The Port Hole 3

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Approximate Running Time: 01:27:50
Released: 2008

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A Note From Dink ...

Our third installment of The Porthole series is one hot DVD. DJ gets introduced to The Porthole by our wild and crazy Chaz and when Chaz shows someone something new we know how well it is to be remembered. Chaz and DJ man The Porthole together as Chaz shows DJ the ropes. What they rope in is some huge cock, namely, that of King Cole and Elijah. The second scene introduces Gio to The Porthole where he and Gage man the hole together while our hot, hung Marine, Randy, Reese and an anonymous visitor hold down the other side. This is a hot scene with the mystery visitor getting drilled hard and deep by Randy to the point of blowing his own load all over the floor before Randy and Reese join up with Gage who is railing the hell out of Gio on the other side. Hang on to your hand grenades, troops, this one is a scorcher!

Chaz Introduces DJ To The Porthole ...

The camera comes on with Chaz showing DJ The Porthole and telling him all about it. They open it up to find some hard, hot cocks jerking on the other side. It doesn't take long for them to talk someone into putting their cock through. The first cock to enter the hole is that of King Cole and we all know what a cock that is. Cole puts it through and DJ does the honors as he stuffs the fat cock down his throat. The two of them share the monster back and forth, giving it some really hot service as it stands at attention. In no time flat, DJ pulls out his own hard cock and begins stroking as he sucks Cole's cock more. Chaz follows DJ's lead and has his own hard cock in his hand stroking as they continue to share the cock. Cole is stuffing the hot mouths full of hard cock. Elijah's cock comes through next and gets the same hot attention that Cole's got as the cocksuckers enjoy the spoils of The Porthole. DJ is back on Cole's dick in a jiffy and man is he enjoying this big cock as he slowly makes love to it through the hole.

Troop Rotation and Reciprocation ...

Things switch up and DJ stands to put his cock through the hole and Elijah is waiting on the other side to return the favor. DJ's hard cock is getting the same full attention he gave earlier as Elijah goes first and boy is he hungry. He's getting down on DJ's cock like a champ as DJ enjoys it. Cole stands behind Elijah, stroking his hard cock and Elijah looks torn on which one to suck, but he's a fair guy so he gives DJ the attention he deserves first then turns his attention to Cole's huge cock and gives it a round. Elijah strokes his own hard cock as he literally hums on Cole's rod. What a hot sight to see. Meanwhile back behind Elijah is another hard cock waiting in the hole and this time it belongs to Chaz.

Cole Mans The Porthole And Does His Duty ...

Cole mans up and takes on Chaz's hot hard cock through the hole. He's sucking and stroking the hard meat and paying back his dues for the good cocksucking he's been getting. Cole has never been one to be greedy and his generousity is showing in the attention he's giving chaz. Cole spits on the hard cock to lube it up for his mouth as Chaz moans in pleasure on the other side. Cole strokes his own cock and moans along with him as this oral session gets hotter and hotter. Elijah moves in closer and Cole latches on to his cock and goes back and forth between them while his own hard cock swings in the wind. Things switch up again and Elijah mans the hole from their side as he finishes what Cole started on Chaz's cock. Elijah goes back and forth between Cole and Chaz's cocks. Suddenly DJ's cock comes through the hole and Elijah and Cole switch places again.

Chaz Is Back At The Hole With Both Hands Full ...

Chaz is back at work and this time he's sucking a huge cock in front of him and stroking DJ's cock behind him. What a magician. Cole is getting his cock sucked and stroking Elijah's behind him at the same time. Talented troops we have here. Chaz passes it off to DJ who gives it another round. Elijah can't hold it anymore on the other side and sends his load through The Porthole for Chaz and DJ to admire as it oozes down the wall. He's got another one though and we'll get to see it later. Elijah is horny as all hell today.

Ass-Eating Action Through The Porthole ...

