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Gentlemen's Closet and director Trenton Ducati bring you some SHEER pleasure in Studs And Stockings. Featuring four scenes and eight models indulging in pantyhose play, toe-sucking, and the search to satisfy the craving for an engorged cock-head caught behind sheer nylons waiting to be released! There's a plethora of nylon-play here as our models go through more than one wardrobe change for each scene. So pull up your garters, and get ready for fishnets, knee-high socks, and hungry assholes softer than velvet with the musky scents of men in nylon and the silk-clad feel of sweaty feet against throbbing hard dicks.

Scene No. 1: Trenton Ducati TOPS Addison Blue

Trenton Ducati steps to a well-dressed Addison Blue waiting patiently, with his long legs outstretched out on the futon. Trenton squeezes his stiffening bulge behind his small briefs and reaches for Addison's legs and gropes them through his slacks. Trenton opens his mouth and sucks on the tip of Addison's gleaming dress shoe, getting it slick with spit. He slips the shoe off and tosses it aside. Addison is wearing purple nylons. Trenton bites into Addison's foot and sucks on his toes through the nylon. Trenton reaches down and slips off Addison's other shoe and removes Addison's purple stockings and lifts his muscled leg to stick his nylon-covered toes into Addison's mouth. The boys suck greedily at each other's toes until Addison uses his bare foot to prod and poke at the bulge getting ready to explode out of Trenton's tight briefs.


Trenton uses Addison's purple nylon as a glove and shoves his fingers into Addison's mouth. Addison sucks Trenton's fingers and allows Trenton to remove his slacks, revealing a sheer pair of white nylons cradling Addison's stiff dick. Trenton grabs and squeezes the wood behind the sheer panties and sticks his nylon-covered fingers back into Addison's hungry mouth. Trenton then takes Addison's hard, uncut meat into his mouth, slurping and chewing on the foreskin a bit, before lifting Addison's thighs and sticking his lips onto Addison's tender, pink hole to chow down and loosen him up for Trenton's cock. Addison lifts his feet to scrape his bare heels over Trenton Ducati's big fuck-stick hiding behind his sheer black pantyhose. Addison gets up on his knees and takes that dick into his warm, wet mouth hole. The camera zooms in on Addison Blue's pink hole as Trenton spreads his cheeks apart. Trenton Ducati then sticks his dick into Addison's mouth and fucks his face.


Addison gets up on his knees and offers his winking asshole to Trenton. Trenton lubes the trembling hole with his fingers before slipping a condom on and penetrating Addison Blue doggy style. Addison is clad only in a pair of sheer ankle-high socks. Great penetration shots from behind as we get an up-close and personal view of Trenton Ducati's gyrating ass pounding in and out of Addison Blue's hungry hole. Addison then sits on Trenton Ducati's cock and lets Trenton pump in and out with his engorged meat. Trenton's looking damn fancy, wearing only a pair of sheer purple ankle-high socks as Addison Blue twists and turns to grind his asshole deeper into Trenton Ducati's cock. Addison gets some momentum on Trenton's dick and bounces quite high, giving Trenton a big "I'm getting fucked like a boss" kind of grin. Then, Addison has his back on the bed with his legs spread as Trenton pushes his dick in and out missionary style showing off another great penetration shot. Addison jacks his meat as Trenton finds his rhythm in and out of Addison's insides. Trenton grabs Addison by the thighs to lift him higher and plows him with Addison's sock covered calves resting on Trenton's shoulders. Trenton pulls out quickly tugging on his dick, ready to CUM. Trenton jerks his big dick and BLOWS a huge load all over Addison Blue's face and open mouth. Addison takes Trenton's dickhead into his lips to clean up the cock and jerks himself off until he shoots a warm, sticky load into his hand.


Scene No. 2: Danny Gunn TOPS Carlos Ventura

Tattooed and slim twink Danny Gunn is on his knees licking the shoe of daddy Carlos Ventura, who is still fully dressed in business attire. Danny is wearing only a blindfold and fishnet underwear that cling oh-so-nicely to his tight ass cheeks. Danny lifts Carlos' slacks to show his ankles behind the stockings Carlos is wearing. Danny hungrily licks and sucks the top of Carlos' shoe and moves to the nylon on Carlos' ankles. Carlos Venture squeezes his warm bulge behind his slacks while Danny Gunn uses his mouth to wet his feet. The shoes have now come off and Danny is sucking on Carlos' sweaty toes. Danny pulls Carlos' slacks past his calf and runs his hands along the stocking cover Carlos' ankle and foot. A great view of Danny's ass is caught in those fishnets underwear and a sheer thong while he writhes around on the floor fucking Carlos' toes and feet with his tongue. Danny lifts both of Carlos' stocking covered feet and holds them to his face... inhaling slowly. And deeply. Carlos has been marinating those feet in sweat ALL DAY long.


