No Way He's Straight

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Sexy Seth Sanders is feeling horny, but he's got just the friend in mind for a little BoyFun in the evening. Blond Tommy Blake arrives prepared, with a long pink cock in his pants ready to be serviced and a hot little hole demanding some dick. All pretense is quickly gone, it might have seemed like an innocent invitation at the start but the moment they come into contact their lust for sex takes over. With a little wine to get things moving along the two are soon getting naked and making out on the couch, Seth's incredible black cock freed from his tight white undies for his blond friend to service. It's a gorgeous length of dick that any guy would love to spend plenty of time playing with, but Tommy has his own pink dick for his friend to taste. The cock slurping fun only heats up when the two head for the bedroom and get more comfortable, gradually working their way up to the full-on anal pounding Tommy so obviously needs. Kneeling on the bed with his pale little ass up Tommy gets every inch of that incredible cock deep inside him, moaning with pleasure while his buddy pounds away at his pucker. The orgasmic bliss only becomes more intense when Tommy is on his shoulders, his butt up for a proper deep pounding, with Seth's incredible schlong pumping in and out of his tight opening, brushing his prostate and generating waves of pleasure inside him. With his stomach splashed with Seth's thick load Tommy gets a hand over the finish line, his jizz stroked out of him.

Tyler Moore isn't very convincing with his denials, while he might be adamant that he's not into dudes, gorgeous jock buddy Zeus Michael knows exactly how to find out the truth. It's probably not in the least bit surprising that with a little smooching and groping young Tyler is following his handsome pal to the bedroom for some BoyFun, entirely abandoning any pretense about his sexuality. Then again, maybe Tyler was straight? I find it hard to believe even a straight guy would be able to refuse the opportunity to at least get some friendly cock sucking with this sexy young man! Tyler gets far more than just some oral, but the sight of them both revealing their cocks and sucking on each other's incredible dicks is enough to have any viewer stroking along with them. The contrast of their sexy bodies is a delight to see, milky pale twinky skin against tanned and toned jock muscle, but it only gets hotter the hornier the two become. The mutual dick slurping the boys share leads to a little hole play for Zeus, showing he's ready to get that hard young meat up his ass. For a dominant looking jock he sure knows how to ride a young man's cock, backing up onto his younger pal's length and getting it all the way to the hilt. His ass might start out incredibly tight, but after a little thrusting he's soon opening up and getting it good in a variety of positions, fucked all over the bed and riding his friend until both their incredible dicks are ready to start splashing out hot milky cream over themselves in a shared jerk off. If he wasn't gay before, he's definitely at least bisexual now!

Carter Michaels is like a lot of horny straight college boys, he might be all about the ladies in public but behind closed doors he's a little curious. None of this friends know he likes to see guys enjoying their dicks on the internet, but you just know they would all love to explore with him if they had any idea! The thought of enjoying some proper BoyFun with another guy might not be at the forefront of his mind, but when his twinky buddy Robbie Allen catches him procrastinating and stroking to some solo jerk off action he's far too into it to say no when his friend offers to blow him. Robbie knows a thing or two about sucking a tasty boner, working the swollen head in his mouth, stroking the shaft and giving his pal the kind of introduction to gay action that's likely to have him hooked. After getting his stiff jock dick sucked on the couch and discovering how good it feels he follows Robbie to the bedroom and dares to get his first taste of delicious shaft in return, exploring the sensation of giving another guy some oral, and seemingly enjoying it. The thought of fucking another dude in the ass might be hard for him to grasp, but when Robbie offers his pucker for that throbbing boner to slide into he takes the leap and doesn't hold back, banging his student buddy from behind on the bed, pumping him on his back and making Robbie spew a sticky thick mess of jizz from his dick. Carter might not be used to fucking other guys, but that hole definitely does it for him and after sliding his dick out and jerking off he splashes Robbie with a big sprinkler cum shot! I get the feeling these study buddies might not be getting a whole lot of work done from now on.

Harper White is looking for his girlfriend, but when he gets the chance to hang out with her brother Clay Sanders things get a little out of control! He might be straight but when he gets the chance to explore things with Clay it seems he's a little curious about things. To be honest, Harper looks like the kind of boy who would be down to fuck, as long as it feels good why not get that dick out and explore a little BoyFun? With some making out and groping of the growing dicks in their pants the two inch their way to the bedroom where Harper is slowly stripped. His incredible cock is soon out of his underwear, a long and thick shaft of hard and straight fuck meat that Clay quickly gets between his lips. Sucking on the head and bobbing up and down he has his sister's boyfriend moaning with delight within moments. The sucking Harper gets seems to already have him convinced that the old saying is true and guys really do know how to pleasure another guy better than any girl can, but that's only proven more when Clay turns his attention to the guy's virginal ass and starts lapping at his hole. No straight boy can deny how good rimming is, and while he might be new to all of this he can't help himself when he gets the chance to suck on his first cock. Clay has an equally impressive dick to share with the guy, long and pink, throbbing and wet with precum. The straight boy might need a few more lessons in sucking dick before he can be considered a pro, but he sure has some natural skills when it comes to gobbling boner! While it might be considered traditional for the straight boy to top his gay friend in his first time fuck, Harper isn't the kind of guy to do things by half. Not only does he get his bare boner between the smooth ass cheeks of his new friend but he submits to his first time bottoming too! The guys swap their shafts and pound each other, in every position, their moans of pleasure filling the bedroom as their cum loads rise to be released. By the time Harper is splashing cum from his gorgeous straight boy boner and decorating Clay's face with his load we're certain this won't be the last time he fucks around with his girlfriend's brother!

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Please note scenes 1 & 2 are sex with condom. Scene 3 & 4 have condoms.

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