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Twinky and the Bear 2 cover

A new collection of beloved classics get a XXX makeover in the Austin-directed Twinky and the Bear 2. Parodying iconic stories like The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh, Yogi the Bear, and more, this Manville Entertainment sequel is definitely for those who like their porn with a little personality—and if you are among this group of viewers, here are the three reasons why Twinky in the Bear 2 should be the next addition to your library.

1. Because We All Could Use Some Fun

Obviously, when it comes to watching men go at it like animals on screen, sexiness is a quality that we all like to see included. But Twinky and the Bear 2 reminds us that humor and sexiness can certainly co-exist.

Through the clever wordplay within the script (i.e. “The Bear Necessities”) of scene one’s re-interpretation of The Jungle Book, to the ways that Christian Matthews and Aarin Asker stay true to original voice talents of dynamic duo Yogi Bear and Boo Boo in scene three, Austin finds a way of fusing sex with the lighthearted and playful tones that the originals possess.

Twinky and the Bear 2, 1

Additionally, Austin’s close attention to the works that he pulls from is also an effective touch. Scene Two’s spin on the famous "Smokey the Bear" commercials are executed well, presenting the fuckdown as a vintage-styled PSA that is sure to bring on the nostalgia.

Twinky and the Bear 2, 2

2. The Sets and Costumes Also Bring It Home

In the first two scenes, our cum-exploding adventures go down literally in the middle of the woods, which help Twinky and the Bear 2 bring these stories to life even more. Unlike its predecessors, Scene Three’s set takes us away from real life into a backdrop that includes painted trees and butterfly puppets. Because the scene re-imagines an animated series with human actors, the set design of Scene Three is completely fitting, bringing a cartoon-like essence to a live action scene. In different ways, all three scenes help Twinky and the Bear 2 stay close to the stories that influenced it.

Twinky and the Bear 2 , 3Twinky and the Bear 2, 4

The same can be said for the costuming, exemplified by Alex Killborn's transformation to Christopher Knobbin, a real-life clone of Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh. For their roles as Yogay and Boo Boo, Christian and Aarin don lime green and blue ties, an obvious nod to the characters they are paying homage to.

Twinky and the Bear 2, 5

3. Things Do Get Sexy

Despite the more humorous and bright feeling that Twinky and the Bear 2 evokes, it is a porno at the end of the day and there are moments that remind viewers of the fact. Whether it’s the effortless way that Damon Andros dominates Ian Levine's twinky hole in the second scene, or the natural chemistry that brews between Alex and Doug Jeffries (Mannie the Pooh) in the final scene, the movie proves to be more than laughs.

Twinky and the Bear 2 , 6 Twinky and the Bear 2, 7

Though there are steamy glimpses throughout, the threesome led by Christian, Aarin, and Josh Stone (Ranger Smith) is the hottest. What begins as Yogay and Boo Boo being reprimanded for stealing a dildo they found in the forest turns into an action-packed threeway that doesn’t disappoint. From toy-play to Aarin and Christian getting their holes pounded, this scene is the film’s showstopping moment.

Twinky and the Bear 2, 8Twinky and the Bear 2, 9
Twinky and the Bear 2, 10Twinky and the Bear 2, 11

Whether it’s the ways that it will make you laugh or the ways it will make you cum, Twinky and the Bear 2 is a pleasant break from the usual approach to sex that most X-rated movies take. To see it for yourself, check it out on GHM now!

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