Men Of Israel - Disc One

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2010 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Duo Sex Scene - Jonathan Agassi and Matan Shalev.

ISRAEL - a country of sun drenched beaches, breathtaking vistas, and the world's hottest men. A groundbreaking production, MEN OF ISRAEL takes you on a sexual journey exploring the strong and sensually provocative men of this nation. Lucas Entertainment's MEN OF ISRAEL features a fine selection of tanned and chiseled muscle hunks, showing of their gorgeous bodies and sexual prowess. MEN OF ISRAEL stars Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, Matan Shalev, Naor Tal, Guy Ronen, Morr-Foxx, and Ninrod Gonen and includes five hardcore sex scenes, filled with deep throat dick sucking, intense ass pounding, and more!

Scene One: Matan Shalev & Naor Tal
Muscular Lucas Entertainment exclusive Matan Shalev and slim twink Naor Tal begin their scene on the shores of the beach with hot foreplay and making out. Matan stands, while Naor kneels and deep throats all of Matan's thick cock. Naor is placed on his back, feet over head, giving Matan excellent access to the skinny boy's pert ass and butt hole. Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi watches from a far, stroking his meat and catching the action from every angle! After rimming and spitting the tight ring, Matan primes Naor's ass with lube and then shoves his fat fuckstick in and gives Naor the ride of his life. The hump in a variety of positions before Naor fires his wad over his body, followed by Matan adds his load to the mix!

Scene Two: Jonathan Agassi & Avi Dar
While standing on the window ledge of an ancient edifice in Jerusalem, muscle hunk Avi Dar deep throats hirsute beauty Jonathan Agassi, taking ample time to lick his thick shaft and heavy nuts. Jonathan nuzzles Avi's armpits, then licks his cock and bubble butt. After Avi's hole is primed and readied by Jonathan's talented mouth, Avi takes all of Jonathan's fat meat in a variety of positions. Both men scream in pleasure, with Avi's talented hole milking Jonathan's dick until Avi shoots his wad, followed by Jonathan cumming across his partner's lips and tongue!

Scene Three: Morr Foxx & Naor Tal
On a balcony in full view of Tel Aviv, slender Naor Tal performs a knee-buckling blowjob on massively muscular Morr Foxx. Morr then returns the favor before the pair retreat to the bed of their apartment. Naor spreads his legs wide so Morr can tenderly lick and fondle his tempting sphincter. After intense ass fingering, Morr covers his dick with a condom and slides it into Naor's willing butt. Naor is pounded in a variety of positions before cumming across his bod, with Morr shooting his wad into Naor's mouth!

Scene Four: Ninrod Gonen & Guy Ronen
Bearded Ninrod Gonen deepthroats lanky Guy Ronen's long tool, savoring every inch and slurping to its base. Ninrod then bends over and his ass is quickly filled with Guy's meaty schlong. Ninrod rides up and down on Guy's pole before Guy grabs him by the waist and hammers his partner's hole. Guy bends Ninrod over and continues the pounding before Ninrod shoots his wad and Guy explodes his cum onto Ninrod's face!

Scene Five: Jonathan Agassi & Matan Shalev
Jonathan Agassi and Matan Shalev begin their escapade atop sun-drenched cliffs near the Dead Sea. They grind their underwear-covered crotches into each other, until their hard-ons spring out of their clothing. Jonathan gobbles Matan's thick fuckstick before Matan bends over and Jonathan enjoys eating Matans's tight butthole. Matan then takes his turn between Jonathan's cheecks, followed by Jonathan shoving his dick into Matan's ass. Jonathan pounds away before bending over himself to allow Matan to fuck away! They shoot massive loads, with Matan cumming directly into Jonathan's mouth!
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