Danny and Carlos are on the couch, each one holding on to the other one's leg and sniffing, inhaling, and sucking on each other's wiggling toes. Their legs are spread and we can see full erections waiting to burst out of their seams. Most of the clothes soon come off and we see Danny and Carlos are lip locked and both clad in only colored pantyhose. Danny Gunn is on top of Carlos Venture, kissing deeply, and being felt up. Carlos is running his hands over Danny's beautiful ass through the stockings. Danny Gunn presses himself closer into Carlos, and then gets on his knees to give Carlos Venture open access to his starved asshole Danny Gunn leaves the purple nylons on but that doesn't stop Carlos from pressing his tongue into the sheer fabric. Carlos grabs Danny by the top of the nylon at his waist and presses his face and mouth deeply between Danny Gunn's ass cheeks. The stockings aren't a barrier for Carlos' tongue, but an encouragement, an invitation! Carlos motorboats his face deep into Danny's ass and in no time Carlos Venture's daddy beard is covered in Danny's ass sweat.


Danny Gunn stands up, his big erection poking through his purple nylons. Carlos can't contain himself, and his mouth is all over the nylons, wetting and sucking on the cock. Carlos takes his time blowing Danny Gunn through the purple nylons before his dick comes out for air. Carlos soon gets the full cock in his mouth, but now its time to get fucked. Carlos gets on his back and eagerly lets Danny Gunn penetrate his hole missionary style. Carlos' long legs are covered in tight purple nylons, which he holds up high with his hands as Danny pokes his cock around in Carlos'anal cavity. We move behind and get a tantalizing view of Danny Gunn's white thighs and legs clad in a red garter and stockings pounding onto Carlos' tight asshole. Carlos' bouncing balls are in full view as he gets fucked, and they're red, swollen, and filled with CUM that needs to get out. Carlos turns to get fucked doggy style. We see Danny's stiff dick slide BAREBACK in and out of Carlos' trimmed asshole in what looks like one hell of a TIGHT fit. Carlos and his hole make room for Danny's pounding prick, and he gets FUCKED hard. Carlos soon gets back on his back missionary style and Danny Gunn is about to BLOW. Danny moans and pulls out and shoots a thick, warm load all over Carlos Venture's bulbous ball sack.


Scene No. 3: Manuel Skye TOPS Timothy Drake

Delectable daddy Manuel Skye waits on the futon clad in knee-high stockings, playing with a tie around his bare neck. Timothy Drake is a tattooed and hungry little twink in fishnets and he's craving Manuel's feet. Manuel wraps his tie around Timothy's slender neck and pulls him in for a deep kiss. Timothy grinds his pale belly against Manuel's bulge while they swap saliva. This sets off Manuel's own ravenous appetite for toes, so he forces Timothy onto his back and takes Timothy's feet in his mouth, sucking and savoring, and then rubs Timothy's heels across his stiffening crotch and back up to his chest. Soon, Manuel is on his feet and Timothy jumps in his arms to grind against Manuel while Timothy is held up off the floor. Timothy ends up back on his back with Manuel's tight, white Calvin Klein briefs in full view while he feeds little twink, Timothy Drake, his wrinkled tie. The tie soon becomes a gag, and Manuel Skye climbs on top of Timothy to grind hard into the stiff cock waiting behind his fishnets.


Manuel climbs on top of the futon to feed one sweaty foot into Timothy's mouth while the other massages his cock behind the opaque purple stockings he is now wearing. Manuel gropes and sucks on the stiff dick through the stockings, creating a big wet spot on the stockings where Timothy's cock and balls wait to be released. Manuel is now sporting a pair of tight red pantyhose while he pulls out Timothy's dick and slurps and slobbers the cock, sucking and deepthroating, coating his throat in Timothy's precum. Manuel lifts Timothy by the hips, pantyhose still clinging to his body, and sucks on his balls and throbbing pink hole through the sheer nylon. Eating hole through a pair of pantyhose is hardly a challenge for Manuel's thick, strong tongue. He finally pulls the pantyhose up past Timothy's thighs and wets the pink hole directly with his lips and tongue. Manuel then falls onto his back and pulls his hard dick out from his red pantyhose and jacks off while his ravenous twink presses his nose in between Manuel's sweaty balls before sucking them off and moving on to gagging on his thick cock.


