Fuck Your Friends 4

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Coby Mitchell and Damian Rios: Get out your safety glasses and beakers; cause the chemistry between Coby Mitchell and Damian Rios is volatile! They were recently engaged and want to show you that real life couples do it better. Our new director, Jasun Mark, has our fianc├ęs start out by telling us the story of how they met and got together. It's a great story, but we know you're ready to see these hunks get it on! Just watching these guys kiss and undress each other is enough to scorch your screen. Words can't begin to describe the intensity once our hotties take it a bit further. Sexy?...yes. Passionate?...Yes. Unbefuckingleavable? ... YES! If you want to have your mind blown and your dick to follow suit, watch this scene!

Jeremy Bilding and Luke Marcum: Fan favorite Jeremy Bilding's latest adventure starts with Luke Marcum teasing Jeremy by tickling his feet! Jeremy writhes around the bed nearly hyperventilating. When Luke can't get to Jeremy's feet, he touches Jeremy anywhere else to pretty much the same effect. Jeremy is the most ticklish person we've ever met. Tickling soon turns to tasting as Luke swallows Jeremy down to his balls. Luke makes an attempt to eat Jeremy's ass, but that throws Jeremy into another tickle-fit. Jeremy can't take it any longer, and Luke's hole is getting hungry so Jeremy straps on a rubber and starts to pound away. Luke calls out "fuck me harder" and Jeremy obliges, thrusting away reckless abandon. Our turbo-top sends Luke into orgasm, splattering Jeremy's abs and chest. Jeremy cites that revenge is a bitch and jumps on top of Luke, jerking out a juicy load onto Luke's chest and face.

Lance Bennett and Tory Mason: Lance and Tory waste no time with introductions. By the time we turn the camera on they are already kissing and groping each other. Their clothes soon lay on the floor and these hunks are grinding away on each other in their underwear. Tory wins the race to get completely naked and is rewarded with a mouthful of Lance's cock, which he proceeds to get rock hard. Lance's consolation prize is bending Tory over and fucking his sweet asshole. Tory loves the feel of Lance's cock sliding in and out of his ass so much that he cums all over Lance's chest while getting fucked. Lance gets cleaned up and then gets his ass eaten out before letting loose a cumshot of his own.

Baxter James & Kelly Taylor: We did it! We convinced straight stud Baxter James to do his first gay scene ever. In fact, it's his first gay anything. He's never even kissed a guy before! Rather than let Baxter dip his toes in the water, we throw him right off the deep end. Not only does he kiss and get sucked, he sucks cock too and even eats Kelly's ass! Best part about it is you can tell he's loving it. So what's the next step? Fucking Kelly's sweet hole. Baxter has Kelly spread wide to accept his thick dick and starts pounding away. Kelly shoots his load while spread-eagled, Baxter still pumping away. Baxter soon follows suit and Kelly lets him know that he did awesome for his first time.
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