Armed Forces Physical

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Joe Gage's this masterpiece gets off to a great start when the Parker Boys, C.J. and Joe, find Conner Habib just waiting to be used and abused in the woods. Conner downs both cocks and then is ordered to bend over and show his ass, which he does with no protests. Conner then has two big, thick cocks to take care of, and he does, too, taking one after the other, while stroking his own meat. Conner's sexy, scruffy tops then both shoot their loads in his face, standing side by side, wetting down his handsome face and tongue beautifully. In the following scene, pornmeister Jake Cruise plays an Army doc who performs a very thorough physical on two soldiers, played by Joe and sexy Rich Kelly. Jake finds both soldiers' cocks in very good working order, sucking them to make sure, and then he looks on as Rich sucks Joe. Of course, no exam is complete without the anal test, so then Rich gets on his back to be probed by Joe's huge meat. The doc's desk makes a great place to do it, and while Rick is taking it, two more guys join in -- Nick Anvil and Butch. Nick's a big bodybuilder and Butch a hot daddy, and they stroke their dicks as they watch Ray pound Rich. In the end, both Jake and Butch get their mouths stuffed with cock, and Rich drenches Jake with a thick load. Soldiers know that when they are alone, all of the usual restrictions are off, and so when Andrew Justice and Dale Cooper pop bones in the camp, they take good care of each other by sucking each other's cocks and then Andrew using Dale's perfect ass as a fuck hole. It's so hot watching Andrew drive deep into that hairy butt, and also watching Dale blast off in Andrew's hot mouth. Next, another hot army doc, Shay, is just beginning to get underway with an exam when hot cop Colby Keller shows up to give Rich a ticket. Even though Dylan Roberts' cock is the initial target, Colby joins in, and soon he's giving Rich his dick for inspection. The four-way gets started with oral action, Colby and Dylan doing the honors (while Colby does a selfie video with his phone, BTW) and then a double-headed dildo is used to connect Dylan and Rich. Real fucking is next, with Colby pounding Dylan while Shay takes Rich, the fuckers going at it right next to each other. The ending has both Dylan and Rich kneeling to take Shay and Colby's loads, but it's Rich's thick, black beard that takes most of it, with Colby cumming like a fucking fountain. Andrew and C.J. hook up, too, with C.J. coming to Andrew for cumming advice (seems like he does pretty okay for himself, judging by the first scene). Conner watches the whole thing, stroking his cock while Andrew gets C.J. hard. Andrew takes on Conner, too, sucking the two studs in tandem, and then Conner makes C.J.'s mouth all the way down on Andrew's big dick. C.J. gets his reward when Andrew fucks him from behind while Conner watches, and then Conner fucks C.J. too. It's so fucking hot watching big macho dude C.J. takes two cocks, and even more so when Andrew bottoms, too, giving it up for Conner. The two switch it up and Conner rides Andrew while sucking C.J., in a very frenzied and wonderful three-way that ends with all three dudes shooting huge loads: C.J. on Conner's face, Conner on Andrew's face, and Andrew, after licking Conner's cock clean, on Conner's face, too. It's a cum-soaked, perfect ending. This is a stunningly hot flick from the great Joe Gage.
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