ShowGuys Volume 335 - Matthew James & Troy Taylor

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Approximate Running Time: 00:46:50
Released: 2009

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Two of ShowGuys all time favorites, Matthew James and Troy Taylor, are brought together in this video. When the scene starts, they are already naked and playing around, and Matthew is already at full erection, his long, thick and incredibly hard cock sticking straight out from his body. Troy too is hard as a rock, and Matthew soon has Troy's dick down his throat, which Troy loves. But Troy has to defend his title as the world's greatest cock sucker, so Matthew stands up, and Troy goes to work on the mighty weapon, managing to get it all the way down his throat. They stand up, put their cocks together, pose for the camera, and try to outdo each other snapping their dicks. They get on the bed and make out, then Troy inhales Matthew's monster all the way to the pubes; Matthew does the same to Troy. Troy gets on his hands and knees with his ass to the camera, Matthew spreads his cheeks, and sticks his tongue into the exposed hole. Troy now lies on his back with his head over the side of the bed, Matthew stands up, and fucks Troy's face. Matthew straddles Troy's head, and gets his balls licked, then drops forward and the studs sixty-nine.

But Troy is dying to get to the fucking, and since he has elected to top first, puts on a condom, and Matthew sits on the hard cock, and starts bouncing. Next Matthew lies on his back, and Troy fucks him in the missionary position. And now Troy goes wild, shoving in and out of Matthew's hole. They bring their asses toward the camera, Troy goes up on his feet, and we get some incredible close ups of Troy's thick dick stretching Matthew's ass hole. Now Matthew lies on the bed with his head towards the camera, Troy sits on him facing the camera, and we get a reverse frog. Troy's face as Matthew's weapon slides up into his innards is something to behold, and the penetration shots are amazing. Matthew's thrusts get faster and faster until Troy calls for a break, but they are soon at it again, this time giving us the real frog. The harder Matthew fucks him the harder Troy's cock gets. They roll into the spoon, and Troy keeps taking whatever Matthew doles out, then the studs try the missionary position. Troy next bends over the arm of the chair and gets thoroughly plowed doggie-style. But finally Troy lies on his back, Matthew re-enters him in the missionary position, and of course, Troy almost immediately lets loose huge arching spurts of white hot cum. Matthew gets on his back, jerks off, and soon achieves his own wrenching orgasm. One more kiss, a wave goodbye, and one of the hottest scenes ever seen on ShowGuys comes to an end.
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Cast & Stars: ShowGuys Volume 335 - Matthew James & Troy Taylor

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