The Salesman

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Approximate Running Time: 01:05:56
Released: 2001

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Working his way through college as a vacuum cleaner salesman, cute and innocent Luke Sabre knocks on big, hot Michael Brandon's door and finds himself up against the biggest, hardest sale he's ever had to make. It takes more than a smooth pitch to convince Brandon, a tough customer with the biggest, hardest dick Sabre's ever encountered, that he needs a new vacuum cleaner in his life. On the other hand, Brandon, who likes to tie boys up, might be willing to purchase the machine if his “machine” can be serviced by the salesman. The Salesman may turn on an old porn joke, but the bondage and abuse that Brandon metes out to Sabre is no laughing matter, and by the end of the video Sabre has found himself a new and much more satisfying way to get through school.
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Cast & Stars: The Salesman

Comments on The Salesman

sobernme says:
Some hot bondage who doesn't love looking at Michael Brandon "Monster"

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