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The first of the six hot scenes in BRU features Bailey and our lil Cali boi, Jaimie. Are you like me and love to see a nice toned top boi take control of a smooth lil twink and have his way with him? Bailey does just that and puts this boy to his knees, making him strip off his jogging pants with only his teeth. Jaimie is compelled to lick his cock through his jock strap before he unleashes the beast and tells Jaimie to suck on it and then to sit on him. Bailey squeezes out his precum and Jaimie licks it off his cock.

Now, of course "Raw" means all the scenes in this video are done bareback, with close up penetration shots throughout! Bailey fucks the lil smooth boy's tight hole till he cums, then keeps pounding him harder until he squirts his HUGE load (remember the Casting Couch 3 squirt? well times it by 5) down the boy's hole and then plunges his cock back in. The boyz really got naughty for this one.

This scene features Cayden, who as you heard in the Casting Couch tape, has a little fetish for str8boyz. It's not so hard in So Cali to find boyz looking for some party money and Cayden gets his wish when we found Tommy hanging out at the beach. Cayden persuades him back to a changing room, tries to kiss him, then gives up only to get on his knees and pull out the str8boyz fat 8 incher. Cayden licks and sucks till the boy explodes on his face and Cayden gets a nice lick of his venom.

Shaun finds Dylan just waking and rubbing his stiff morning wood. Shaun with his boyish charms (as you surely saw in Casting Couch 3) comes in the bedroom and seduces Dylan, taking advantage of the boys' horniness. Soon, Shaun has persuaded him to make out and slips his hand under Dylan's shorts. After a while, Dylan even jacks Shaun a bit, then Shaun really gets into sucking and gives Dylan head while jacking himself. I don't know how Shaun did it, (Dylan has only had one guy make out with him and suck him off when he was) but after Dylan said he wouldn't suck him, Shaun says, "Hey, I'll bet my ass is tighter than your girlfriend's pussy".

Luckily, I didn't drop the camera and Shaun jumps up on Dylan and sits down on his stiff perfect cock (damn how I love a boy with smooth, low hangers). Now, if you loved the way Shaun worked that big dildo in CC3, wait till you see how he does on the real thing. Dylan looks really uncomfortable at first, then he takes over and pushes Shaun on his belly, getting above him and pounding his ass. Dylan just pulls out in time to give Shaun a nice mouthful, squeezing out the last drops on his tongue, which Shaun eagerly swallows, leaving a few streams of long cum connecting from his cock head to Shaun's tongue. Dylan proclaims "That was crazy" and Shaun lays next to Dylan and jacks his huge meat, squirting a big load on Dylan's chest. You can see this is the first time Dylan has ever had someone else's cum touching him. Shaun, being the playful boy that he is, goofs with Dylan as he draws his name in his own cum on Dylan's chest. This was such a hot scene but unfortunately, it will be Dylan's last one as his girlfriend found out he fucked a boy and forbade him to talk to me anymore = bad, bad fish!

Do you know what I love about this scene besides the 2 hot boyz jacking and sucking together? It's the fact that Cayden gets jacked and sucked off completely by Bailey. I don't think I have ever filmed a scene where a boy has exploded by getting sucked off (without jacking himself to climax) Ohh, how I love first times! Cayden blows his biggest load into Bailey's mouth, on his face and what would be a normal sized load, left pooling on his belly. Bailey then takes some time swallowing, then slurping his cum and licking it from Cayden's cock.

Can't get any hotter? Well, how about a little snowballing as the boyz end by kissing as the sticky white boy juice streams between their lips and chin.

Our baby-faced, smooth boy Corey is relaxing on the couch, looking at a hot Boy magazine and stroking his oh-so-smooth chest. He reaches under his jogging pants bringing his perfect 7-inch cock out to play. Shaun seems to have a knack of knowing when a boy is hard and interrupts Corey's play time. Corey's all horned up and asks Shaun if he'll take care of his urges, before you know it, Corey's jogging pants are down and Shaun is on his knees. Corey leans back on his couch and lifts his legs high, and lets Shaun lick and suck from his balls all the way down below, till you see a close up of Corey's tight virgin hole puckering. Shaun licks and rims his ass, (true fact, this is the very first time Corey has ever been rimmed and very first time Shaun has ever tongued a boy) Corey groaning and moaning, enjoying every second of this tongue action. Shaun spits and rubs it along his hole, showing of the perfect trail of soft, hair lining the edge of Corey's crack.

Cayden showers, and Bailey spies on him and enjoys watching the suds slide down Cayden's tanned, toned body and drip off his uncut cock. Cayden catches him and orders him to come, pulling him in the shower dressed. They kiss and Cayden pulls off Bailey's wet clothes. They rub against each other and grind their hard cocks together. Stopping the shower, they quickly dry and head into the bedroom. Cayden pushes Bailey back on the bed and kisses then licks down his chest, quickly popping Bailey into his mouth and making him grow.

He spreads apart Bailey's legs and you get a close up of Cayden's tongue pushing inside Bailey's tight hole. They switch again then get into a 69 position where Bailey is now rimming Cayden and Cayden is fingering Bailey. From that position, Bailey is pushed down to sit on Cayden's thick 8 incher and he really takes time sliding it in. Bailey rides for a while, sinking lower and lower on his mast, then Cayden spins him around on his stomach. Bailey gasps as Caydens plunges his cock in again, and they kiss as Cayden starts to pump harder and harder. They switch to a side position, Cayden now is building speed and pounding poor Baileys tight hole (I think we made this topboi into a bottom that day) Cayden now gets up over him and in a seating position, pounds Bailey deeper and deeper. Bailey is jacking and groaning and Cayden can't hold out any longer and pulls out just in time to pop his load onto Bailey's hole and on his balls, then shove it back in, only to pull out again to squeeze out the last streams of his load.

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (https://www.gayhotmovies.com/safe-sex.php)

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Stars: Cayden Morano | Tommy
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