Hunk Rider






Approximate Running Time: 00:28:27
Released: 2018

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Antonio Valentini…what a hunk he is. You will enjoy watching this Hispanic hunk jerking off in the great outdoors. Antonio must be feeling quite horny today. He gets his beautiful black BMW to take a nice drive. He must pull over and take care of his raging hard on. His body is so gorgeous, muscular and he’s very fit. He’s first shirtless with his shirt off sitting in his car masturbating. Antonio is quite hung. He then gets out of the car and is fully naked. When he shoots his load, it’s incredible to watch as it almost hits him in his beautiful face. Antonio gets back in his car to go home and is wearing a Speedo. What a young hot stud he is and you can watch him work out in just his Speedo outside on his rooftop patio.
Clip 1 - 28 mins 27 secs

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Cast & Stars: Hunk Rider

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