After Timothy's blowjob, Timothy gets in doggy style position wearing black garters and red pantyhose. Manuel Skye slips on a condom and enters him slowly, clad in opaque stockings, and pounds methodically at first, trying to be gentle and loosen Timothy up before, you know, Manuel lets LOOSE! The camera moves in closer as we see Timothy being penetrated and pounded in his garters, with Manuel trying to find the right rhythm for his engorged erection to explore Timothy's insides. Manuel shifts his hips faster and picks up the pace as the young twink is able to accommodate the thick cock. Timothy switches to a sitting bull position, with his back to the camera as he rides Manuel Skye's meat, and we get a marvelous view of Manuel's balls. That thick sack looks tasty up close, and its clear that Manuel is a stud who needs to make sure he doesn't sit down "too quickly" in a chair with nuts like that. Timothy Drake is soon on the floor on his back getting fucked by Manuel while he tugs at his own cock, needing that CUM to relieve his balls that are now bursting at the seams with a load. Manuel fucks Timothy hard and Timothy is finally able to blow a big, warm load onto his belly and black garter. Manuel lets his big dick slip out and jerks off, blowing the biggest load in the film completely covering Timothy Drake from chin to cock in huge amounts of cum. Manuel certainly has the balls for it, and with balls that big your load is bound to get everywhere!


Scene No. 4 - Hans Berlin TOPS Brendan Patrick

Blonde Wunderkind Hans Berlin and daddy Brendan Patrick are on the couch locked in a tight embrace and swapping spit. German stud Hans is dressed in black briefs and red stockings while Brendan Patrick is in full office attire. Brendan sucks on Hans' toes while Hans feels himself up in his black briefs. Brendan unbuttons his slacks to give his erection some room to breathe, while Hans uses his stocking-covered feet to grind his heel into Brendan's cock and get it harder. Brendan sits back up and takes both feet back into his mouth, his erection and big thighs are ready to burst out of his tight slacks that may actually be painted on. Brendan unbuttons his dress shirt and Hans glides a big toe down his bare, hairy chest. Hans lets Brendan sit on his toes to get faux-toe fucked. Brendan turns to give Hans a better view of his ass clad in tight black garters. Brendan coos dreamily as Hans rubs his big feet over Brendan's muscular ass cheeks. Brendan quickly turns around on his back again and takes Hans' toes in his mouth to suck while Hans uses his other foot to prod Brendan's ass.


Hans is now in purple stockings slurping on Brendan's stiff dick through a pair of sheer black pantyhose. Hans skates his nose along Brendan's hairy thigh. Brendan's stockings are black, but we can still see his fur and hairy thighs under Hans' nose as he takes in Brendan's natural smells. Hans pulls out Brendan's cock and takes it into his mouth, reaching for his own dickhead still caught behind his pantyhose. Hans plays with it, tugs at it, feeling and squeezing it, while still sucking on Brendan's fuck-stick poking out of his pantyhose. Hans pulls the pantyhose back over Brendan's cock, creating a barrier for his mouth. He takes in the smell, a long deep inhale, and continues to suck on the shaft. Brendan ends up pulling down his stockings to give Hans easy access to slip his tongue in his asshole and rim him to get his furry hole ready to be fucked.


Hans Berlin fucks Brendan Patrick doggy style and BAREBACK, both men clad only in black garters. Brendan's moans are frantic and uncontrolled; Hans has a thick cock in there tearing up Brendan's insides in the best way possible. Hans pushes down on Brendan's lower back and lifts his hips to probe Brendan as deep as he possibly can. Nothing better than watching a big dick in garters pound a hole in an even tighter pair of garters. Hans and his thick, muscular frame fucks Brendan harder (the term brick-shithouse comes to mind). Brendan's taking the dick like a beast. Brendan then sits on Hans cock facing the camera and rides him slowly. His hole seems a bit sore in the new position, but Hans pumps upward and picks up the speed. Brendan Patrick's beautiful penis is ROCK HARD as he sits on Hans and gets pounded. And now we have the BEST CUM SHOT in the film. First Brendan pulls on his dick while cock riding, and not able to contain himself for long, he shoots all over himself while Hans continues to fuck. Now Hans is close. Hans pulls out of Brendan's sore asshole and jerks his big cock, his head still throbbing and sitting at the rim of Brendan's hole. Hans moans and a load starts to spurt out, dripping over Hans' cock. Hans thrusts his hips slightly upward, pushing his big German dick head back up into Brendan, feeding Brendan's hairy hole with a hot load and blowing most of the cum into Brendan Patrick's twitching sphincter. Now that's a fucking cumshot! Brendan's asshole is so grateful (and still hungry) that Brendan sits back on the dick to grind and to finish cleaning off Hans' cock.


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