Brother Crush Vol. 1

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Approximate Running Time: 01:50:30
Released: 2019

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices. We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities. For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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Dublin loves picking in his stepbrother Simon — it's how he works out his taboo attraction to the boy. He makes him clean his bedroom one day, and watching the boy do as told is too much — the hung twink whips his dick out and makes the handsome Latin teen suck it and ride it bareback.

Max catches his little stepbrother Josh with a tape measure and guesses the boy is nervous about the size of his dick. To help the boy be more confident, he whips his own dick out and they both get hard to get a true measurement. Once they've gone that far, it"s easy for Max to talk Josh into sucking his cock and even bending over to take a pounding and a raw load.

Austin Xanders stars in this smoking hot video. He got in a fight with dad and is getting ready to run away when his stepbro Dublin catches him — and the kid has stolen a pair of Dublin's underwear! Turns out the kid just wants something to remember his best buddy in the world. Dublin is so turned on by the sweet gesture that he pulls out his cock for a little oral and action to convince the boy to stay.

Alex's soccer coach is really superstitious – he told the players they can"t masturbate two weeks before their big game. After practice one day he tells his stepbrother Dean, who knows this is a great opportunity to finally see his little buddy's cock. The older boy talks him into jerking off together, even though Alex is nervous mom might find out. The kid strips to his jockstrap, revealing that he"s got a really big dick for such a little guy! But Dean doesn't want to stop there, he persuades Alex to suck his dick and even let him fuck him raw and cum on his virgin hole.

Britain works up the courage to ask his stepbrother Kory if it's normal to have wet dreams every night. Kory sees the perfect opportunity to finally get in his pants, and tells the cute teen he has to masturbate or mom will find the semen in his sheets. Better to bury a load deep in a hole, which is precisely what Kory does.

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