Elijah loves to bend over and have his asshole plundered and he puts it up to The Porthole to see if he can get some tongue action. DJ takes the call of duty and tongues Eli's hot hole as Elijah pushes his hole against DJ's hot, wet tongue. Elijah is rolling his hot little ass around getting that tongue deep inside his twitching little fuckhole. He latches on to Cole's huge cock again as he's getting his hole tongue-fucked and sucks the monster, keeping both holes full.

Elijah Gets Fucked Through The Porthole...DJ Get's Fucked On The Other Side ...

Elijah's ass has been eaten good now it's time to get it fucked. DJ saddles up and does the honors as Elijah keeps sucking on Cole's huge meat. Meanwhile Chaz moves in behind DJ and sticks his cock deep inside DJ's hole while DJ pounds Elijah through door.

The Porthole Door Opens And The Troops Unite ...

The boys decide it's time to meet face to face and so The Porthole door opens and Elijah and Cole join DJ and Chaz on the other side. Cole strokes Chaz's cock as he passes by and in no time flat, Elijah straddles Cole and starts riding his huge, hard cock. What a fucking hot mess this is to watch as Elijah pounds up and down on the massive meat. Elijah's hole is spread open wide as the huge cock plows deeper and deeper into his ass. His cheeks are spread to maximum capacity and he's screaming loud about how big the cock in his ass is. He's riding it like a brand new pony and loving every second of it. Meanwhile Chaz bends over for DJ and DJ makes the plunge deep into Chaz's hungry hole. The action is so intense you may need to stop to catch your breath. I know I just did. DJ is longstroking Chaz's ass while Elijah rides the horse. They're both getting fucked good and hard.

Cole Fucks DJ While Chaz Fucks Elijah ...

Things switch up and Cole bends DJ over the arm of the couch and starts railing his ass hard and deep. DJ is in for a surpise when the huge monster goes in to the nuts. Chaz asks DJ how he likes that dick and DJ says "It's big". Cole rams in and out of DJ like a piston grinding in a hot rod motor and DJ is taking it like a man. Chaz is fucking the daylights out of Elijah's hot, sexy ass as these four bring the party home. The hairs on Elijah's ass have curled up and goose bumps are covering his cheeks. Me thinks he's liking this dicking.

The Cumshots Are Caught In The Crossfire ...

The cumshots start happening so fast and Cole and Elijah decide they are both gonna come at almost the exact some time, but Chaz is the first to land his load all over Elijah's stomach. Meanwhile Cole has started blowing his load on DJ's ass and I catch that as it flows out all over DJ. Without warning, Elijah comes at almost the same time and I'm able to catch both cumshots, eventhough it was a challenge. DJ is the last to cum as he bends over and leans back into Cole's huge cock one last time. The cum has flown and the fun is over as DJ closes up The Porthole. Mission Accomplished.

Gio Finds The Porthole And Gage Helps Him Along ...

I show Gio The Porthole and he vaguely knows what it is (at least he says) but he claims he's never seen one up close. The boys are shooting the shit and having some beers. All hell is about to break loose. Gage with his nosey self joins us as I show the hole to Gio. Gage has got to be in the middle of everything and he's about to get in the middle of this go round. I tell Gio I'll go see if I can rustle up some cock and Gio assumes the position down on his knees. The first cock comes through and it's our anonymous friend who just happened to be over and agreed to get involved if his face wasn't shown. Gio goes to work on the uncut meat and the games have begun. Meanwhile Reese and Randy stroke each others big cocks behind the stranger on the other side and Gio is hungry on the other side as he gets Randy's huge cock through the hole. Gio is loving all these cocks and he's sucking them all like they might be his last.

Gage Mans Gio's Hole While Gio Mans The Porthole ...

