Return The Favor

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Director Robert Prion always has his models Return the Favor to each other. Return the Favor contains some of the biggest cumshots ever filmed; director Robert Prion has clearly made another winner.

Robert Prion's "Return the Favor" has a lot of versatility running through it. No, not every guy bottoms and tops, but everybody kisses, everybody blows and most of the guys do in fact end up giving it and giving it up. Cute Kyle Douglas, a spiked-haired dyed-blond, is floating in the pool on a raft, his bubble-butt his most defining feature. Out from the bushes comes small-eyed brunet Blake Landon sporting a very thick erection, and mutual smiles ensue. They hop up to dry land and start kissing and soon Kyle is going down on Blake, working down the full length of the thickness amazingly well. The cute little blond has a cocky spirit that is backed up by talent. Blake blows Kyle for a bit, with the camera on Kyle's ass a lot of the time. Kyle returns to blowing, and this time it's Blake's twitching butt we get to see. In great close-up, but somewhat undone by bad lighting, Kyle rims Blake lovingly. Blake returns that also, digging deep between the puffy cheeks and then quickly shoving his entire cock the full way in. He gives Kyle quite an aggressive fuck. Plucky Kyle keeps the interest level up when he rides on Blake, showing that his ass is eager and can take a lot. Finally, it's some missionary fucking, with Blake back loud and in charge. Kyle shoots being fucked and Blake quickly follows suit. Scott claims to be a founding member of "The Big Dick Club" and is eager to initiate Will St. John and Jody Bennett as well. Scott is a fine looking sturdy brunet, Jody a younger black-haired cute guy, and Will, a bit older with a handsome face. Will sucks on Scott while the other two kiss. He does a fine deep-throat and even undoes the Jody's pants to blow him, too. He's proven his talent, so he whips out his cock to let Scott blow it while Jody blows Scott. The two inductees share Scott for a bit, with more than enough to go around. A few blowing chains show that everyone is eager to suck and be sucked. The rimming comes with Will doing Jody doing Scott. Will has a hairy butt to work with, and he flexes his own asshole for the camera. Jody is then the first top. He fucks Scott with Will underneath blowing Scott. It's fine friendly fucking, taken with casual ease by Scott. Then Scott fucks Will, who has quite a rump, and the Will blows Jody. Side by side on the couch, everyone gets to pop. "Welcome to The Big Dicks Club," Scott says before the three kiss to a fade out. Blake is not only impressed with some photos Jay took of him, but horny because of them. So, Jay naturally offers to help, and they start kissing. Blake blows the omnipresent Jay sturdily before Jay digs into Blake's Hawaiian shorts to fish out his cock for some sucking. Dependable Jay always does fine work, and Blake's hefty size is no problem for him. They ease into a 69 with both bobbing their heads intently to take as much as possible. After some grinding and kissing, Blake's tongue ferrets around Jay's very hairy butthole for some spiffy rimming. Once again, Blake is the top, thrusting himself smoothly into Jay's welcoming hole. If the chemistry of Blake's first scene is a bit less here, it doesn't stop him from providing an eager fuck. Jay then eats Blake's hole a bit, sticking in a finger before his own cock. A display of versatility is always a plus and Jay does good work fucking Blake. Jay unleashes a wet load on Blake's chest. Michael Westin is sunbathing nude when Eddie Simmons comes upon him. So, Eddie merely walks over and starts kissing him, grabbing his cock and then going to town sucking it. Michael has a fuller head of blondish hair with bangs, while reedy Eddie has spikier short tinted hair. Eddie and his tongue-piercing do fine work on Michael's uncut thick member. The very thin Michael blows his new friend, attacking him with the same lusty focus with which he was blown. Eddie goes back to sucking in a picturesque gazebo and Michael follows again before Eddie first rims and then fucks Michael. Another smooth entry and another smooth fuck. Michael's butt jiggles with fun as Eddie fucks him in an amiable lazy afternoon manner. Michael then gets to fuck Eddie, thrusting at him with good strong jabs, his thick cock fitting into Eddie's ass nicely. Eddie sprinkles cum on Michael's chest and then Michael gets to blast. The final scene starts with Kyle sitting on Ricky Hanson's lap and kissing. Ricky wants a piece of Kyle's butt and Kyle agrees only if he can get some, too. This is a battle of the cuties with smooth brunet Ricky, an outstandingly handsome young guy with a nice defined body. These two really seem into each other as Kyle slowly makes his way down Ricky's chest and starts licking at his cock still inside undies. Kyle then unwraps his present and starts blowing it, taking the full length of the shaft with warm style and lots of licking. Ricky gets to do the same to Kyle, whose thick cock is treated awfully well by both Ricky's mouth and hand. These two definitely deserve the 69 they have, with both doing continued good jobs, particularly Kyle. Kyle pulls his mouth off Ricky just as Ricky shoots a wowing load on and past Kyle's face. Kyle then spews off a biggie of his own as Ricky looks on. Round Two for these guys starts with Kyle licking a clearly lustful Ricky's hairy ass with lavishing attention. Kyle fucks Ricky, as promised, and turns out to be quite a good top. His adorable hip thrusts keep his dick firmly lodged inside Ricky's butt. Ricky then gives Kyle a strong plowing fuck, the two of them still trading loving looks and touches. Something about Kyle's ass brings out the best in his tops, proved for the second time in this flick. Ricky has a second impressive shot all over Kyle's chest after Kyle had hit his second one being fucked.

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