A Matter Of Size

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Approximate Running Time: 01:08:15
Released: 1984

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices. We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities. For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (https://www.gayhotmovies.com/safe-sex.php)

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On the beach, friends Bill Henson and Eric Stryker relax and tell each other about their most current wet dreams. Bill starts, recounting a fantasy where he and manly Joe Purcelli are outside throwing a football. Henson peels off his shirt, and Joe notices that the lad has been working out. They play more, start to wrestle ... then Joe's hand caresses Bill's stomach and crotch. Bill, however, doesn't seem to mind. They go inside and slowly strip each other. Taking his time, Purcelli romantically works Bill's dick to his mouth, devoting full attention to the leaky member. Before long, the two are in a hungry 69, Bill on top grinding into Joe's tonsils while he himself has his jaws stretched open. Joe places Bill on the sofa and laps at his juicy rear, then Joe gets his real prize -- stringing Bill over the sofa, he pokes his smooth round buns. Bill, he of the soft-spoken and low-key nature, is a top man's dream. As Henson feels Joe's dick sliding in and out of him, he emits masculine groans, bringing his partner to quick climax.

His dream continues with a brief vignette where big-dicked Matt Ramsey handcuffs him and stands naked in front of him, gyrating. Nude himself, Henson reaches up but can't quite reach. Ramsey sensually touches his genital area then his ass, and then blows a load on Bill's chest.

Then Eric Stryker relates his dream, where he appears before a room full of leather men: Lance Chisholm, Mike Ryan, Steve Krause and Brad Walsh. As he teases them and slowly disrobes, they beat their own hard meat and yank. Stryker crawls toward them, licking their body parts -- hands and cocks at first. The men break into pairs, sucking dick (with Eric as ringleader), eating ass, and almost hard slapping their bare buttocks. While Eric spanks one man, another of the leather studs is on the receiving end of a fuck. Minutes later, Stryker tugs on the nipples of one of the four, just before the man cums on himself. Eric is there to lick up the mess. Eric himself later, on his back, beats off as the four leather men surround him and coax him to climax, one tasting some of his just-shot load.

The two horny boys go next to the beachside apartment of burly Doug Weston, who tells them what he has astonishingly witnessed the night before. In front of a fireplace, Brian Michaels has his friends Steve Avery and Don Webber "perform" for him. This is a ménage-a-trio for the ages, secretly being watched by Weston. Michaels orchestrates the show, telling Don to orally service the lanky and stiff-cocked Steve. Webber's tongue runs all over Steve's tanned body, before he almost bends him in half and touches his lips to Steve's hairy ass. A Brian next order Don to worship his own aroused cock, then opens his mouth to taste Avery's flagpole. The fellatio is superb, with tight close-ups, as Don and Steve eventually fight for Brian's meat. "Let me see your cock in his ass," Brian yells to Avery. Don grabs his ankles and lets Avery bronco-fuck him, harder and harder. It's a sizzling scene, with Don placing his hands behind Steve's feet and letting Avery slap his butt and screw him mercilessly. Brian has Steve get on his back after a while and then side-straddles his ass. Michael winds up screwing him missionary, Steve's legs stretched apart. Don piles on top next and gives Avery a meaner butt-fuck. The only ass left to be filled now is Brian's -- and he jumps on Steve's lap, anally inhales his pole and jerks to orgasm. This is a fascinating, equal-opportunity three-way, made even more alluring by the bottoming of Webber, before he became Marc Wallace in the straight porn world.

All three men are so turned on by the story, they doff their summer clothes and go at it. Doug warns them that his cock is huge, but the brave twosome admit they can handle it. When Doug has pulled his dick out, Eric doesn't waste a moment. He crosses the room and climbs atop, his luscious bun squeezing down on the huge slab. Then Bill gets a little jealous and takes Eric's place, bobbing up and down furiously. Eric watches for a while and, realizing he has never poked his bud, shoves aside Doug and rectifies that. He maniacally takes Bill's booty, causing Henson to sway and sweat heavily. Within seconds, Stryker pulls out and coats Henson's ass with jism. A perfect capper to the scene finds Eric climbing atop Bill and the two offering up dual holes to Doug. Weston approaches, slamming into Stryker and slapping Bill's cheeks until they are almost red. Then he rears up and pokes Bill...then Eric again...then gets one more ride in that steamy Henson backside.

"A Matter of Size" is practically porn perfection, with most of the men (especially Stryker and Henson) at their career peaks. Ditto for director Matt Sterling.
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