Gage gets down behind Gio and tongues his ass while Gio services the cocks in front of him. Gage gets really into eating Gio's ass as he gets down on his side on the floor so he can get his tongue as deep in his ass as possible. Reese's huge cock comes through and talk about making someone's mouth water--Gio is literally slobbering on the huge meat while Gio eats his ass. Reese and the stranger stroke each other while Randy gets his cock serviced for awhile. Reese gets down on his knees to service the stranger and the stranger seems to like it. On the other side, Gage is stroking and licking and spitting in Gio's hot ass all the while Gio is doing his duty.

Gage Fucks Gio's Nice Ass While Gio Continues To Serve The Cocks ...

Gage decides Gio's ass is ready for a fucking and mounts up to do the deed. At Gio's request, Gage smacks his cock all over Gio's ass. He tells Gio to keep sucking those cocks while he fucks him. Gio is very submissive and takes orders nicely. Gage decides it's best to straddle Gio's ass and he gets him from behind in an interesting position. He's in full control of pounding that ass. Gage lays on Gio's back so that he can reach foward and suck a cock while he rams Gio's ass. It's so hot to watch Gage suck a hot cock while he pounds Gio hard and fast. These men are horny and they are determined to make the most of it. Gio stands up to give Gage better access to his hole and Gage keeps fucking him hard.

Gage And Gio Move To The Couch While Randy Mounts Up To Fuck The Stranger ...

Gage says he wants to move Gio to the couch, but he'll need a crowbar to get him off the dick he's sucking. Gio reluctantly agrees to move to the couch while Randy gears up to give it to the stranger on the other side while Reese watches all the action. Our stranger is showing off his pink tight hole for the camera while Randy feeds his mouth. Reese is watching all the action and telling them what he wants to see. He's telling Gage how to fuck Gio and watching as Gage deep dicks Gio and Gio jerks himself.

Reese Joins Gage and Gio While Randy Gives The Stranger His Wishes ...

The stranger says he wants some of what Gio is getting and Randy moves in for the kill. Randy fucks like a jack rabbit and today is no exception. He mounts the Stranger and shoves his hard cock balls deep into his ass. The stranger strokes his hard uncut cock and takes the fucking like a champ. Randy is a dirty talking top and he's talking shit to our bottom boy stranger as he rams his cock deep into his wet hole. Randy reaches around and squeezes and pulls his balls out of the way so we can see his horse cock drill deep into the strangers horny hole. Meanwhile, Reese is long-stroking Gio's ass on the other side. He gets really anxious and Gio has to tell him to slow down. Reese is lost in wild abandon and it's a hard ride. Randy milks the strangers prostate and the stranger blows his love juice all over the wood floor. Randy shoves his cock back in for good measure as the strangers milks the last drops from his dick. Randy sticks a finger in to check the hotness and tells the stranger he's on his way to the other side.

Randy Joins Gio, Reese and Gage on The Other Side For The Grand Finale ...

By the time Randy makes it to the other side, Reese is fucking Gio hard and fast as Gio sucks Gage. Gage sits on Gio's face and Gio tongues his hole while Randy feeds his fat cock to Reese and Gage eats Randy's ass. Randy is getting what I call "the car wash treatment" as he gets his ass and cock serviced by two hot mouths at once. What a feeling. Gio can't take it anymore and he's ready to blow his load. Reese grabs his cock and strokes the hot cum out for him all over Gio's stomach as Reese keeps pounding Gio's hole.

Randy Fucks Reese As The Porthole Action Comes To A Sizzling Climax ...

Reese looks up at Randy and says in the sweetest, most sincere whisper, "Come fuck me." Randy ain't one to turn down such invitations and he gets right in there while Gage stands over Reese jerking his own cock. Reese is taking Randy's huge meat and jerking his own hard prick. It doesn't take long before Reese has let his pearls go all over his own belly. Gage comes next and drowns Reese in his hot manjuice. Randy is the last to go and what a huge cumshot it is, almost rivaling that of Gage and we all know how big those loads are that Gage blows. Reese is covered in cum and it's a wrap!
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Stars: DJ | Eli | King Cole | Chaz
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Cast & Stars: The Port Hole 3

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