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HotMovies has announced the launch of a 12-month program of charitable donations which we’re calling "12 Months of Giving." Each month in 2018, we will select a different charity to receive a donation, the amount of which will be based on a percentage of gross sales for that month.

We will continue our 12 Months of Giving by donating a percentage of July's sales to The Animal Rescue Alliance & Farm Sanctuary. Penthouse CEO Kelly Holland founded TARA in 2011, and has since devoted her time and energy to rescuing animals and finding them loving homes. TARA has been called a haven for a range of animals including goats, horses, and geese, and also offers refuge to animals with special needs through its "Happily Ever After" program. Their "Seniors 2 Seniors" program matches senior citizens with older domestic animals, and they even have a "Vegan Life" campaign where they promote and employ vegan lifestyle as an effort to protect animals and provide a better quality of life for humans. Donations are used to maintain healthy and humane living conditions for their wide variety of animals until they are adopted, and we at HotMovies are stoked to contribute to the cause!

The remainder of the charity selections have not been finalized, and we want to remain open to suggestions from subscribers and the public. Those with suggestions for a charity we should consider may send an email to

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