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Chi Chi LaRue directs this GayVN - recognized performance featuring hot college frat boys and an even hotter bukkake finale.

Is this like the detention you remember from high school? YOU WISH! These guys are making the detention hall THE place to be! There's nothing held back here...hard, rough butt fucking and tonsil jamming. The orgy is just that...anything goes...and it's a hot, sweaty mess...good piggy fun.
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Comments on Detention

Editor's Review

Today feels like a gay porn kind of day, so I decided to give a little love to the gay porn studio I hear so many good things about, Rascal Video. I’ve watched a few Rascal Video flicks in the past, but it has been a while, so I’m happy to sit back and take in all the super hot man-on-man action they have to offer. Plus it’s a Chi Chi LaRue movie, so I am extra excited to take a look. I mean, who doesn’t love porn directed by a drag performer? I am in awe of her many talents. Alright, onward to the movie.

Detention is about, you guessed it, detention. When you are up to no good in the schoolhouse, the teachers have no choice but to send you straight to detention. But little do they know that this detention hall is anything but punishment. Full to the hilt with hot, horny guys just aching to get stuffed, detention is what dreams are made of and where bad boys long to go. And with more than two hours of sweaty schoolhouse action, there seems to be quite the selection of naughty lads – all ready to fuck in pairs, triads and piles. Yum.

While I liked all five of the scenes, I really enjoyed scene three, with Chad Hunt and Tag Adams. It features a custodian finding a bunch of porno mags in a student’s locker, and when the student returns to close his locker, instead of turning him in, the custodian asks if he wants to see more. He brings the student down to the basement of the school and pulls out a stack of porn mags. Of course they both get turned on and begin to fuck – all over pages of straight porn mags that are lying on the floor. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

I also really liked scene 5 with Johnny Hazzard as a detention tough guy, who tries to get a blowjob from some straight-laced student when Matt Summers comes to his rescue and tells Johnny to get a bj from a professional – and points to himself. It’s pretty awesome. I do love me some Johnny Hazzard. The whole scene turns into a giant orgy of sexy action, and really I couldn’t be happier about it. Looks like a need a little detention of my own.

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