JackBuddies 89: Cameron Fucks Dylan

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Approximate Running Time: 00:52:05
Released: 2013

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The first scene of JACKBUDDIES 89 is Dylans Nut, and it is just that! This sexy 22 year old is naked on a sofa and jacks off watching a porn. The action is pretty straight forward but he looks so hot that the director can't resist giving him a little help. Dylan shoots a good load in his hand.Scene Two is the main event! Cameron, a dark haired body builder who is almost 10 years older than Dylan has come over and they are watching videos. He leans over and kisses Dylan pushing him down on the sofa so he can go down him. Cameron is a pretty good cock sucker and gets Dylan s legs in the air so he can rim the nervous kid. But Dylan warms up to the man sex pretty quickly and soon has Cameron s cock deep in his throat! When he goes down to the muscle guy s ass he comes close but stops just short of licking his hole. They get into a 69 position which is shot out of focus for the most part, but the director decided to leave it in, as the action is hot, and there is some clear footage. Guess he got too excited having these naked guys in the studio! To get Dylan ready for a fucking, Cameron works him over with fingers and toys until he can slide his thick cock between Dylan s cheeks. It takes a few thrusts before he can take it all but he does moaning softly all the while. He fucks the smooth bodied student on his knees doggy style and then flips him over for some deep dicking missionary style. Dylan takes it all and keeps going! Dylan sits down on Cameron s hard cock until it disappears in his ass and rides it like a ride at Disney! Jumping up and down he makes Cameron s cock slide deeper and deeper in his hole. Cameron gets Dylan on his back for some more fucking and shoots on the Dylan s waiting hole and then plunges in for some more hot fucking. They had for the showers for some more kissing and sucking!
Clip 1 - 8 mins 2 secs

Stars: Dylan

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Clip 2 - 44 mins 1 sec

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Cast & Stars: JackBuddies 89: Cameron Fucks Dylan

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