Jay Diamond's Zucchini Fuck

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Approximate Running Time: 01:06:38
Released: 2018

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25-year-old Jay Diamond is the latest straight guy to graduate from Mark Gemini’s School for Bottoms! And if you want to see a butch straight guy really get into ass play (as it gets into him!!) this is the video for you. Jay is in training and has shaved his entire body which allows us to see every muscle as he stretches, strains, shoves and jerks. He starts out in a se thru pair of skimpy red shorts and is naked in 2 seconds flat. Mark gets him to show us his hole and he starts getting hard. To get the butt play started both Jay and Mark finger his ass getting it ready for the first toy. Mark has found that sometimes a toy that looks too much like a cock scares a new guy, so he gives him a plain shaft with a base to keep it from disappearing. (It could happen!) But Jay really isn’t homophobic and loves the feeling of being “stuffed”. He shoves a vibrator in his ass and keeps his cock hard. After standing t gives us a good view of him fucking his butt and jerking, he gets a larger vibrator which preps him for the big red butt plug. This is such a great feeling for him because it leaves both hands to lay with his smooth muscular body and his cock! Mark shows him the glass plug which gives us an interesting view up his butt and shows us just how dilated his hole is. (Hey, inquiring minds want to know!) Jay stays hard and is really enjoying this shoot so Mark shows him the infamous Gemini beer bottle and tells him to go fuck himself. If you ever wanted to see a straight MMA cage fighter with a beer bottle in their ass, this is your lucky day and it doesn’t stop there. Jay fucks his ass with a fresh zucchini and shoves it so far up his chiseled butt that it stays! He keeps jerking is dick and just as he cums the zucchini shoots out (This maybe how jet propulsion was discovered; history isn’t clear) Jay takes a long, sexy shower to recover as we get our breath back..
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Cast & Stars: Jay Diamond's Zucchini Fuck

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