Daddy's Wet Playground

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Timothy is at the hotel kicken back in a chair reading a magazine when he sees Ceasar, the pool cleaner. The two check eachother out and Ceasar begins to show off his body while cleaning the pool. He sees Timothy rubbing his hard cock through his shorts and he takes that as a sign to come over. Ceasar makes his way over to Timothy and instantly drops to his knees and starts blowing Timothy's big hard cock. They decided to take the action back up into Timothy's room and once they get in Ceasar starts to worship Timothy's hard cock even more. Timothy turns Ceasar over onto his back and begins to blow his hard cock deep throating every inch he can. Ceasar is so glad he came into work today and now he has a young bucks mouth all over his hard dick. Timothy lifts Ceasar's legs up high in the air so he can get his tongue deep in his ass and starts to lick all over Ceasar's well-built ass. Ceasar can't take it no more and wants that young dick deep in his ass. Timothy doesn't waste a moment and he pushes his big throbbing cock slowly into Ceasar's tight eager hole. Timothy fucks Ceasar all over the hotel room until Ceasar blows his load all over himself and Timothy shoots his load all over Ceasar's ripped chest.

Alex and Coach Landon are in the back practicing for the next swim meet. Coach has Alex doing some laps in the pool before they head back into the house. Coach is busy writing when Alex comes in but now Alex seems preoccupied with something on his mind. Alex is embarrassed to tell coach what it is but Coach eases him into it and finally Alex comes clean. Alex tells Coach that every time he sees him he gets a boner and so he drops his shorts to reveal it to Coach. Myles sees his cock and instantly pulls his fat dick out and Alex drops to his knees and begins to worship his fat big cock. He gags on it balls deep and plays with the foreskin until Coach sits Alex in the chair and starts to suck on his sexy hard dick. Coach bends him over and gets his ass nice and wet with his tongue. Coach rubs his cock on Alex's eager hole and slowly pushes his thick cock in balls deep. Alex moans with pleasure as Coach starts to thrust hard and deep pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. Alex loves the feeling of finally having his Coach fuck him. Myles fucks Alex all over the living room and finally has Alex cum all over himself while lying on his back. Coach rolls over on to his side and blows his creamy load. Enjoy!

Leo has been sneaking into his neighbors backyard, Dolf Dietrich, and he doesn't like it one bit. Leo Luckett has been told multiple times not to jump the fence and kick it in his pool. Leo is back at it and is enjoying a hot spring day in the pool but what he doesn't know is that Dolf is hiding behind a wall in the backyard spying on him. Dolf has always wanted to get in this young bucks pants and today he has the leverage. Dolf continues to spy on Leo while rubbing his dick through his pants. Leo is clueless to the fact he is being spied on and he now makes his way to the lounge chair to catch some sun while he dries off. Dolf makes his way to Leo and catches him off guard. Leo is frightened and not sure what to do but talk back to Dolf. Dolf tells the young buck that if he lets him fuck him than he can use his pool any time he wants. Leo agrees instantly and Leo wraps his young mouth around Dolf's big fat cock. Leo doesn't mind sucking on this hard cock since he will be able to swim all summer long. Dolf face fucks him deep and hard until the kid can't take it no longer and then Dolf starts to service Leo's young eager cock. Once Leo's cock has been sucked on for some time Dolf turns him over to reveal his smooth tight hole and he starts to tongue fuck him making his ass nice and lubed up for his dick. Dolf pushes his huge hard dick into Leo's tight young ass making him squirm. Dolf fucks Leo hard and deep making sure this kid feels his hole stretch nice and wide. Leo can barely take it and soon Dolf flips him on his back and pulls his cock out and blast a hot load all over the kid. Leo sees all the jizz and strokes his dick until he shoots his load all over himself. Enjoy!

Bentley is checking in at his hotel when he sees Alexander greeting him and showing him to his room. Alexander takes Bentley to his room and tells him if he needs anything just give a call to the front desk. Bentley jumps on the bed and begins to touch himself. He slowly pulls out his cock and starts stroking it. Bentley is becoming super horny and wishes he had someone in the room with him. He calls the front desk and asks for more towels and shortly after Alexander walks into the room with his towels and sees Bentley stroking his hard cock. Alexander takes his shirt off and slowly crawls onto the bed and wraps his mouth around Bentley's hard cock. He starts to deep throat him balls deep. Once their clothes are off Bentley sees how big Alexander's uncut cock is and can't help but to suck it. He grabs it with both hands and begins to lick it up and down like a lollie pop taking every inch into his mouth. Alexander wants to rim that sweet ass so he has Bentley stand over him to sit on his face and Alexander rims him deep and hard making that hole nice and wet for his huge cock. Alexander pushes his big cock deep into Bentley and they fuck all over the hotel room. Bentley rides him like a champ until he his flipped over onto his back where Alexander fucks the cum right out of him and soon after Alexander jacks his load all over Bentley's smooth sexy chest. Enjoy!

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