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2009 GAYVN Award Winner for Best Sex Comedy.

2009 Grabby Award Winner for Best Comedy Film.

Paging Dr. Finger. Report to the Emergency Room STAT! We've got a line-up of hot men who need the special attention of Exclusives Johnny Gunn & Ross Hurston.

Scene 1: Young stud Jackson Wild rushes to the emergency room with a butt-plug in his ass that simply won't come out no matter what. Luckily horse-hung ER Doctor Trevor Knight and EMTs Dillon Crow and Kai Ford have seen it all before and know just what to do. Soon all four men are fucking on the hospital gurney in an all-out orgy that proves to be just what the doctor ordered.

Scene 2: Poor C.J. Knight checks into the Emergency Room with a hard-on that just won't go down. Head Nurse Johnny Gunn knows exactly what to do. He begins by going down on Knight's raging pole, then jumps on top of it for a wild ride. Even after all that hard work, Knight's cock remains rock hard_so Gunn tries a new therapy, flipping him over and fucking his muscle butt.

Scene 3: Visiting doctor Vinnie D'Angelo works overtime when Jake Dakota comes in with a serious anal retentive problem that requires some much-needed relief. The exam table nearly crashes to the floor as the doctor relieves the patient with some of the best holistic therapy around. The cure: one black dildo and a hot flip-flop fuck treatment.

Scene 4: Ty LeBeouf welcomes new doctor Bo Dixon to the hospital when they meet in the staff locker room. The six-foot-four-inch Paul Bunyan giant rips off his scrubs exposing his he-man chest to Ty who immediately falls onto his knees. Ty worships Bo's cock, itching all the while for some much needed anal attention. Bo carries Ty to a nearby break table where Ty's ass is eaten, then beaten with Bo's thick anal thermometer. Ty moans and groans as Bo works over his hungry hole, stretching it out with his large cock in two different positions. Bo shoots all over Ty's big white ass after watching him eat his own copious load off the table in front of him.

Scene 5: Dr. Ross Hurston and orderly Johnny Gunn sedate Francesco D'Macho in the hospital E.R. with a healthy dose of anesthesia; but they don't administer enough gas to keep Francesco down! He awakes from his gassed state to the slurping sounds coming from his own cock and the doctor's mouth. Powerful legs, meaty asses and raging hard-ons bounce and grind into each other until they all shoot their shot.
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Comments on Paging Dr. Finger

User says:
Wonderful rimming session on Scene 4. It must be the god's gift for rimming lovers.

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