ShowGuys Volume 426 - Matthew James & Troy Taylor Part 2

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Approximate Running Time: 00:47:48
Released: 2009

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Shortly after our move to South Florida, Matthew James and Troy Taylor meet for the first time, (ShowGuys volume 335 is their second meeting), and expectations are high. Both guys love to kiss. They get each other's shirts off, Matthew sits on the edge of the bed, and sucks Troy's nipples, while he undoes his pants. Soon Matthew has Troy's dick out in the open and down his throat. And Matthew's talented mouth brings Troy to full erection.

But now Troy gets Matthew's pants and shorts off. Troy is justly famous as one of the best cock suckers in the business, and almost immediately he brings Matthew's mighty pole to full mast. They continue to swap blow jobs. Both studs are hard as a rock. Matthew straddles Troy's head and gets his balls licked, then pulls Troy's legs into the air and sticks his tongue into the exposed ass hole. Matthew puts Troy's dick in his mouth and shoves a finger up his ass, but soon gets back to rimming.

Now Matthew lies down and deep throats Troy while he is playing with Matthew's cock, then Troy turns around and the studs sixty-nine. Troy brings his ass to the camera so we can see him fucking Matthew's face, driving his dick without mercy deep into Matthew's throat. But it's time to fuck.

Troy elects to receive, so Matthew puts on a condom, lies on his back, and Troy sits on the mighty pole which slowly slide up into him. Matthew's sheer size proves daunting at first, but Troy is soon bouncing up and down with abandon.. Troy turns around, and we get the frog, and a great frog it is. Matthew's huge weapon looks like an arm going up Troy's ass. They roll into the spoon, giving us even greater penetration shots.

They take a break, and Matthew sucks Troy back to full hardness, and now Troy puts on the condom and Matthew sits on him facing away from the camera, and starts bouncing. Next Matthew turns around and gives us the second great frog of the day, Matthew's huge cock sticking straight up as Troy plunges in and out of his ass. The sound of flesh slapping flesh fills the studio.

Finally the guys lie side by side and jerk off. Matthew, almost immediately, sends a huge spurting load high into the air. Two hot and horny, (and very sexy) guys get on their knees, kiss one last time, and, sadly, a great scene ends.
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Cast & Stars: ShowGuys Volume 426 - Matthew James & Troy Taylor Part 2

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