Get. Away.





Studio: NakedSword
Approximate Running Time: 01:28:57
Released: 2022

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Beau Butler and boyfriend Diego Sans are joined by their best friend Michael Boston on a tropical getaway. The trio grab their rental car and head out for their house. After a dramatic meeting on the side of the road, Reign invites his new roadside friend Michael Boston for a day out on his boat instead. Without hesitation, Michael opts for the boat ride. They reach an old, abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the ocean – Reign shares a local legend that there is a gold-plated conch at the bottom and if you give it a rub, you’ll have the best sex of your life. Without hesitation, Michael jumps into the crystal waters in search of the conch before Reign can warn him about the sharks circling the area. But nothing will stand (or swim) in the way of a horny Michael Boston! He quickly retrieves the conch and sets out to prove the legend to be true. Michael pulls himself back on the boat and drops to his knees, deep-throating Reign’s long cock. Now that he’s rock-hard, Reign eats out Michael’s ass on the stern of the boat before sliding his raw cock deep into Michael’s smooth hole. They rock the boat hard in missionary before they stop for a brief 69 break. When they are ready, the guys move to the boat’s bow where Michael hops on top and rides Reign. While Reign fucks up into him, Michael strokes his dick until his cock erupts with thick ropes that fly all over the boat. When it’s Reign’s turn to finish, he jerks his load right into Michael’s hungry mouth. Now that Michael is satisfied, he jumps back into the water to return the conch shell. As swiftly as Michael jumps back into the shark infested waters, Reign starts the boat and drives away leaving Michael stranded at sea. This getaway is not all that it seems...

After a speedy chase and startling twist, local men Reign and Ricky Roman find a secluded spot to unwind from their twisted ways. Ricky is a little jealous that Reign fucked someone else and wants to mark his territory. Reign warns Ricky that he’ll get what he asks for but not to ask for mercy too. The pair head into the woods, lay down a blanket, strip and take turns polishing each other’s hard dicks. Reign wants a taste of Ricky’s ass, so he bends him over and sticks his tongue deep in Ricky’s sun-soaked crack. With Ricky lubed up full of Reign’s spit, Reign mounts the stud and fucks him hard. Ricky gets pounded doggy-style first, then rides Reign’s cock down to the base. When Ricky’s legs give out, he lays back to give Reign full access to his hole. While Ricky jerks off until he cums on his abs, Reign fucks him from the side until he can’t hold back any longer and paints Ricky’s lips with his seed. The pair bust just in time as we see Diego swim to shore after escaping a gun-down by Reign. Diego pulls out the stolen phone and heads to the location where all the mysteries will be revealed...

Boyfriends Beau Butler and Diego Sans are out in search of their friend Michael Boston. He’s been missing since he went on a boat trip with a mysterious local. The pair stumble upon an abandoned resort, windows busted out, pool drained and riddled with rust and weeds. Could this possibly be the resort from the website – the resort that they were told was fully booked so they rented a house? Realizing that they’ve been scammed, they are more frantic than ever about finding their friend and getting off this eerie island. As the sun sets, they search with flashlights, but the boyfriends are chased down and run off the road by a sinister SUV. They vow to find Michael and leave in the morning. Diego showers off but there is something eating away at his mind. He’s seeing things and can’t seem to get a hold of himself. Diego’s boyfriend Beau decides to ease his mind. Beau takes Diego out by the pool so they can enjoy their lush ‘Get.Away.’. Poolside, they both strip and Beau instantly wraps his lips around Diego’s thick cock. When Diego wants a taste, Beau bends back and holds his legs up so his man can feast on his scruffy fuck-hole. When he’s ready, Beau bends over, and Diego enters him raw from behind. After getting pile-driven bareback by Diego’s dick, Beau sinks down to impale himself on his boyfriends’ pole. Switching positions again, it’s Beau’s turn to lay back until he oozes his load out all over his cock. Diego makes sure to keep pumping Beau’s ass until he creams his boyfriend with his thick load. The rain quickly comes as soon as they do. They rush back into the house but right as they open the door – BAM! Someone is there to greet them.

Diego races through an old town graveyard in pursuit of an address labeled “Boss” that he finds on Reign’s phone. He runs by signs that read, “You’re Dead To Me” – Diego is desperate to save him and his friends and find out who is hunting them down. When Diego Sans arrives at the address, he hears a phone ringing inside. He rushes in to call for help but just as he reaches the phone – the lights go out and Damien Crosse reveals the truth behind the twisted games and mystery is exposed. Diego fights for his life as the two face off in an epic battle. Damien is a maniacal man who is loving nothing more than the beat down. He convinces Diego that he can get him off the island if he gives him something first. Damien sits Diego in a chair and slides his pants down to suck on Diego’s cock. With Diego’s knob polished, Damien bends over to get his ass ate before Diego sticks his hard cock in Damien’s crack. Once Diego is finished drilling Damien bareback from behind, Diego fucks Damien’s ass missionary until Damien’s tight ass sends Diego over the edge and he shoots his thick load in Damien’s mouth. With his face covered in his enemy's cum, Damien explodes all over himself. There is one thing left to do but will he ‘Get.Away.’ with it?

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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