Hot Ass Vol. 27

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Approximate Running Time: 01:17:22
Released: 2018

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We have a stunningly hot guy in Gerasim Spartak. This handsome and well built str8 guy looks fabulous as he relaxes on the sofa, running his hands over his clothed body. He is soon reaching into his shirt to feel his hot chest. Opening the shirt Gerasim shows off that hot body as he continues to feel all over. He opens his pants and soon as his cock in hand and wanks it gently. He removes his shirt and pushes his pants down and continues to wank himself. That hot cock gets hard as he wanks. Then he pushes his pants down further and sits up as he wanks his hard cock. Getting fully naked he moves and raises his legs to show off his tight ass hole as he keeps wanking his thick cock.

Karel Polak is a very sexy guy. This hot str8 guy gets naked on the bed, showing off his big, stiff cock. He lays back and wanks on that big dick as he rubs a hand over his sexy body. He was soon joined a helping hand who uses oil to coat that big cock and the tight balls. The hands wank on the oily cock as Karel lays back and enjoys it. Then his legs are pulled into the air to show off his hot ass hole. Karel wanks his cock and releases it as more oil is poured over it and down onto his tight hole. He spreads his cheeks wide and then wanks himself as the hands rub over the ass and begin to explore his tight hole. A finger slides deep into that hot hole and starts to fuck it as Karel wanks himself. The finger goes in all the way and then comes out so we can see the hole.

Vadim Covrescu is a very sexy str8 guy. He is on the bed feeling his body, with a helping and groping him too. With his tee shirt raised Vadim feels the hands pull on his nipples and rub his crotch through his jeans. The jeans are undone and a hand slips in to rub over the underwear. The hands explore Vadim's hot body and bulging underwear. The underwear is pulled aside releasing his balls and then his cock. Tucked back inside the underwear it all looks good as his jeans are pulled off. Then the hands rub that bulge again as it appears to grown. The cock pokes out the top of the underwear as the balls are pulled out the side. Then Vadim is turned over and the underwear is pulled down, off the ass. That sexy ass gets smacked a couple of times and the underwear is removed. The cheeks are spread to expose Vadim's tight, shaved, hole. Oiled is dripped onto his sexy ass and the hands rub it all over. The hands part those cheeks and a finger rubs over Vadim's tight hole.

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Cast & Stars: Hot Ass Vol. 27

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