomach in a shower of ball batter.

Mens-Room Mens-Room

Scene Four - Craig Roberts, Dave Daniels, James Scott, Danny Robb, Scott Heath, & Shannon

Jim just couldn't shake his anger about what men do in that particular bathroom. Especially after some of the men ridiculed him earlier about his infuriating prudish girlfriend. He doubles back only to find Craig Roberts, James Scott and Scott Heath sucking each other off and spewing spunk. With his gun raised, he screams derogatory epithets at the men when Danny and Shannon jump him from behind to disarm him. Once subdued, Jim is at this group's tender mercy when they decide to teach him a lesson. After ripping his clothes off, they feed Jim their cocks in a blow-bang fashion while taking turns with his virgin ass! You know the saying "He who protests too much"? Well, come to find out Jim actually LIKES choking down a fat cock and getting his ass spread like butter! After the guys have used him like a cheap whore, he's handcuffed to the sink and left there as the final act of humiliation. Just when you start to feel sad for the uptight fucker, one of the guys circles back to let him go. After a brief tete-a-tete Jim realizes that he's not happy with the life choices he's made. He denounces his job and I guess leaves his girlfriend - and he vows not to give the men a hard time...unless it involves a hard cock reaming his soft and newly broken in ass.

Mens-Room Mens-Room

Vinegar Syndrome has done an excellent job with restoring this project. No longer do you have to use your surprisingly filthy mind to fill in the raunchy tidbits you couldn't make out before. This studio has made sure that if you are still using your imagination - it because of everything you DO see!

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