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Approximate Running Time: 01:47:05

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices. We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities. For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (https://www.gayhotmovies.com/safe-sex.php)

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You will be glad to know there is something very naughty going on in this film; all thanks of course to the gorgeous Eastern European men, who just can't keep their holes away from cock.
This is all about how five gorgeous men ended up being associated with the "Pink Club". The opening title sequence is quite posh and dreamy to say the least, but you will see what I mean when you watch it.
The first scene kicks off with one of the main guys Mark Laurent getting into a taxi, he ends up getting detained and sexually aroused by those who have taken him. He finds himself in a small basement like room and it's not long before a rather mean, muscle type looking man Erik Lenn, enters the room and makes Mark eat his cock. Mark has short black hair and has slim build; I'd say he has a rather handsome looking face. The muscled brute fucks Mark quite harshly; he then puts his cock in Mark's mouth to cum eat his juices. Mark thinks that is it, but beautiful sexy as fuck Nicholas Corby enters the room shortly after and soon makes Mark eat his arse out. Nicholas has a lovely long soft featured face believe me his looks are to die for, along with his smooth sexy slender body. Mark has now become sympathetic to the naughty men who hold him, Mark fucks Nicholas quite hard. Mark ends up squirting his cum quite vehemently all over the face of Nicholas and in his mouth.
I just love Sebastian Gould he's a great new recent find from the Raw team, his skin is flawless and so nicely tanned, he has dirty blond hair just slightly long, which touches his eyebrows, he has nice long eye lashes, a gorgeous face, with a perfect nose and eyes that say fuck me forever. Sebastian being a trick gets picked up at the side of the road by Mark and before you know it Mark gets into Sebastian's pants and eats on this delightful beauties cock, until Sebastian's sperm squirts into his eager mouth. Mark's driver then takes our angel faced Sebastian out of the car, gets him to suck on his cock and gets Sebastian splayed across the bonnet of the car with his man panties down by his ankles,(which helps to display Sebastian's gorgeous tanned body and perfect peachy bun cases to a tea, not to mention his awesome sexy tanned thighs). It's quite a treat to see Sebastian, the sexy fucker, getting his sexy bun cases fucked bareback style; they are like two perfect peaches shining in the sun so firm and young just begging to be eaten. Mark's driver eventually pulls his cock, out of Sebastian's peach pits and spunks his juices all over Sebastian's perfect looking face.
There is a very hot threesome scene between Giovany Vito, Richard Damon and Robert Driveman. Giovany at the beginning of the scene in just his sexy undies, wearing just a black tie and sunglasses looks very like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Giovany and Richard have short dark hair, Robert has short wavy blond hair. They all start off on a bed in their sexy underwear and soon feast on each others cocks like rampant beasts out of control. This is quite a horny scene and there is a lot of sperm leakage, some of which gets fucked deep into Giovany's tight arse. Some well timed close ups allows you to see sperm dripping and running out of Giovany's well fucked and relaxed butt hole, which I'm sure many of you will enjoy seeing.
There are awesome good looking young studs in this and all the bareback fucking, cum in the mouth and even up the bum, makes this a very horny fuck fest to say the least. The sex outdoors is just as horny as it is indoors. This is a very good production.
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