Abuse of Power






Approximate Running Time: 01:26:46
Released: 2017

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Bored and horned in an alley, Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx are itching for an adventure. When muscular Ridge Kane walks by, the unaware stranger is grabbed from behind and dragged into a warehouse. Cuffed and shoved to the floor, Ridge is at the mercy of his captors—who assert their dominance by urinating all over him. “Open your mouth,” commands Tony. “Get on it!” The bearded Ridge soon has two giant cocks in his face, gagging as the two ram his head to the root in a wet suck session. Tony then feasts on Tristan in a hot suck chain, working his tongue and finger into his bud's foreskin. The two aggressors then shove both of their rods into Ridge's mouth before urinating on him again. Now chained from the ceiling with his cock protruding out of his jockstrap, Ridge has his cock and balls tied with rat-tail. With Tristan sucking his dick, Ridge has his nipples clamped and his pit licked by Buff. The sensory overload is obvious on Ridge's face, and he's soon bent over and stuffed from both ends in a tag-team fuck. The two tops urine on him and plow him deep, his ass hairs clinging to their thick shafts. The three finally fire off their loads, with Tristan's huge squirt soaking his buds—and catching Tony by surprise.

On his knees and bound in the woods, the panic on Erik Glock's face is immediately apparent. The struggle against his kidnapper's grip is futile, and soon the muscular Tyler Saint aims his gun at him. After punching Erik in the chest, Tyler shoves the barrel inside the panicked man's mouth: “Taste that metal, boy!” Tyler pulls Erik's shirt up to cover his face, then cocks the gun —causing the frightened Erik to urine his jeans. “Just let me go,” he pleads. The assertive stud then unleashes his monster cock, urinating on Erik and making him to suck it. Tyler unzips Erik, whose big boner throbs out of his jeans. Tyler grazes it with his gun, which he then uses to slap Erik's sac. Tyler delivers a heated face fuck, controlling Erik's head from behind. After rim jobs, Erik is on all fours as Tyler fucks him with the barrel as the bottom's boner is stretched underneath his legs. Tyler then fucks him with flesh, getting Erik to moan in a deep pounding. The top rubs the piece on Erik's hole, then drips the juice on the bottom's face. The excited Erik leaks pre-cum, which Tyler also wipes on the barrel and feeds to him. The top jacks off Erik from behind, making him squirt on the slide before face fucking him with it. After urinating on Erik, Tyler dumps his load—ending an intense scene that will be talked about for years.

Standing in the woods ready for his punishment, beefy military man Ruff Zindao—sporting a buzz cut and tattoos—is getting punched in the back by Tony Buff. The aggressor soon starts to flog his bud, whose back reddens as welts start to form. Ruff breathes harder but maintains his concentration and his stance as Tony switches to a single-tail whip, which he repeatedly strikes against the submissive stud's back. Ruff starts to grunt and groan louder, his face and hands reacting as the muscles on his back twitch and get even redder. “Brother, you have one tough back!” compliments Tony, impressed with Ruff's focus and stamina. The two enjoy a kiss before Buff brandishes a blade, teasing Ruff with it before bending him over and fucking him from behind. Buff reaches around and tweaks Ruff's nipples as the bottom jacks off while getting rammed. Buff then dumps his load on the bottom's ass, a kiss and a punch to the chest ending the memorable encounter.

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