Weekend at Topher's

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Approximate Running Time: 02:01:09
Released: 2018

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Victor Cody taught Topher well, and he brings his local hot fuckers at his house for a porntastic weekend in this full-length DVD of hardcore man on man muscle bear sex. Watch Topher fuck newcomer Dean Ryder's big beautiful hole raw, leaving a load deep within. The tables get turned on Topher when Derek Gauge is back to top Topher's ass with his thick pierced cock. Then it's free for all fuck-fest as the models all gang up for some hot man on man raw piggy action. Includes a bonus scene with longtime porn crush, Leo Stone, a "Dream Cum True."

scene 1 -Introducing Dean Ryder A porntastic weekend at Topher's house starts off with this scene featuring newcomer Dean Ryder. Dean is a big beautiful young man with curves in all the right places. His gorgeous round ass is ripe for Topher's tongue and dick. These two start off with a little making out, some nipple play, and Dean goes down on Topher. Then it's Topher's turn to flip the man over and dive tongue first into that amazing hole. Topher can't take it any longer, and Dean is ready to feel Topher's cock as he slides it into his hole and gets to pounding it well. Topher flips Dean on his back and these two moans and grunts with each thrust. Finally, Topher gets Dean on his belly and wraps his strong thighs around the young man to go deep until he breeds his hole.

Scene 2 - Derek Breeds Topher A porntastic weekend at Topher's house continues with this scene, welcoming back Derek Gauge and his thick pierced meat. These two have great chemistry, making out, working the nips and cocks before Derek goes alpha on Topher. Derek makes Topher gag and slobber everywhere on his dick. Topher offers up his hole, the first time getting topped by Derek, and has no idea what he is in for. Derek power drives Topher's ass hole raw and tears it up doggy. Topher is fucking loud as he can hardly handle the thick dick pounding his red hole. Finally, Topher thinks he is gaining control, riding Derek's dick, but Derek is all muscle power in this scene, surprising Topher with every deep thrust. Topher can barely handle it in his pig hole before Derek nuts deep while pounding, breeding Topher's hole good. As he pulls out, Topher realizes his hole is gaping and wrecked courtesy of Mr. Gauge.

Scene 3 - Gang Bang at Topher's Part 1 A porntastic weekend at Topher's house gets even wilder with a full-on gang bang after the scenes have been shot. The unplanned scene opens with Topher Phoenix having come in to find Derek Gauge and Luis Vega playing. Topher slips his dick out and slides it into Luis's wet used hole. Once he is done, Derek takes his turn, and from there the action moves to the kitchen. Derek is fucking Luis like there's no tomorrow and Luis is whimpering in ecstasy. Topher joins in and soon Derek is in a sandwich with Luis getting banged and Derek taking Topher's cock. Derek and Luis aren't done as Derek continues to use Luis's hole. Next up, newcomer Dean Ryder, a sexy plus size bear cub tops Topher bent over the couch. Then it's time to get downright filthy and dirty. As Derek is pounding Luis into the floor, Topher decides he wants in on the action, and shoves his dick into Derek, starting a daisy chain four-way fuck pile with sexy Dean Ryder topping Topher and telling us how good this all feels with his facial expressions. After that, Luis is riding Derek when Topher steps in, lifts his legs, and it's up time for Luis. Derek isn't done with Luis quite yet, using him as a human stool jacking off until Topher decides he wants one more go at Luis's beautiful raw ass.

Scene 4 - Gang Bang at Topher's Part 2 A porntastic weekend at Topher's house concludes as this gang bang after the planned scenes gets downright filthy. As the scene continues, Topher is worshipping Dean Ryder's nuts and cock, and it's a gorgeous site seeing this big boy's pierced nips, that ball cap and the look on his face as Topher goes to town. Off to the side, showing the amateur aspect of this video, one of Topher's camera guys appears to be unphased as Topher is on his knees, ass up, servicing Dean. Next, we find Topher Phoenix, Dean Ryder, Luis Vega, and Derek Gauge chilling on the couch, playing with cocks, and then Topher and Derek get serviced by Dean and Luis respectively, an oral and ass eating frenzy. Finally, it's time to wrap this up with a hot fountain of cum from Derek as Luis' fingers his furry hole. Then MuscleBull makes an appearance, wanting a bit of Luis's ass too. MuscleBull fucks Luis until he can't hold it and cums on his beautiful smooth tanned ass.

Scene 5 - Dream Cum True One of the biggest inspirations for Topher Phoenix to produce his own porn and have his own studio is the direct result of a scene he saw years ago with a producer out of Florida and a boyish but masculine bear cub model named Leo Stone. Who knew years later, after meeting a couple of times at events, these two would finally get the chance to film together. This scene was filmed just shy of the 1 year anniversary of TopherPhoenix.XXX opening, and it truly is a dream cum true. Clad in leather gear, Leo and Topher make an adorable pairing, and the chemistry is real. Leo can't wait to suck on Topher's cock, and shortly after, Topher can't wait to get his tongue on that hot manhole. It's a sweaty hot leatherman fuck fest as Topher pounds Leo in every position they can think of, and Leo's face says it all - he is definitely enjoying his time with Topher. It all culminates in an explosive cum shot as Leo laps up every drop right as it shoots out of Topher's cock on close up. An extra special candid clip at the end has Topher marking the man in the shower with Leo.Topher admits, it's one of the best times he has had on set, and really was a fitting way to celebrate one year in the biz.

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