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This classic William Higgins pre-condom sizzler stars Matt Ramsey as a straight shooter who experiences a sexual awakening, all thanks to his cousin and his buddies. It is a rare treat to see Matt Ramsey in an all male feature! He made only a few gay XXX movies in his long career. His rise to fame came by performing in "straight" adult films under the name Peter North.

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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Comments on Cousins

Editor's Review

In today's XXX world, I can easily name a handful of male performers who are ready and willing to shoot gay, bi or queer porn on top of their stunt cock duties on the hetero side of things. I'm not saying it isn't sometimes controversial, but it's not uncommon.

There was a time when there wasn't as much crossover and one surely didn't expect a guy who got his start shooting gay XXX to blossom into one of the biggest male stars the straight industry has ever seen. If you don't recognize him on the box cover, that dude on the right is Matt Ramsey, but you probably know him as Peter North. North has performed in over 1800 scenes, is the President & CEO of Northpole Enterprises and is a recent inductee into the XXX Hall of Fame.

Before all that though, he was a young dude went gay for pay and I've been waiting to see it for years which brings me to Cousins - one of our first additions from legendary studio Catalina Video.

North performs in multiple scenes in this feature where he (surprise, surprise) plays a straight dude who is experiencing a sexual awakening. He is awakened by numerous dudes as he drills a bunch of dudes before blasting them with massive loads, something he is well-known for.

If you like classic gay porn, you'll likely enjoy this one. The men are all hot and I actually loved the hesitation on North's part as he experiments. I have to admit I was hoping to watch him get drilled, but it looks like this gay for pay guy had some guidelines set up before the shoot and wasn't inspired to do anything dirty in the heat of the moment.

Regardless, it was a real pleasure to watch a hall of famer fuck in his prime and it's even better than he's bending over dudes, in my humble opinion. This is a little piece of dirty laundry that porno historians like me really need to see!

Following his wildly popular BROTHERS SHOULD DO IT, William Higgins made another "family" movie though this time the angle is all but played out after the first sex scene involving cousins Peter North (in his pre-straight porn "Matt Ramsey" period) and one time only performer Billy Gant. It kicks off with one of the great gay seductions of all time when Billy removes a sleeping Peter's underwear to admire and play with his genitals. After that, each goes his separate way and Billy's never seen or heard of again.

Peter calls out for pizza and gets cute delivery boy Scott Roberts (one of the horny college kids from Lee Stern's PHYSICAL EDUCATION, a vehicle for muscular Chad Johnson) who's clearly game for more than a dip in the pool. Post-coitally, Roberts relates the story of his brother (Cory Adams, somewhat of a Higgins mainstay and featured in both CLASS REUNION and his Magnum Opus SAILOR IN THE WILD) playing around with the hired help while his sugar daddy's away on business. The ensuing threesome stands as perhaps the hottest encounter in this collection of winners and can lay claim to the hands down funniest sex talk this reviewer has ever come across, delivered with super-bitch gusto by all too delicious little Adams.

Back to Peter, now camping out in the wild with buddies Lance Whitman (also in Higgins' YOUNG OLYMPIANS), Brad Foxx and Steve Rodgers. Their mix 'n' match four-way is a marvel to behold with hunky dark-haired Rodgers – who apparently never made another movie, for shame – popping North's back door cherry. Rather than focus on the other cousin, Higgins decides to trail pizza boy Roberts (huh?) instead, engaging in a woodsy trio with soon to become professional "daddy's boy" Chris Allen (sizzling in Jim West's paean to intergenerational romance CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK) making his dirty movie debut and some lanky dude I'm at a loss to identify.

Continuing this apparently stream of consciousness narrative, Allen becomes the focal point for the film's last portion, lusting after beer buddy Lee Landis, who finally yields to his amorous overtures in the back of a pickup truck. Just to make good on his star billing, North pops up (so to speak!) once more for a sweltering solo – with flashbacks to Foxx and Rodgers doing same for good measure – to bring matters to a satisfying close.

As the above synopsis clearly indicates, narrative's not this movie's strong point. Higgins never was much of a storyteller nor did he ever show any particular interest in becoming one. His films tend to follow a LA RONDE type structure whereby one character is shown meeting and interacting with another who then goes on to a third, the latter running into a fourth, etc. Characterization is usually kept to a bare minimum or supplied by the performer's own personality. Higgins' interests lie, pure and simple, with the sex, not a bad thing when you happen to be a pornographer! Invariably acting as his own cameraman, Higgins shot some of the greatest looking and steamiest romps in the gay porn pantheon, displaying a special knack for pairing (or tripling, quadrupling) the right guys, a gift that only seems to have failed him once, albeit spectacularly, with the distressingly lukewarm THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S BOYS.

COUSINS has stood the test of time as one of Higgins' finest achievements in the field of homo erotica though one should be warned that it contains perhaps the most boring and aimless opening ten minutes of any adult film, a long sex-free segment introducing both cousins and their dreary parents. One set of elders is billed as "Ed and Francis Gant". Does this mean that they were actually Billy Gant's mom and dad? Either way, their "spontaneous" (all too obviously unscripted) interaction with "Dick and Doris Hagen" makes for a painful prelude to all the good stuff waiting just around the bend. My advice to first time viewers is to be strong, grit your teeth if you must, and rewards will be plentiful!

-Review courtesy of DirtyMovieDevotee

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